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Prompt: Sunshine

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Little Bucket of Sunshine

"Penny for your thoughts Weasley," He says, with a lazy smile on his face.

She looks up at him. His hair is blue today, she notices, and his eyes are crinkling and laughing. Surprised at his choice of name for her, she shakes her head at him.

"I think you'll find they're worth much more than a penny, Lupin." She smirks back at him.

"Well of course they are, wouldn't expect much less from her Royal Highness," He retorts back; His hair phases into a sort of indigo colour.

She frowns and lets out a long, frustrated sigh. She counts to 10, slowly and patiently, and opens her eyes just as slowly and just as patiently.

He's smiling that infectious, annoying, heartbreaking smile of his, and she cant help it - she swoons.

And then, he gives her that look. That look where he knows he's gotten under her skin. He's been successful for the past 15 years. Today being no different.

Picking up her books swiftly and smoothly, Victoire sends a death glare in his direction. Spinning on her toes, she leaves in the opposite direction.

He watches her slim, curvaceous figure walk away from him. Yet, he's not bothered. Smiling wryly and shaking his head a little, Teddy mutters to himself, "Well, aren't you just a little bucket of sunshine?"

She's halfway to the door now, but she can just tell he's smiling [that infectious, annoying, heartbreaking smile of his] and he's probably be shaking his head too.

She pauses abruptly, almost tripping over her feet, but she regains her structure, and continues on. The reason being shock. It shocks her at how well she knows him. Though, what could be expected? [They've been inseparable since forever. They've been doing this (whatever this is) forever].

Since the library's so quiet, she does hear him. His voice is faint, and full of sarcasm and irony - so not Teddy, but she doesn't acknowledge his remark– that is the (whole) point of the cold shoulder; she can't help but stifle a little chuckle. Hoping to Merlin, he hadn't heard, she walks on, and leaves the library, him, and all the confusion she feels near him.

She doesn't seem to have heard it at all. But he knows different. He knows just what he does to her, and how much his words really affect her, and what she really means when she says "Of course I'm fine Teddy. I'm just really stressed out and exhausted. Don't worry about it." Pfft. Like hell it is! It's because of Persephone and that fight you had with her - which is also why you're dark and gloomy today.

Of course, he'd never say that to her face. Victoire is well known for her temper. A little shudder shoots up his spine at that thought.

Sighing to himself, he relaxes into the soft, plush arm chair knowing that everything will be fine soon, and that she'll be alright.

She's not that angry with him.

Okay, maybe she is, just a little, he thinks. But he shrugs it off, not really bothered.

Because, he could have sworn he heard her chuckle just a little.

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