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"Sesshomaru-sama?" Rin asked as she stared up at her silver haired, dog demon guardian. His eyes momentarily left his scrolls to glance down at her, his action alone inviting her to continue.

"Rin feels so lonely in Sesshomaru-sama's castle when he's away," Rin murmured, reverting back to her child-like ways of referring to herself in third person. It was an act she did occasionally when she was unsure of how Sesshomaru would respond to what she had to say.

After a moment's pause, Rin stared down at the wooden floor she was now sitting on with a faint blush. She knew she shouldn't complain about her living situations to her lord; she didn't even know how the words had escaped her lips in the first place. He had saved her life, twice, and given her a roof over her head as well as a promise of life long protection. She should be beyond grateful to him, but she also couldn't restrain the lonely cries of her heart forever.

"Do you long for a mate?" Sesshomaru asked stoically in return. Rin's face heated up at the idea before she shook her head and waved her hands frantically about in embarrassment.

"N-No! I just..." Rin paused mid-sentence, what did she want from her lord?


The thought hit her the instant she finished the question in her mind. But it was a foolish thing to desire, because her lord did love her, just in his Sesshomaru-sama way. He kept her around, and constantly sought to protect her from any dangers they faced. That was a form of love, right? It may not have been the love she wanted, but it was love nonetheless.

"Do you desire attention while I am away?" her lord asked her as he set down his scrolls to give her his full attention. Rin's blush deepened at the sight of her lord's face so keenly interested in hearing her answer. All her life she had never had his full attention before. He'd always look down at her, or give her a sideways glance when addressing her.

But while he sat in the chair that was placed only a few feet away from her, they were at near perfect eye level. Rin had never felt so uncomfortable and exhilarated at capturing her lord's attention before.

"Y-Yes," Rin stuttered before visibly gulping in fear. What would her lord say? Would he ridicule her for being so dependent on companionship?

"If that is what you wish, then why do you sound so afraid Rin?" Sesshomaru asked back, and Rin noted with a slight flinch of annoyance that he seemed to be slightly...smirking at her. What could be running through her lord's mind at the moment? Was he laughing at her? Mocking her, perhaps?

"Because Rin doesn't like to be alone," Rin replied as she adverted her eyes for a moment, lost in a deep dark memory of the past, "and I don't want to ever feel the way I did...back then," she added as her eyelashes fluttered slightly when she felt tears begin to moisten her eyes.

Sesshomaru remained quiet as he surveyed her; his cold gold eyes so unreadable that Rin almost winced in embarrassment at the amount of emotion she was forcing him to watch cross over her face. She knew that her lord was a full blooded demon; a being of no emotion. He was someone who would never know what "love" was, nor desire to find out.

Suddenly, she began doubting his intentions of keeping her at his side. Why did he keep her around if he would never feel anything for her? Was she going to remain that little child that many demons referred to as Sesshomaru's "little pet" forever? Would she end up alone, as she had always feared?

"Rin," Sesshomaru's hypnotic voice called out to her. Rin blinked out of her mind's trance, and her eyes darted back to Sesshomaru's face.

"Yes?" she asked back in a whisper.

"What kind of traits do you want in this...companion?" he asked and Rin had to take a moment to remember what they had talked about before she sat back and placed her finger on her chin in thought.

"I suppose I want him to be protective, loyal, intelligent, strong, and I want most of all...for him to love me," Rin admitted before the horror of all horrors hit her, she had just successfully described Sesshomaru! Excluding the loving her part, of that she still wasn't sure.

"So you desire your companion to be a man?" Sesshomaru asked in return and Rin's blush deepened as she tried to think of a way to get herself out of the hole she kept digging deeper for herself. If they kept this conversation up, she'd end up admitting her feelings to him! A result that would only end in disaster, of that Rin was sure.

"Rin thinks she'll go for a little walk now, Sesshomaru-sama," Rin nervously stated as she let out an awkward, embarrassed giggle. When Sesshomaru didn't answer, Rin took that as a dismissal and headed for the door. She made sure to walk as elegantly (and as fast) as possible.

Just as she made it to the other side of the room, she felt a light touch on her forearm and looked down to see large pale fingers circled around her wrist. She followed those fingers that were attached to a hand, that was attached to an arm, which was attached to a shoulder, and then a neck, followed by Sesshomaru's face.

