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Chapter Four: She Kissed You?

Hiccup was pretty certain of what he wanted to do that night for the date. It all depended on whether everything went according to plan and whether or not Astrid had made their plans. She had been the one to ask him out. So Hiccup had a few things in a basket by the stairs, just in case. He was just about to grab those things and head back out to the shop when someone knocked on the door.

Hiccup groaned. He hoped whoever it was he could get rid of them fast so he could go meet Astrid. Toothless pulled on his sleeve urgently. It seemed at times that the dragon was more excited for the date than Hiccup was. Or maybe he was just excited to go flying.

"Toothless, cut that out," Hiccup pleaded. He reached for the door handle. That was when Toothless tackled him to the ground and started licking his hair, making it stick up at all kinds of angles.

"ARGH! Toothless! Stop that! I'm clean! I don't need another-GAH! You just got spit in my ear! Stop trying to give me a bath you useless dragon!" Toothless ignored his human and just kept grooming him. Honestly, if Hiccup wasn't going to take the time to look good for what he was sure was an important night, then Toothless would have to clean him up himself.

"Come in!" Hiccup called as Toothless nudged him into a sitting position. Hiccup began to get up, but Toothless pinned him to the floor by his vest with one his paws. The dragon started getting the back of his head as, low and behold, Astrid pushed open the door and peered inside. The girl honestly tried not to laugh, she really did. But the sight was too much.

"Go ahead and laugh it up," Hiccup grumbled, his face turning rather red from embarrassment. "Toothless, go clean Astrid!" But all Toothless did was flash Astrid a gummy smile and go over to her to rub his head under her chin.

"Traitor," Hiccup grumbled. He pulled himself up from the floor-rather unsteadily-and did his best to flatten his hair. "I was, uh…just going down to meet you at the shop." He smiled nervously. Astrid was scratching Toothless behind the ears.

"Tuffnut said you were here," she replied simply. Toothless whined when Astrid's hand dropped. "What do you want to do?"

It would be so much easier for him to concentrate if his heart wasn't pounding so hard against his chest. "Oh, well…I had a, um, back-up plan of sorts if you didn't, you know, plan anything."

She put her hands on her hips and smiled. "What is the plan?"

One thing that Hiccup hadn't planned for was for Astrid to carry the basket on her back. He would've had Toothless carry it, but Astrid could be stubborn, so she got her way. Of course, this allowed her to wrap her arms around Hiccup's waist and rest her head on his shoulder…maybe her carrying the basket was a good idea after all.

Hiccup would later admit that he purposely double-backed and made a few wrong turns, just so he could have Astrid hold onto him a little longer.

They landed on an island that was nothing but rocks a few miles south of Berk. Nobody ever came here because of the rocky coastline and rough waves. It had been where Toothless and Hiccup rested after their first test flight and had been the perfect place for the pair to hide. Now, it made a perfect secluded spot for a first date.

Hiccup and Toothless fished for their dinner, Toothless started a fire and went a small distance away, which left Hiccup alone…with Astrid. There had never been a more exciting and terrifying situation for Hiccup. So of course, he began to babble about the story of this island for him and Toothless and about their first real flight. Astrid giggled every time he stumbled over his words or stuttered. She wasn't doing it to be mean, she just thought it was cute.

"Are you nervous?" she finally asked.

Hiccup scoffed like it was the most ridiculous suggestion anybody had made. Then the nervous smile dropped from his face and he admitted it with a distressed "Yes!" Astrid laughed as she adjusted her fish over the fire.

"Don't be nervous. It's only you and me."

Hiccup rolled his eyes. "Thanks, Astrid. That makes me feel so much better-the idea of you and me, all alone. Oh, wait, it doesn't."

Astrid shoved him playfully. "Well if it helps, I'm a little nervous, too."

"Astrid Hofferson? Nervous?" Hiccup shook his head. "I've never heard of such a thing in my life." Astrid laughed, turning her head away, so he wouldn't see her face turning red.

"Well, we're not totally alone," Hiccup pointed out, tilting his head toward his ebony dragon. "He is great for company."

Astrid tilted her head thoughtfully. "How do you think your mother would've reacted to Toothless?"

"She'd be complaining left and right about him tracking mud, scratching up the floorboards, and monopolizing all of my time," Hiccup answered simply. "But, I think she'd warm up to him and maybe a few Terrible Terrors. She'd probably even have a dragon of her own she could ride on." Hiccup stared into the fire, lost in his thoughts about his long gone mother.

