"What… happened…?" Deridovely stared over the portal to the human world in shock. His bandages seemed to unravel slightly, showing off his grotesque features.

Gukku shook his skull-like, animalistic head, "Ryuk's been killed…"

"It's his own fault," Sidoh said, curling up in a ball with his notebook,hissing. "He shouldn't have gone to the human world in the first place…"

"He's right!"Kinddara growled. "He should've stayed here so we wouldn't be three shinigami down!" She had little tolerance of Ryuk and thought he should be kill for leaving their relm.

The Death Gods crowded around the portal. Nu, Armonia Austin Beyondormason, Daril Ghiroza, Zellogi, Gukku, Sidoh, Midora, Deridovely, Calikarcha, and Kinddara Guivelostain all sat around the portal to the human world bickering amongst themselves. They'd wanted to see the fated end of Light Yagami, which obviously didn't happen.

"So what now?" Gukku asked. He was fumbling with his games, wondering if he should set up for a game like usual or not.

"I say we kill Light Yagami," Armonia said reclining back in his chair. "Better yet, kill the whole lot of em." He smirked, cackling at his dark comment.

"Yeah!" Kinddara agreed, "They're the reason numbers four, six, and nine are dead!"

"That's funny considering u hated them, Kinddara…" Nuu muttered for the first time making Kinddara glare. "The reasons Gelus, Rem and Ryuk died were all because of empathy… not the humans…" Nu blinked her many eyes that seemed to see almost everything. "Surely you're smart enough to realize that. Don't let your anger talk for you…"

Kinddara growled, stopping herself from hitting her comrade, "Are you calling me dumb Thirteen?"

"Surely you can understand context, 'Twelve'?"

Before she could retaliate Armonia slapped his golden hands over Kinddara's mouth. "Please go on… what do you mean by 'empathy', Nu?" he listened to his superior, "Ryuk didn't care about the humans…"

Nu nodded in a way that made her, gelatin-like body wobble in the motion, "You see, Gelus cared for Misa enough to die for her. Rem also cared for Misa, but stupidly fell into Light's clutches… Had she not cared for Misa or killed Light sooner, than she would probably be alive today. It wasn't Ryuk's love for Light… more specifically it was Ryuk's love for the human world… He loved it more than he loved his true home… but he over stayed his welcome and that is why Ryuk died."

"Hmmph!" Kinddara elbowed Armonia in the stomach, "so you don't want us to kill them do u?"

She replied emotionlessly, "…I think killing them is stupid but I think you should talk to the king before making a decision like that…"

"The king?! Do you know how hard it is to talk to the king?!"

Nuu shrugged off the comment, "To the lowest ranking Shinigami here maybe…but it's easier for the higher level shinigami." Nuu was confident. She knew where to speak. She was the top ranking Shinigami, where as Kinddara was the lowest. It was almost like a threat so Kinddara wouldn't run her mouth around her so much. She turned and slowly started making her way to the King of Death's palace. It was a grotesque place made of sand and bones.

Nuu just passed by going about on her usual way looking unenthusiastic. She decided to have get the conversation over with. She would have to ask sooner or later. She stood below a large stair case that protruded into darkness."My lord…" Nuu scanned the palace which wasn't very elaborate. Shinigami had little time for extravagant things except for Armonia, who enjoyed decorative pieces, made of gold. Partially from greed another for vanity since he looked like one of the pieces he collected. "Everyone is asking about the Ryuks mortal… What should I tell them? They want to know if we should kill him or not."

A loud cackle echoed from the dark as the king replied in a language that sounded like the sizzle of hot flames. The blob just listened quietly, like she was told before bowing lowly. "I think he is an interesting specimen of human to say the least… his friends were only trying to help as well… I don't know… it should be your decision…"

The king replied in an indecipherable language that only Nu truly understood the depth of this incomprehensible being. She was in shock as the old man had said he was putting the decision in her hands.

"B-but sir, I cannot make such r—" She was cut off by the king, saying he was placing the decision in her hands because she was the highest ranking aside from him. It was also for the king's personal interest. He wanted to see what kind of leader Nu would be. He sent her off in a rush.

Nu was perplexed as she walked back to the globe. She ignored all the questions her fellow shinigami asked like "what did he say" or "how come no one else gets to see him". She silently stared at the humans trying to make her choice. She wasn't the most sympathetic person; however, Nu was now the most empathetic of all the shinigami.

If I say no, will I end up dying like them one day…? Or if I say kill them will I be reaping a beneficial thing. Perhaps we could watch this human… his persona is very interesting indeed! I don't think his friends should die… yet at least but what of him…?

