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- Prologue -

I always knew that wishes don't really come true. It always often says in stories, that a fair maiden would ask her wish to come true. That's a lie. She didn't just wish on a single star. She prayed and wished on the moon, the other stars, and to God.

But, she never gained her wish in real life. The books children read with their parents, are all just a sick lie. Those children, they all have dreams and wishes that they all want to come true. A 5 year old boy might want to be the president, while a girl might want to be a princess.

None of that crap ever comes true… I mean, I would know. I had a weird dream when I wanted to be older. I, ironically, wanted to be a giant robot. Heh, stupid right? But, I guess I'll just follow Reborn.

I guess I'll be the tenth boss of a mafia family. That family is called, Vongola. My friends are my guardians, I guess I can tell you who they are. The storm, Gokudera Hayato. The rain, Takeshi Yamamoto. The sun, Ryohei Sasagawa. The cloud, Hibari Kyoya. The mist, Mukuro Rokudo along with his little sister Chrome Dokuro. And the lightening, Lambo. Since I'm the boss, I'm the sky. Which harmonizes everything.

Well anyway, I never intended to become a mafia boss, it just happened with my ancestor, Giotto Vongola. But I always had a very important wish. To find true love.

Yeah, it might sound girlish, but hey just leave it alone. I'm Tsunayoshi Sawada by the way. People call me Dame-Tsuna, because I suck terribly at everything. And cause of that, girls always reject me.

I was sick of it. Shouldn't at least one person, who aren't my parents or friends, like me? I wondered if it would've been better if I was a girl. But then when I think about the things girls do or have, I rejected the thought.

But, at least one person, just one, should like me. I become saddened by the thought, and start to crouch down and cry.

- Prologue -

" Tenth!" Tsuna turned around to see his right-hand man waving at him, along with Yamamoto.

" Ah, Gokudera-kun, Yamamoto. What's up?"

" Ah, you see Tsuna, have you ever heard about the wishing star?"

" Oh that, yeah.. Why?"

" Tenth, it'd be an honor to have you with us when we see it. Everyone will be there."

" Eh… Sure, I guess." Tsuna mindlessly replied.

" Ok, great! We'll meet up with you at the river!" Yamamoto yelled. Tsuna waved with a smile, before he frowned and crouched down.

" Shit, what did I just say? Only couples go there." Tsuna said to himself.

Yes, Gokudera and Yamamoto are going out. Ryohei was shockingly with Hana Kurokawa. Chrome was dating Ken Joshima, while Mukuro was with Hibari. And Lambo, he was too young to be in a relationship but it's pretty obvious he loves I-pin. Even Kyoko, the girl who Tsuna used to love, was with Haru, a girl who used loved him!

'I really am no good, no one will ever love me.' Tsuna thought as he cried.


Tsuna was waiting for his friends near the river where they all promised to meet up. Tsuna was wearing his sky blue sweater with "27" in the middle. He also wore dark blue skinny jeans. The teen looked up at the dark sky, looking at different stars and constellations. He felt a little push from his back.

The teen turned around to see a girl with dark green hair, which was short until the middle of the back of her unusual hair. She was bare-footed while wearing a white summer dress with ribbons, and laces of the color, light green. She also wore a straw hat, with a large green bow. Her face was clean except, there was a orange flower like tattoo on her left cheek.

" Ouch" the girl said, breaking Tsuna's trance.

" I'm sorry sir."

" N-no! I'm sorry, I was dozing off! If I wasn't I would've move out of the way for you pass!" The young mafia boss stated. The lady giggled at this. Tsuna reached out a hand, and the girl took it. The two sat on one of the steps leading to the river.

" Hi, I'm Tsunayoshi Sawada! My friends call me Tsuna! And you're?"

" Ah, I'm Yuni. Nice to meet you Sawada-san."

" I see. Are you from around here? I never seen you before."

" Oh, no. I came from somewhere far away, with my uncle. He has my slippers if you're wondering why I'm bare footed." Tsuna made an "o" shape with his lips.

" Sawada-san, this might sound random, but what do you think about love?" Tsuna stared at Yuni before saying.

" Love, is the most wonderful yet painful feeling ever."

" So, are you saying you despise love?"

" No! Never! I can never hate, love. It's just that, you might never know if the one you love might cheat."

" Then, what if the person does not cheat on you?"

" Well, I'd be extremely happy. I'd always want to be by their side forever."

" Even if it's a boy?" Tsuna was speechless, then he smiled.

" Yup! I don't care if my lover's a boy. I mean, love has no limits. In fact most of my friends are gay and lesbians, so I think that it's nice to love someone without caring about their gender." Tsuna smiled out.

" I just wish that there was someone who would love me. Maybe even a boy, I wouldn't care." Tsuna said smiling sadly. Yuni looked at him.