"Sesshomaru...sama?" Rin asked as she nervously licked her lips; the sheer closeness of their bodies sending delicious chills down her spine.

"Tell me Rin, would this companion remain by your side at all times?" Sesshomaru asked, his voice still sounding robotic and yet there was a hint of playfulness in his tone. Rin realized after a moment that she was staring at him like a fool and quickly lowered her head and adverted her eyes. How could she have been so disrespectful to her lord? What was she thinking?

His next action took the young woman by surprise, his finger gently brushed the skin underneath her chin before pushing it upward, inclining her head.

"Look at me Rin," he practically commanded and Rin's eyes instantly found the golden orbs that he called eyes. When he was sure he had her full attention, he spoke again,

"You have yet to answer my question, Rin," he reminded her and Rin bit her lower lip as she blushed slightly. She wasn't sure if he was playing with her emotions, fully aware that it was he she was imagining as her companion, or he seriously believed she'd rather spend her time with another. But how could he? Surely he knew of the undying devotion she held for him?

"Forgive me, Sesshomaru-sama," Rin whispered before taking a breath and continuing, "but yes, I would want my "companion" to be at my side all the time, and for me to be at his," she added, her voice barely audible due to the fact that it was taking all of her concentration to keep her knees from buckling.

"And just where would we find such a man?" Sesshomaru asked back and Rin felt her body begin to shake from the desire to just run away. To run away and never come back. Surely this was Sesshomaru's way of toying with her, messing with the fact that she loved him.

There was no way he wouldn't be able to sense, or even smell, the arousal she felt whenever he was near. Whenever he was fighting off a mighty foe, or protecting her from the most menial of demons. Whenever he sat beside her after a long day of traveling, or the feel of his body pressed against hers when he felt like flying rather than walking.

"R-Rin doesn't know the answer to that, Sesshomaru-sama," she finally choked out.

"If such a man appeared at our doorstep, I would surely kill him," Sesshomaru replied nonchalantly and Rin blinked in surprise before she cocked her head to the side as Sesshomaru let his hand fall to his side.

"Why?" Rin asked back, unable to stop herself. His golden eyes traveled down her face as he seemed to drink her in before replying,

"He would steal you away from this life, from my castle, and from me," Sesshomaru replied, the possessiveness he felt for her clearly audible in his voice.

"But Sesshomaru-sama, what if Rin should remain here alone...forever?" Rin asked, and gulped when her voice caught.

"You are not alone Rin. Jaken is here, the servants are here - " he began but she shook her head.

"It isn't the same Sesshomaru-sama. They can't give me the love I want...the love I need," Rin replied, and was taken a back when Sesshomaru's fingers encircled her chin as he inclined her head and pressed his nose against the space between the nape of her neck and her right shoulder. Rin gasped at the feel of his breath on her skin as well as the feel of his nose gently caressing her flesh while taking in her scent.

"You did not allow me to finish," Sesshomaru murmured against her skin as he slowly made his way up to her ear, "you also have me, you will always have me," he added before gently nipping on her earlobe. Rin felt her knees buckle from under her then as she felt her body fall forward, and straight into Sesshomaru's waiting arms. His left arm encircled her waist as his other hand came up to cup her left cheek.

"But you always leave to patrol the borders of your castle. I do not have you then," Rin dared to point out, feeling the regret in the pit of her stomach a second later. Here she was, in the arms of the man she loved, and she was complaining, again! Surely he would kill her for being so selfish and self-centered.

"I will bring you with me," he replied absentmindedly.

"Just like that?" Rin asked back in bewilderment.

"If you had wished to join me on my rounds, you simply needed to ask," he murmured as he bent down to place a tender kiss on her slightly a gaping lips. Rin was in such a state of shock that it took her a moment to register that Sesshomaru was even kissing her, kissing her! She thought she'd die before she saw the day Sesshomaru ever kissed anybody.

Before she could even respond to his kiss, he pulled back and seemed slightly perturbed and a little confused.

"Do you not wish for me to - "he began, but was interrupted when Rin threw her arms around his neck and closed her mouth over his in a silencing kiss. Though she was unsure if her kiss was any good, considering the fact that she hadn't kissed anyone before.

Sesshomaru seemed to sense her unease, for he brought his hands up to cup her cheeks as he moved his head slightly to angle his lips against hers. At first they just brushed their lips together, enjoying the novel sensation of the other's skin. Rin let out a deep, almost alien sounding moan as Sesshomaru's tongue began tracing the shape of her lips.