"I miss her," Astrid admitted. Hiccup looked to her in surprise. The other children had known Valhallarama, but she had died when they were all around eight. There had been a mutual understanding amongst the children not to speak of Hiccup's mother-especially to Hiccup. He had taken it rather hard.

"What are your parents like?" Hiccup asked curiously-he only knew them in passing. He took his fish out of the fire and poked it. He shrugged, supposing it was done, and cut a piece off with his dagger.

"Mom's always reliable in battle, but she knows all the household things like cooking and patching up clothing so she's been teaching me those things. Or at least, she's been trying." Hiccup laughed, sure that Astrid was just being hard on herself. She tended to do that a lot. Ruffnut was the one he would've pegged for being clueless about cooking.

"Dad's kind of an old-fashioned guy," Astrid continued. "He's always about security and being able to take care of yourself which is why he really pushed me to train so much-like I really needed any pushing. He always gives the advice 'Train hard, marry rich.' He says it like we're dirt poor or something." Astrid shivered violently all the sudden. The temperature had been dropping steadily, but Hiccup had come prepared. He put his fish down and went over to the basket. Flipping it open, he reached inside and pulled out some blankets. He brought one of them to Astrid and she let him drape it over her.

"You really thought this out, didn't you?" Astrid asked, somewhat admiringly. Hiccup smiled, but couldn't think of anything to say. He stared determinedly at the ground. "Thanks," she added, bringing the blanket closer to her.

Hiccup looked up at her. She was smiling. She wasn't bored. She actually seemed to be enjoying herself. Somebody pinch him!

"You're welcome," he mumbled sheepishly, spreading out the other blanket where he was sitting. He sat down again, looked over at Astrid, and-had Astrid just moved closer? Yes, yes, she had. She was trying to act casual about it and not looking at him while she ate her fish, but Hiccup knew better.

"So, nobody's ever really told me exactly what happened while I was knocked out," Hiccup mentioned. He leaned back on his hands to get a better look at the stars beginning to twinkle into view.

"Well, we all had quite a time explaining to the villagers who had stayed behind that the dragons were good and you were right all along," Astrid laughed, shaking her head. "They accepted it pretty quick and everyone started calling you the 'Hero of Berk.' Toothless hardly ever left your side. I made him go on short walks every once in a while so he could get some fresh air and some fish. I did raid some of your journals to see if there was anything in there that would help the village adjust to the dragons. Don't worry, I only flipped through and put it back if I didn't see anything about Toothless or dragons in there," she added in response to Hiccup's worried expression. "I visited you all the time, so did the rest of the gang and Gobber. Anyone besides us and your Dad had to get Toothless' approval."

Hiccup laughed. "That couldn't have gone over well." Toothless warbled suddenly, sitting up and staring at something in the sky. It took a minute for the two to make out the shape of a Terrible Terror. Astrid wanted to groan in frustration. Since the battle, many people had taken in Terrible Terrors as pets-especially the older crowd that didn't feel comfortable riding their new friends. Since people had taken the tiny dragons in, it didn't take long for them to discover their many uses; one of them being the equivalent of carrier pigeons. Astrid took one look at the scroll tied to its leg and could easily guess who it was from.

Sure enough, the little Terror landed right next to Astrid. Rolling her eyes she took the scroll, skimmed it, and frowned at Ruffnut's excuse. Hiccup was waiting to hear what the note was about. He was surprised, however, when Astrid threw the note into the fire. Then she scooted even closer to Hiccup.

"I can ignore it," she explained. Hiccup's normally active, logical, and calculating brain went fuzzy just having her so close.

Of course, the night couldn't last forever and he had to take her home. Astrid kept the blanket around her, slightly wrapping Hiccup in it as well as she held on to him. The light from Astrid's house was dim as Hiccup landed in front of it. He hoped she wouldn't get in trouble.

Behind him, Astrid put the basket on the ground and swiftly folded the blanket, placing it back inside. "I had a nice time," she said. Hiccup glanced back at her, instantly aware of just how close her face was. He coughed and looked down.

"Me, too," he mumbled.

Astrid sighed. The boy was cute, but still painfully shy. "Thanks for the ride." She swung one leg down and tried to swing the other, but something stopped her. She looked behind her and saw that her boot had caught on something on the saddle. Now she was stuck in an awkward position with her right leg jutting out behind her.

