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'.. to hell with your fears and insecurities. You've got a life to live and live it, you will!...'

Living it Up!

The cold British air hung heavily in the sky; Fat, pregnant clouds barely moved, for the weight was too much to bear, and this did not go unnoticed by the Muggles. They had jumped to the conclusion that the world would be ending soon. Muggles, I scoffed, shaking my head.

I stood behind the window sill, looking out into the garden, in which I'd spent some of the happiest moments of my childhood. My eyes searched for the flowerbed I'd planted a good 20 years back and found it hidden somewhere in the far right corner.

Looking up at the sky, I was surprised to find just how enormous they were. As if 10 centimetres dilated, rain began to pour drastically, destroying every unfortunate thing to cross its path and was eventually followed by the sharp, piercing nature of hail. A slow smile spread across my face at the comparison to being pregnant. I smiled [knowingly] because I'd been through that same ordeal – pregnancy, labor, motherhood – a good, couple of times.

Three years after Nate, I found myself throwing up every morning and eating 10 times as much as a thirteen year old boy. I went to St. Mungo's completely ignorant to the fact that I'd missed my period for the third month in a row and came out with the knowledge I was pregnant. With twins - Appolina Dora and Maia Droma were named after their great grandmothers respectively and were as different as chalk and cheese.

Tristan followed the girls two years later. His middle name is Jean-Guy[Bill in English] – named after his grandfathers. With Tristan, I glowed. I'd known from the moment I looked at him, that he'd gone on Teddy, which is why I had insisted his name start with 'T'. I knew my baby would be a complete carbon copy of Teddy.

At 33 and with four pregnancies under my belt, I knew the spell by heart. So when I threw up the chicken Dom had made for lunch, I sat on the toilet cover and prayed I wasn't pregnant. With 4 kids and a whole lot of bills, Ted and I were doing our best to make ends meet, but it just wasn't enough. Coincidentally, just as I thought about him, Teddy called me and told me not to renew our apartment contract. Why? Because Andromeda had quite generously left us her home whilst she travelled the world! Oh, and he was promoted to Head Auror! I remember screaming excitedly, and some time during my shrieking, told him I was pregnant. We agreed soon after that she'd be our last and just like Tristan, Zoe Fleurette, who looked just like Maman did as a baby, gave me some of the best months of my life.

They say it gets easier when you do it over and over again, but it honestly doesn't. Whether it's trying to feed Zoe, bath Tristan, dress the girls or help Nate with his homework - It's bloody difficult! Even with magic. It can easily make you go fucking insane. It's hard, just like the first time, but when you have that small little bundle in your hands, smiling at you like you mean the world to them and they giggle and turn their hair blue, or pink, or purple or blond, then you know you'd do it a thousand times if you had to, just for that one moment.

I felt his hand slide around my waist, and I smelt his minty aftershave and musky cologne before I heard his velvet voice whisper. "There you are! I missed you."

I smiled brightly, and my face lit up as I shook my head a little. "I was barely gone 10 minutes, Ted."

"Your point?" He smirked. I saw a flash of brown from the corner of my eyes and tried to brush it off, but I couldn't. His hair was brown! Just like Remus' ..

"One of these days, you're gonna have to grow up, honey." I replied, putting on a smile but to no avail. I couldn't stop worrying.

"Funny you should say that, sugar. I found my first grey hair today," he said glumly, resting his chin on my shoulder.

I laughed this time – that laugh that made his insides melt and go wild at the same time- and reminded him that these things happened over time and he was heading towards his 40s soon! But if he really was fixated on this, I have a book that has a 'Delaying Greys' charm. He simply kissed my earlobe [a funny place to kiss, I thought, but he wasn't himself at that right moment so we both let it slide, knowing very well that his sudden change of mood was due to my reminder of his birthday. He was going to be 38 in a few days. The same age his father was when he died..] as a 'thank you' and I stepped back so he could hold me and so I could be held. It was just one of those silent times, when we needed each other most, and we couldn't for the life of us figure out why.