It was only when Sesshomaru's tongue darted inside her mouth that Rin grew daring enough to add her tongue into their kiss. Her actions were timid at first, only allowing the tip of her tongue to glide across his, but then she grew more courageous when she felt his hands leave her face to run down her body. His hands became rougher, more demanding, as he rubbed and grabbed almost every part of her.

Rin shivered against him when she felt his hands near her inner thighs, the part in between her legs already soaked in arousal and anticipation. He grabbed for each leg as he hoisted her up and let her wrap her legs around his waist as he pushed her up against the nearest wall. His lips hadn't left hers until her back hit the wall and she let out an enticing moan of pleasure.

A sudden hardness against her most private of parts sent Rin's desire ablaze as she rested her hands on Sesshomaru's shoulders. Using them to help maneuver herself, Rin began slowly rubbing her inner lips against the hardness of his manhood. She shivered at the pleasure it sent coursing through her entire body, and rather enjoyed the soft curse she heard Sesshomaru emit as he rested one hand against the wall to keep himself upright.

His lips traveled down to her chin and along her jawline before he dipped his head to begin kissing down her neck. He repeatedly whispered her name against her skin as Rin's arms wrapped around his shoulders and she quickened her pace, reaching such a peak of pleasure that she couldn't help the scream that escaped from her lips.

She heard the loud screech of stone an instant later, and turned slightly to the right to see that Sesshomaru's claws had grown out of their humanoid facade, and were now scratching down the stone wall. Rin's heart beat began to race when she felt Sesshomaru pull away from her. As she turned back to face him, the sight of him then was enough to make Rin nearly plea for him to continue, to please her to no end.

His golden eyes had been replaced with green irises surrounded by red so dark that it reminded Rin of blood. His markings had turned jagged against his skin, and his fangs had enlarged from their usual human canines. It was only in battle that Sesshomaru looked like this, and it was only then that Rin felt the most aroused by him.

Her body called out to him, wanting, demanding, pleading him to show her his power. To feel the roughness of his naked body against hers, and the sharpness of his claws against her soft flesh. His red eyes drank in the sight of her, flushed and moaning while pressed up against the wall of his study. His large hands moved down to rest on the sides of her hips, ceasing her movements.

Rin blinked in surprise, and was about to ask him if anything was wrong, but the words seemed to be sucked out of her throat when Sesshomaru leaned forward and began moving her hips against him at his own pace.

He was able to slide her hips against him at a much faster pace than she had been going, and Rin rested her head against the stone wall as a pleasured moan left her soft pink lips. Just when the movements became almost unbearably good, Sesshomaru took a few steps away from the wall, taking Rin along with him. She wrapped her arms around his neck to remain balanced, and let out a light sigh when he gently rested her against the rugged floor.

He remained above her and gently bent down to nuzzle her neck as his hands inched down to the top of her kimono. He pulled at the fabric, and when it wouldn't cooperate, he simply used his claws to rip it open.

"Sesshomaru-sama!" Rin screamed in disbelief as she pulled away to look at the priceless fabric, now torn beyond repair.

"I will buy you a new one," he promised as he pressed his lips against hers, silencing any more complaints she might have had. When his hands returned to his previous spot, he pulled at the fabric to get it off her shoulders. Rin wiggled her body around to help him disrobe her. When all the layers of the kimono were removed from her shoulders, it pooled at her waist as her nipples hardened at the sudden temperature change.

Sesshomaru moved down from her lips to her neck once again, this time sliding his tongue along her delicate skin as his hands came out to cup her breasts. She shivered against the warmth of his palms, but couldn't deny the wonderful feelings that were pulsing through her. She inclined her head to allow him more access to her neck as he began nipping and sucking at the skin there.

Before long, her breasts seemed more appealing than her neck, so his lips scaled downward as he took one hardened nipple in between his teeth as his hands slowly ran down the flatness of her stomach and stopped at her inner thighs. Rin tightly shut her eyes the moment she felt his claws run along the skin of her outer lips. She was sure she was wet enough down there to drench his claws in her arousal, but he hardly seemed bothered by the fact.

In fact, the licking and sucking of her nipples became much more enthusiastic the wetter his claws seemed to get. Rin ran one hand through his silvery hair as he continued to pleasure her to no end. She screamed out his name the instant he plunged a sole finger into her inner passage.

