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The smell of chemicals floating in the air, the pointer of the clock on the wall spun in their rhythm, while people she never knew walked passed her. Everything still worked as it always did, but she didn't care.

In front of ER room, a woman in white shirt and long black pants was sitting on the chair. Frightened for her last family member, she didn't worry about the blood that covered the white fabric and beneath her short raven hair.

Nearby, her soon-to-be-brother-in-law was leaning to the wall. He was praying to holy power in every world. When the lost appear before your eyes, most of people pray to what they believe.

Looking at him pass her eyeglasses, she sensed his love to her little sister. They would marry in a week, but the ceremony was delayed because the death of father of the bride.

Anyway, if that wasn't bad enough, someone from above must have wanted to torture them more. The car that the sisters drove to the funeral crashed by the trailer car, she got only some scratches and bruises but her sister was crushed by the console.

She lost so much blood, the big sister wanted to give her but they had different types of blood. Luckily, friends of her father could help about that. What they could do now was waiting and praying.

A mobile phone rang. The guy gazed his soon-to-be-sister-in-law before he answered and left his position for awhile.

Nobody saw the blood that seeped from hidden wound beneath the raven hair. She was too excite to feel the pain and didn't let the doctor check her condition. In fact, she didn't think about anything but her sister until someone called her name.


That might be the doctor or nurse. She turned to the voice but only saw a woman in strange clothes.

Beneath the high-cut dress and corset was the stunning feminine body. Every time she moved, the rim of crimson fabric would wave and show her tan skin. The long silver hair almost covered half of her pretty face.

"It has been a long time, but we meet at last."

"Sorry ma'am…" Issara asked politely. "Do I know you? And…well, could you speak Thai?"

"I'm not talking to you, dear. I'm communicating with your mind, we aren't really speaking."

A woman in black and white gasped. "Maybe this one just escaped from another ward." She thought.

The stranger waved her hand. "No. I'm not insane. I'm one of your father's friends and come for my reward.

"My father…" Issara gazed at the stranger's clothes. It looked like some kind of cosplay. How could a serious soldier like her father befriend with someone like this? "Well, I'm afraid you misunderstand. My father was…"

"A cheater, he tricked me so many times but I'm the winner in the end." Those slander fingers touched Issara's chin and forced her to look at violet eyes. "And you…are my prize."

"Um…ma'am…I'm sorry. What the hell are you talking about?" The younger one brushed that hand away. Thai people hate when someone touches their head without permission.

Somehow, another woman seemed shock in that reaction. "You can…break my spell."

"What?" Another maddening problem…? Oh, great. "Please, I already have enough troubles for my entire life. Can you go somewhere else and annoy someone else? That will be great, thank you."

The tan woman growled. This one wouldn't believe her, she had to do something.

She flicked her fingers and something flashed to Issara's brown eyes. The short haired woman had to close her eyes for a moment until she fell to the ground because the chair she had sat on was gone.

"Ouch…!" She cried and swore in her mother's language, certainly not polite.

"And you kissed your mother with that mouth?" Similar voice whispered near her ear.

"Garr…Shut up. What the f…are you? And what did you just done?" She was still unable to open her eyes, but her head still high. Issara shouted fiercely.

"Well, you're certainly like your father. The honorable soldier who had held his dignity until last breaths but gave up everything to save the ones he loved."

"Oh…please, Can you get straight to the subject? I don't have year for your speech." Her patience had its limits, especially when her little sister was in grave danger.

"Alright, let's say. I'm a demon who caged in your father's locket. Almost twenty-five years ago, he bagged me to help your mother in exchange for… your body." The woman explained. Her voice was firming, had no sight of joke.

However, who would believe that?

"Ha…Very funny, this is some kind of dire joke, isn't it?"

"Joke..? No, this not a joke. If you don't believe me, just open your eyes."

She obeyed and found herself in white space. Nothing around but some kind of light, that prevented her from falling.

"Where am I?" Issara asked, seemed shock but in good self control.

"In my space, indeed..." The mystical woman replied.

The raven hair girl turned to face her but stopped. The woman was floating in the air, her silver hair and red dress floated like it was in the water.

"Well, you see, I'm not a human. You might think about me as jinni or something like that but I prefer to call myself demon. It sounds more dangerous and tempting." She said with excited tone, looking much like a child who just get new toy.

"What the hell?" Issara mentally swore. "Did my head crushed harder than I thought?"

Or her gift comeback again…

Well, her mother called it a gift but she never welcomed it. The special sense just made her looks crazy since she was young, no one played with her but her family. Luckily, her grandpa knew how to control it and has taught her everything he knows.

"Whatever…" She sighed deeply, tried to gain her consciousness. "What do you want from me?"

"I already told you." The silver hair shouted. "Your father made a deal with me. I helped your mother from the death in exchange of your body and now I come for my prize."

"But that sounds…silly. Why do you have to wait so long?"

"Oh…that. It's because your father caged me in his locket. If it weren't for someone opening it in the funeral, I might have burned with him in the pyre." Demon said furiously.

Somehow, Issara couldn't stop her chuckle. "That is too bad. But what will happen now. Are you just take my body and leave my consciousness to be wandering ghost?"

Mystic one glazed at her to-be-victim. She knew this one wasn't easy prey; there was something inside that made Issara special. And that is the reason why she needed this body for her aspiring plan.

"Maybe or maybe not, I see you have some problem and I'm not cruel enough to steal the big sister from the fragile sister."

Someone once said: 'You shouldn't trust a stranger.' The raven one agreed with it completely. "I know your kind, Demon. You couldn't just take the body to possess, although my body is the bet in the deal. My grandpa taught me enough to drive you off."

"I know it. Your grandpa was the shaman." She growled. "But I won't give up that easily and you need my assistance anyway."

"What do you mean?"

The demon hide her smirk, human always falls for their wish. "Your sis is in grave danger. I can help it, but we have to make the deal."

Now was Issara's turn to growl. "How could I trust you?"

"Well, What about this?" Demon in red flicked her fingers again.

Another second and the raven back to her original place. She saw the doctor tell her soon-to-be-brother-in-law about her sister's condition. His bride has been saved, but was still unconscious. No one could tell how long before she recover from comatose.

"I save her…for now." The similar voice came from somewhere. "But I won't release her from comatose until you best me in my game."

This might be a trick, but she doesn't have many choices.

"Fine, tell me about your damn game."