She thought long and hard about this. All the other Shinigami had moved on to different activities. They got bored quickly of Nu's pause. The only one paying attention was Arimonia. "He told you to decide didn't he? "

Nu slowly nodded, "… I don't know what I should do…"

Arimonia patted the top of her head, "Do whatever you freakin' want, kid! That's why we have this job…" Nu was happy with Arimonia's reassurance. "…but you know… I'd love to see 'em all suffer… I mean that's what owning a death note means!"

That was true… Nu pushed it from her mind and nodded, firmly saying, "They aren't going to die yet… but when they do… We'll have the notebook owners and we can torture their souls as long as we want for all eternity…"

Arimonia chuckled at the ideas he was forming, "Sounds like a plan…"

The boys woke up in the small living room, rubbing their heads. Matt rubbed his goggled eyes and yawned, "some nap, eh Mels?"

The blonde smiled and hugged the red head, "some ride. How the hell did we end up here?"

L replied with a blunt answer, "Well possibly some means of transportation." He stretched, cracking his bones in satisfactory. "We probably just stayed up too late. You two should get home."

"Yeah…" Mello replied picking up the read head with sleep still in his eyes. "We'll see yah later you guys…" They left quickly, not noticing anything.

L rolled his eyes at their naivety as he picked up Light and laid him on the sofa. He was still asleep. L, then, made his way to the corner, where a large blood stain caked the wooden floor. He didn't know how it got there, but he knew blood stains didn't just appear out of nowhere.

He looked around the house and got a wash cloth to clean the stain. He thought Light's injury may have caused it, but there's no way it bled that much. He sighed muttering how he'd probably never know.

He saved the cloth for later when he got back home then proceeded to the kitchen to make some tea. It was around four in the morning. It felt like he'd been asleep for too long. He finished off the tea, pouring two cups, adding sugar to both. He sipped the syrupy liquid greedily.

"Mmm… L..?" Light muttered, before falling off the couch with a thud. "Ahh… that hurt…"

"Are you alright?" L said, putting the cups on the coffee table and helping the younger male to his feet.

"Yeah…" He said rubbing his head. "You made tea?" Light asked taking a cup ad sitting on the couch.

"I can manage that much, Light," the detective replied, sitting by him.

Light gagged on the tea, "you can die with all the sugar in your diet…" He set the tea back on the table, turning up his nose.

He shrugged, "It's actually good for you if you're able to think like me…" He wrapped his arm around Light's shoulder. "Though, I am starting to miss my sweets terribly… I want to get home as soon as possible."

"Home…" Light mumbled half heartedly. "You're leaving already? It feels like you just got here…"

"You're coming with me, right? You don't have to, but…."


"… But I would like it…" The raven-haired detective pulled Light into his arms. "It would make me happy if you joined me…"

Light smiled and hugged his friend, "Alright. It'll be great! We'll be the greatest detectives the worlds ever seen!"

L smiled faintly, kissing the top of Light's head. He liked the bond he had formed with this youth. It seems almost surreal… Then the more he thought about it the more he realized he couldn't remember a lot of how they met.

I was doing a case… then suspected Light and met him at school… when he was cleared he joined the case and helped me… To clear my suspicions he handcuffed himself to me and… that was all L could come up with. He frowned at himself for either having a poor memory or being unobservant, both were uncharacteristic.

"Hey, L?" Light asked.

"When we get to your house you're not going to force me to eat cake with you or have all those silly kinds of tea parties, are you?" The boy seemed worried.

L thought for a moment, "That actually isn't a bad idea… and how exactly would I 'force' you, hmm?"

Light shook his head, "It's not an idea! I said I DON'T want that! Don't start tying me up or doing creepy stuff like that!"

"I believe you are only digging your own grave, seeing as how you're the one giving me ideas," L replied, pressing his lips against Lights. He couldn't escape the warm, comforting feeling he got when he touched the younger man. It just seemed to fit into place. He was happy and that's all he cared for; that and Light's happiness of course.

Light's cheeks had a pink hue to them as he looked up at the older male, "I'll be afraid to sleep at night because of you!"

L ruffled his hair, "I'd be even more afraid to sleep alone. At least we can protect each other."

"Easy to say when you don't sleep!"

L let out a small, awkward laugh, "I love you…"

"I… love you too…" Light smiled, breathing in the detectives scent for a moment, savoring his warmth. "… I don't think Watari's going to approve of us sleeping in the same room though. He's pretty old fashioned."

L kissed the boys lips again, "If it comes down to it I'll buy a ring."

Light's cheeks burned with a deep red, "A-and what if I say 'no'?"

"Then I'll simply turn off the cameras," He replied before pulling Light into another wave of kisses.

The End.

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