He held it inside her for a moment, allowing her inner walls to stretch to the invasion of his finger. When Rin let out a sigh of contentment, Sesshomaru slowly began moving his finger in and out of her. She coiled and shuddered beneath him, but did not cry out in pain or discomfort. When he could maneuver his finger easily inside her, he added another.

This time her walls stretched much quicker and he was able to move his fingers in and out without much resistance. It was only when his claws brushed against her hymen that he paused. He glanced over at the girl underneath him, and noted the look of desire and her flushed cheeks before quickly cutting through the barrier with his claws.

Her face scrunched up in pain and he saw the edges of her eyes moisten, but she did not demand him to stop. He bent down to continue to lavish her breasts as he began to slowly move his fingers inside her. He could feel her fidgeting under him, seemingly uncomfortable by his finger motions. But when he took one of her nipples in his mouth and gently ran his fangs along the sensitive bud, she melted and he felt a fresh wave of arousal coat the claws still inside her.

Rin felt like moaning, sighing, and screaming at the top of her lungs all at the same time. She was so overwhelmed by passion that she was sure she wouldn't be able to finish a complete sentence even if she tried.

"Rin," Sesshomaru whispered her name in her ear and she turned slightly in surprise at the fact that he had moved so fast. A second ago he had been sucking at her breasts.

"Yes?" she breathed.

"Do you wish for this Sesshomaru to continue?" he asked and Rin felt like laughing out loud, but restrained herself for fear that she'd hurt his feelings if she did so. Rather than answering him, Rin slowly sat up and gently pulled his wet fingers out of her passage, so she could sit up more comfortably.

She noted the slight narrowing of his eyes, but ignored it as she grabbed for his own kimono and gently pushed it off his shoulders. Whenever Sesshomaru remained at the castle, he wore a much simpler kimono and left all his swords and armor in his chambers. He had no need to wear all the body armor and weaponry while he remained at home.

Rin loosened the tie that kept his kimono together and let the material fall to the floor. Staring at his bare chest for the first time that night, Rin was at a loss for words. He was pure perfection wrapped up in a man's body. His skin was just as pale as his face, with every upper body muscle perfectly toned, and his chest was completely hairless.

Unable to help herself, Rin slowly ran her fingers along his skin. A timid smile tugged at her lips when she heard him groan at her touch. Wondering if she'd get the same affect if she replaced her fingers with her lips, Rin leaned forward and gently placed a kiss against the top of his pectoral.

Rin felt Sesshomaru stiffen at the touch before she looked up and her lips were instantly captured by his own. His lips were much rougher this time, his mouth demanding and his tongue greedy as he ran it across hers when she allowed him entry into her mouth. As their kiss continued, Rin placed her hands against his chest as she ran them along his skin, exploring the vastness as well as the power that was under those muscles.

He growled against her mouth as she heard the rustling of clothes and knew that he had removed his hakama, the only piece of clothing that had been left on his person. He pulled her body closer until her breasts slid along his chest and Rin shuddered at the feel of the skin-on-skin contact.

He placed his palms under each of her legs as he effortlessly hoisted her up before bringing her right up against his body. Rin stared back at him with hooded eyes as he let her slowly slide down his body, until she felt a pressure at the entryway to her inner passage. It felt much bigger than his fingers had, and Rin stiffened as fear overtook her. Would this hurt?

"Relax, Rin," Sesshomaru murmured against her mouth, and she did so instantly. Sesshomaru was her savior, her guardian, and her soon-to-be lover. She'd trust him with her life, and if he told her to relax, she'd do it without a complaint.

As he moved to enter her, Rin felt her inner walls begin to stretch to accommodate his size. Thankfully the wet arousal between her thighs helped to smooth his entry. Sesshomaru bent his head and gently nipped at her neck reassuringly as he continued to slowly push himself inside her.

Rin thanked the gods that Sesshomaru was able to be this patient and gentle with her. Had he just plunged himself inside her, Rin was sure it would have hurt beyond belief. Rin felt tears prick her eyes as the thankfulness overtook her and she moved her head to the right to bring her lips up against his ear.

"Thank you, Sesshomaru-sama," she whispered and he pulled away from her neck to glance back at her. A light glint of confusion lit up his golden eyes as he continued to stare back at her. Rin blushed before reaching out and timidly tucking a silver strand of hair behind his right ear.

