The couch was already set with a pillow and duvet by the time Wilson let himself into House's flat with his own key. He flung his coat on the familiar hook and slipped his shoes into the indents in the carpet.

He was being quiet, though he knew there was no way the man in the next room would be asleep.

He wandered over to the large unit and pulled out the bottom drawer, selecting a pair of his pyjama bottoms before heading through into the bathroom.

He showered with his shampoo and brushed his teeth with the spare toothbrush he kept on the sink.

Then he lay down on the sofa and stared at the high ceiling.

That morning he had stock piled House's fridge and washed the other man's dishes. House had stolen his lunch.

A three step hobble was heard coming down the corridor. Wilson turned his head to look at House who stood leaning thoughtfully on his cane.

"I didn't mean to disturb your insomnia." Wilson sighed, sitting up and dragging the duvet onto the floor. House sat down next to him.

"I figured, seeing as you didn't even blow dry your hair." House commented, stretching over and running his fingers through the damp strands.

Wilson leaned back into his hand and then pulled the hand down and kissed the end of the rough fingers.

"Come to bed." House said. Wilson raised his eyebrows.

"You never let me sleep in your bed." He murmured, still against the fingertips.

"Who said we were going to sleep?" House smirked, dragging Wilson to his feet and running his eyes and hands appreciatively down the other man's torso.

Wilson tilted his head up and brought his lips to House's, gently running his tongue along the flesh until it opened and allowed him entry.

They were practically married anyway.

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