"Um, Hiccup? Help?" Astrid asked, trying to free herself without relinquishing her boot. Hiccup's eyes went wide at the sight. Of course his date would end this way!

"Hold on," he said, detaching his leg from the stirrup. With one hand, he held Astrid's waist to keep her steady. With the other, he reached over and released her foot on whatever was holding it. As soon as she was free, Toothless accidentally-that is still debated to this day-bumped Hiccup, sending both rider and girl toppling over.

"Toothless!" Hiccup complained.

"Gah! You just elbowed my ribs!"


"Ow! You had a hand on my braid and it got yanked when I moved my head!"

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

"Stop apologizing and just get up without bruising me!"

"I'm trying!" If the sun was up, Astrid and Hiccup would've both been a brilliant shade of red. At least their only witness to this situation was Toothless. Otherwise, it would've been hard to explain why Hiccup was on top of Astrid in the grass. The boy finally managed to get himself off of her and he scooted away from her to allow her room to sit up.

"Oh, Gods! Are you okay?" Hiccup asked worriedly as Astrid brushed some blade of grass off of her tunic. She mumbled an "I'm fine, Hiccup" but he didn't hear it. He reached out and touched her braid. "I'm sorry! I didn't realize where it was!"

"It's fine," Astrid assured him, reaching out to brush some dirt off of his face. "It could've been worse. You could've yanked all of my hair out." Hiccup laughed nervously. That would've been bad. He stopped laughing when he realized just how close he was to Astrid…and how close Astrid was to him. She had a soft, almost dreamy smile on her face. Hiccup felt boiling inside him an odd combination of determination and terror. He wasn't about to let the terrified side of him win. He leaned in ever so slightly. Astrid's heart was beating just as much as Hiccup's as she began to lean in, too. Taking the encouragement, Hiccup closed the distance and touched his lips to Astrid's.

Kissing Astrid, Hiccup decided, was much better when he felt prepared and not stunned. He was able to thoroughly enjoy the experience: the feel of her lips, her hand on his, the way their lips moved together. It didn't last long. After a minute, they stopped. Hiccup's eyes were wide as he stared at the ground, his face feeling hot. Astrid grinned sheepishly, also looking in another direction.

Hiccup cleared his throat. "Thank you," he finally said.

"You're welcome," Astrid mumbled in reply. She kissed him swiftly on the cheek. "Good night." And with that she dashed off up the short path and through the front door. Hiccup sighed, content.

Tuffnut, Snotlout, and Fishlegs were all in a state of shock the next morning at breakfast in the Great Hall. Tuffnut was the first one to speak.

"She kissed you," Tuffnut said, trying to confirm what he had just heard. "She with her actual mouth kissed you…on purpose…again?"

Hiccup laughed. "Yeah, I know, I can't believe it either!" Fishlegs slapped him on the back.

"I'm happy for you, Hiccup," he said. Tuffnut shook his head.

"I'm not! I'm freaking out! It feels like the universe is out of order." Tuffnut's eyes widened. "One of us is gonna die!" he realized.

Hiccup rolled his eyes. "Sure, say that to the guy who nearly did die," he pointed out. Tuffnut muttered a rather humble "Sorry."

"So what happens now? What's the next step?" Snotlout asked. "I'm referring, of course, to sexual relations." He waggled his eyebrows suggestively. Hiccup kicked him in the shin with his prosthetic. "OW!"

"Well, she's coming to the family dinner next week," he mentioned. Snotlout's eyes nearly bugged out of his head.

"What? Are you crazy? She's coming to our family dinner? That's like jumping six steps!"

"She asked if I had any plans coming up on the way back and I said 'No, just a family dinner.' She asked me if she could come! What was I supposed to say?" Hiccup demanded.

"'I'm sorry, Astrid, but there's no way I would ever put you through that living Hel!'" Snotlout suggested.

Hiccup frowned. "I already know from my Dad that Maija's not going to be there!"

Snotlout sighed. "I'll see if I can somehow convince my brother not to come around." Snotlout's older brother had a streak of not only being a jerk to Hiccup, but Snotlout as well.

Tuffnut brushed some crumbs off of his tunic. "Well, that settles it. Ten minutes with your family and she'll be heading for the hills. Possibly another island. The world is safe again."

"Thank you for having so much faith in the relationship," Hiccup muttered.

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