At the new beginning

There're many letters on her desk and Surya Hawke was too tired to read any of them. However, the rose emblem on the red seal changed her mind.

Forgot everything else, the warrior happily opened an envelope. Inside, she found handmade paper. The writer of this letter knew how to make special paper from unwanted plant.

Surya couldn't stop smiling as she read familiar handwriting. Her friend wrote about her life in Ferelden and how the country was developed under the King and Queen's care. With the magic her friend found in the grass, the land that has been tainted in between the Blight was revived. They expected the first harvest within this year. If everything goes well, more ships would go to Kirkwall to bring the refugees back to their home.

Enclosed with the letter was a drawing of a man and his children were sleeping. The note behind the picture said her husband and the twin worn her out. By the way, she hoped Surya would meet them someday.

Surya kissed the signature in the letter. She had missed that woman. It was a year they met and shared many things in life. That strange woman wasn't only a friend, but also a mentor, a big sister or even mother.

"Whose letter is that?" The familiar brogue broke her chain of thought. Possessive hand gripped on her hip as another snatched the paper from her hands.

Rolled her eyes, Hawke said naught but rested her face on that broad chest. Her smile grew wider as the brunet read the last line.

"I knew you would read this, Sebastian Veal. Had you ever stop being jealous? My little bird would never have her eyes on anyone else and you knew that."

"That woman..." The prince hissed. He liked her, but somehow couldn't trust her. The woman who called herself Oracle was too much mysterious.

Most of Kirkwall knew that woman in that name. Only a few people knew the true name behind the rose emblem that also was on the blade name: the Iron rose. Surya just smiled and hid a picture inside her pocket.

At the lower left corner of the drawing, there's a signature: Issara Therin.

Finished, for now,

And there, you had it. The story comes to an end at last. I think I'm going to lay back and draw something. However, I like to thank my readers or anyone who cares to read this line. I hope you all have beautiful days.

Sincerely, Mitimai.