"D'you remember that day?" She asked me, as we watched her beloved flower bed rip to shreds.

I wasn't in a talking mood, but she knew that already. She was trying to get me to snap out of it - Merlin only knows what it is. I reached for my wand in my back pocket and pointed it at the lemon grass garden and cast the spell in my head 'Incendio memorabilia'

"As clear as if it was yesterday." I replied, as my lips lost a losing war and fell into a smile.

The clouds began to move to the side, making way for light, fluffy ones and a clear blue sky with a sun shining down on the Earth and young Teddy and young Victoire.

I stood there with a bemused expression on my face, knowingly what was coming next. 17 year old Teddy had just sprayed 16 year old Victoire shamelessly and she was covered with a mud like paste. I nudged him in the ribs, which hurt me more than him, really.

"I'm sorry," He grinned. "But I had to disguise my feelings somehow! You can't imagine how in love with you I was at that point." He explained, his voice thick with love and emotion.

"I could say the same to you," I retorted and giggled as Victoire sprayed Teddy with the hose lying near her and then sprayed herself. I watched young Teddy carefully and gasped.

"Holy crap! How did I not see that?" I wondered out loud. There stood Teddy, completely entranced by Victoire and she didn't even notice! Hell, I didn't even notice!

"Love is blind, Tor," He assured me. Young Teddy was walking towards young Victoire now and ask he sprayed her slyly, with the hose, Teddy burst out laughing and once again I nudged him, this time in the stomach.

"And to think I thought you were going to kiss me!" I scowled, as my cheeks burnt a bright red.

"With Molly, Bill, Charlie, Ron, George and Percy all inside?" He exclaimed incredulously and I chuckled at his response.

"Where was Gramps?" I asked.

"Looking for his Muggle water gun." Came a curt reply, from Teddy, with a sheepish smile on his face.

We watched silently, our hands intertwined, as our past unfolded before us reminding us, that with a happy before and a happy now, we were bound to have our happily ever after.

I turned my gaze to Victoire and watched her giggle. She caught me staring and kissed the newly acquired [throbbing] scar on the back on my hand. Unsurprisingly, it stopped hurting with her touch.

Suddenly, I wasn't at all scared about my birthday,age, health or life. I knew that wherever they were, my parents would always look down on me with a proud smile on their faces. My father dying at a certain age didn't mean I would too, so I had nothing to worry about. I suppose turning 38 once again reminded me of all the things I didn't have, and all the people who were taken away from me.

But deep down, I would always wish and yearn for them. We all want things we cant have right? I guess you just have to make sure it doesn't get to you and blind your vision from what you do have.

Because when you have 5 children, who pounce on you when you floo home, a godfather who would cross the world for you, a grandmother whose love you never see an end to, friends who would die for you, hundred or so red haired relatives who are always there for you and a wife who all of those things with her 'Victoire Lupin [nee Weasley] smile', then mate, what else could you ask for?

I turned her around slowly and bent down as she tiptoed slightly to meet me halfway. We closed the distance as her lips met mine and I poured my heart out in our passionate embrace.

"Thank you for choosing me." I whispered, leaning my forehead against hers.

"My pleasure." She grinned at me.

Silently, we broke apart and headed for the hall before our lovely, albeit, crazy family noticed we'd gone.

"They're back!" Fred shouted as we walked through the door.

"Don't worry Ted, we covered for you! Nobody noticed you'd gone!" James laughed loudly.

"Shut up you prat! You were the ring bearer at our wedding! It's not like we're sneaking around like certain people here.." I smirked triumphantly. I was on top of the world..
.. only to be brought back down to Earth.

"Daddy! Language!" 5 year old Zoe gasped. She looked just like Victoire with both hands on her hips and her mouth and her face twisted suspiciously.

Everyone burst out laughing, awing and cooing. "Aw, come here, you little angel!" I scooped her up and beamed as Tory charmed James' mouth shut.

I'm living it up, alright.. I thought. Living it up, indeed..

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