" You, mean that no one loves you?" Tsuna shook his head.

" Only my parents and friends, but that's different." Yuni smiled.

" Then what would happen, if that came true?"

" Boy or girl, it doesn't matter. I'll be truly happy, and I'll have real smile."

" I see, then I'll grant you that wish, Sawada-san."

Tsuna looked at the girl.

" What do you mean?"

" I'm actually, the wishing star. And I've picked you and others who has a pure heart, so their wishes will come true." Tsuna was utterly shocked. Yuni started fading away with bright lights of orbs going towards the sky.

" Sawada-san, your wish will come true. Because I'll grant it. Please believe me, you'll see tomorrow. I promise." She curved her pinky with Tsuna's and smiled before she faded away into nothing. And she left the shocked teen in solitary.

" Tenth!"

" Ah, everyone.." Tsuna looked at his family before just staring at the night sky. The group looked at each other and nodded.

" Tsuna, are you okay?" Yamamoto asked.

" Yeah, I'm fine."

" Then what are you thinking about, Tsunayoshi-kun?" Mukuro asked, worriedly.

" Oh.. I met a new friend."

" Then, Tsuna-san. Who is your new friend?" Haru excitedly yelled.

" Oh, I'm not sure if I'm supposed to tell you."

" Boss, you don't trust us?" Chrome asked making everyone look at Tsuna with a worried expression, save for Hibari.

" No, it's not that. I'm just, not sure if I can tell you about her."

" Wao, Sawada Tsunayoshi. Don't tell me this friend of yours is-" Hibari was interrupted.

" N-no! She just left, she won't be coming back anytime soon. But, she'll be watching over us humans."

The group didn't understand.

" Let's just drop this ok." Everyone simply nodded.

They all got out blankets and placed them over the cold hard earth. They all sat or laid down there next to their lovers, snuggling, save for Tsuna. He just laid down in the middle of his family, watching the sky, waiting for Yuni to show. Tsuna relaxed his eyes shut, seeing that Yuni wouldn't come out yet.

Tsuna dreamt of himself facing a mirror in a well lit room. But, Tsuna noticed that the refection's expression wasn't the same as his monotone face. Tsuna was taken aback. The reflection was smiling, sadly but also happily. The reflection extended out a hand. Pulling the real Tsuna close the look-alike sighed. Tsuna blushed at his mirror image. Hugging him back, tightly and strongly, however gently.

' We shall meet, in the world where you live.' is what the mirror image said before Tsuna woke up.

" Tsuna! Look!" Yamamoto pointed at the sky where Tsuna saw the wishing star. It was really bright, it was Yuni smiling down on him, Tsuna could tell. Tsuna clasped his hands together and wished on Yuni. Even though she said she'd grant his wish, Tsuna wanted to make sure.

' Yuni, please answer my wish and prayer. I am glad I met you. And you look very beautiful.' Tsuna thought. He looked at the star and it sparkled as if she was giggling.

" Arigatou, Yuni."

" Tenth? Who's Yuni?"

" She's my new friend."

" Oh I see."

Tsuna saw that Yuni was fading away.

' Yuni! Arigatou, and please grant this wish as well.. Please be born into a human!' Tsuna prayed even louder in his thoughts. The bright star seemed to burst. Tsuna gaped at it worried. Then he heard a voice.

" Sawada-san.. Thank you. No one ever wished for that." said a familiar voice. Tsuna turned around to see.

" Yuni! Y-you're here! You're really here! Did you answer the second wish?"

" Yes, I was surprised when you wished for that. I was very happy that I burst into light."

" Hahi! Tsuna-san who is this girl?" Haru scram.

" Listen everyone, this is Yuni, the new friend that I was talking about."

The teens observed the girl, and welcomed her warmly.

" Ah, Sawada-san."

" What is it Yuni?"

" Your wish, it'll come true. That dream you had, you'll understand what it means." Yuni whispered.

" I-I see. Thanks Yuni." Tsuna and Yuni walked away from the riverbed to their homes, Yuni now lives with Tsuna. Yuni, looked back and smiled.

The figure Yuni smiled at smiled back mouthing the words, "Thanks." And Yuni smiled brightly, mouthing, " You're welcome."

The unknown figure stared at the "family" and walked away. He needed to live somewhere but where? He just ended in Tsuna's guest room where Yuni was staying.

' She wouldn't mind.' thought the teen who stepped out of the shadows, revealing his identity. Yes it was Dying Hyper Will Tsuna, only without his flame on his head.

' And might as well go to the same school. Let's see name: Sawada Tsunayoshi. Age: 14. Origin:…Let's just put Italy.' Tsunayoshi smirked.

" Now, I have my own freedom. What to do, what to do?" Tsunayoshi smiled out.

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