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Chapter one:

Moving to Forks wasn't a hard choice. People were starting to suspect things about the young Miss Bella Swan. She stayed out late at night although nobody ever saw her or new anybody that she supposedly hung out with after school. She was 18 and rumor had it both her parents died on the night of her 18th birthday in a terrible car crash. Being a legal adult she was able to get the money she needed to keep things going on her own.

She was strange to say the least. She was never the same after her parents' death. She didn't go out with many people and when she would she wouldn't talk about anything she did. Although the big news around the city was a crime fighter that showed up about two years before. She was hot and knew how to take down the scum of the city better than the cops. The mysterious woman would show up but every time someone would see her she would have things different about her. Every time she would break up some kind of crime she would always leave her mark... a red cat paw print on the skin of the people she had faced.

Now Bella Swan was on her way to a small town not far from Seattle. This little town had a small population and not much crime but Seattle had plenty of it. Bella couldn't help but laugh a little at the fact that the "Prowling Cat" was no longer in New York City. The name had never fit her well and she hoped to lose it in the new state. New York had been too much of an effort for a city that just kept getting worse as the years go bye.

Washington was going to be different if she could help it. She loved putting the trash in jail but she also wanted a real life. Bella prayed that Forks would hold some kind of normal life for her. "But how normal of a life can you have when you aren't normal?" she would always think to herself.

The truth was that her parents had died on her 18th birthday, but that was 50 years ago. Bella had been in the car that night and something strange happened that night. Something had changed inside of her. When she woke up she had speed, super strength, and balance like no other she had met. Her heart still beat, she still bled but after a few years she realized she didn't age. When she realized this part of the incident she packed up her things and moved to another state. A few years ago she had seen a woman being murdered. Bella had tried to save the woman but she had died on the way to the hospital. From that day on Bella realized that she could have a purpose.

So for the past two years she had been using her powers for good and trying to put the scum of New York away. Once again she had reached that two year a town mark and had to move. She hadn't been to Washington in many years. Now she was coming back a new woman and she had the world at her finger tips.

Forks was along the ocean so she could stretch her legs as she went for her long runs. The house she had was in a huge forest with the most wonderful flowers around the house. In fact this was the house she had spent the beginning of her life. Forks was where her parents and she had lived and where her parents died. Now she was going to live her life like it should have been; except with a little night time crime fighting.