"Thank you, for being so gentle and patient with me," she added before wrapping her arms around his neck and placing a soft kiss against his lips, "it's the best thing I could have ever asked for," she added. Sesshomaru didn't respond, but ran his hands along her back soothingly before deepening the kiss just as his member reached the end of Rin's inner passage. The feeling of being completely filled by him sent a wave of pleasure through her and her arms tightened around his neck as she pressed her body against his.

"Sessho...maru," she murmured breathlessly against his lips as she shut her eyes tightly. Sesshomaru pulled away from her mouth and returned to nipping and sucking her neck as he began to move inside her. She let out a gasp at first, before it turned to soft mews when he found a gentle rhythm that she could handle.

His hands trailed down her back, his claws slightly cutting at her skin, but the slight pinch only added to the heightened passion Rin was feeling as Sesshomaru began to slowly pick up speed. His movements were still gentle enough that it didn't hurt her as his hands came down on her thighs and then ran down the tops of her legs.

When he reached her knees he cupped the bottoms of both before he pulled her up by them and Rin's legs were left dangling off the ground, giving Sesshomaru complete control. He made sure not to quicken his pace until he could move and maneuver her with ease.

Rin let out short, quick breathes as she kept her eyes tightly shut. She didn't do it because it hurt, but because the passion was sending her mind spinning, and keeping her eyes closed helped her remain focused only on the pleasure. Otherwise, she was sure she'd black out from it all.

Her hips began moving back and forth on their own accord once Sesshomaru began lengthening his motions. He'd pull his hips back like he was going to pull out of her, before slowing pushing himself all the way back in. His grip on the insides of her knees allowed him to lift her up as well as pull her deliciously down his member.

Rin felt her inner walls begin to clamp down on Sesshomaru just as his quickened his pace yet again. But this time, Rin welcomed the increase in speed. She felt tingles shooting out to her toes and through her arms as he continued to move within her.

He began whispering, almost pleading, her name over and over again as he fought to push against her tightened walls. Rin's arms tightened around his shoulders as she pressed her body completely against his own and whispered his name repeatedly against his ear in return.

His grip tightened on her knees as he slowed his motions down, but pushed his manhood deeper and deeper inside her. The feeling of complete fullness sent Rin nearly over the edge as she let out a cry of pleasure and threw her head back as he continued. A moment later he joined her cry with a howl of his own before she felt a liquid hit the ends of her inner passage.

At that same instant, Sesshomaru quickly moved his head back to the place between the nape of her neck and her shoulder as he sank his fangs into her flesh. It was a quick, sharp pain, but he pulled his fangs out a second later and let out a groan of completion.

As the couple stopped to catch their breathes, Sesshomaru slowly lapped at the open wound on Rin's neck. Rin shivered at the intimate touch and gently ran her hands along his shoulders and neck. When he began pulling his head away from her, Rin caught his face in her hands as she stared intently into his golden eyes.

"I love you, Sesshomaru," Rin admitted as a blush coating her cheeks, "do-do you love me?"

The ghost of a smile appeared on Sesshomaru's lips as he let his now claw-less hands slide along her face before running them through her dark brown hair.

"Yes," Sesshomaru replied apprehensively, as if the truth puzzled him, "I've...loved you...ever since you agreed to return to a life with me," he added, referring to the time only a year ago when he had come to ask Rin if she had decided on living with Kaede and the human race, or returning to a life with him. The question hadn't needed to even be considered, Rin had known for a long time that she'd return to Sesshomaru if he came to get her. That had been the happiest day of her life.

Her eyes glistened with unshed tears as she gave her lord a watery smile.

"Sesshomaru-sama has made Rin very happy," she whispered before placing a soft kiss on the blue crescent moon that sat between his silver bangs.

"I am...happy...that you are happy," Sesshomaru murmured, still seeming to find it strange and almost alien to describe his feelings to her as he gently rubbed the bite marks his fangs had left behind, "mate," he added in the softest of whispers, but the name alone was enough to get a grin out of Rin.

She had finally admitted her feelings to the love of her life, made love to the same man, and now knew that they'd remain together forever. A memory of a younger version of herself wishing for just that entered her mind, and Rin inwardly smiled. It seemed shooting stars really did grant wishes.


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