I didn't know what I was doing, why I was here. Sure I wanted to die but this was turning out to be a bit elaborate. Too much effort for what it's worth. I used my college fund to fly to Florence, Italy. And I'm now on a train to Volterra. I already tried to off myself, twice actually. Jacob saved me from the cliff and Charlie found me before I died of blood loss. Saved at the last minute or saved just in time I didn't want to be saved, why couldn't they just let me die? So I was going to try and find the Volturi, He only spoke of them once, and I highly doubt I'll be able to find them but if not I'll kill myself somewhere remote, where I can't be saved at the very last minute. The train stopped and I got off. I didn't have bags, I didn't plan on staying. The train station was very small and when I looked up I could see a town on the face of a hill with a castle up the top, overlooking the city.

I started to walk, I didn't have any Euro's, only about $20 in American dollar's in my jean pockets. It took almost an hour but I got to the city and I started my way to the castle, I pushed open the door and was greeted by a warm lobby with red carpet and a very human secretary. I walked up sluggishly, "Welcome to Volterra" She smiled standing up; she had a very strong Italian accent.
"Uh . . . yeah, I'm here to see Aro." I said, unsure of how this was meant to work,
"You know Aro?" she asked,
"Yes, I also know about what they are . . ." I trailed off, I didn't know if she knew, her eyes widened at my words so I guess she knew,
"Yes, yes, just go through that door and down the hall to the very end," she said and sat down and seemed to look busy, I went through the door she gestured to and started the walk down the hall. At the very end I reached some large arch doors, I pulled one opened and stumbled in.

"Welcome to Volterra!" A man with shoulder length black hair said standing up and gliding over to me, "Why have you come here, child" he asked,
"I wish for death" I mumbled,
"But your human" A man with rough brown hair asked, he was sitting on a throne with a frown on his face. "Why have you come here for death?"
"Because I've tried before, and I've always been saved in the nick of time" I almost rolled my eyes but I didn't have the energy,
"So you come to us for death?" The black haired man – who I concluded as Aro- asked,
"Yes, I come to you for death." I clarified,

"What saddens you so that you wish for death?" He asked looking at me,
"They left" I whispered,
"May I?" he held out his hand and I put mine in his without question, "Amazing" he gasped "I see nothing, this is truly amazing"
"What do you mean?" I asked,
"I can't let you die" he said,
"Why not!" I demanded,

"You are gifted, gifted so even as a human; imagine what it would be like when you're immortal!" He said and clapped his hands together once, making me jump slightly.
"I don't want to be Immortal, Dammit!" I said and he seemed shocked at my outburst, so was I, "I flew half way across the world and you refuse to give me the one thing I ask for, which you could give me with a flick of your wrist! Why?" I demanded.

"You have a talent, child." He said softly, "Why are you so ready to die?" he asked again,
"They left, they all left." I shook my head
"The C-Cullen's" I choked out,
"Are they the vampires who told you about us?" he asked and I nodded, "What's your name, Child?"
"Bella" I said, looking into his dark crimson eyes.

"Bella, perhaps you may be happy when you're Immortal. A new life if you will"
"I don't . . . I don't know" I shook my head; he was starting to confuse me.
"Give it a try, Child. We'll see what your gift is, Si?" He asked,

"Fine" I grumbled defeated, I didn't think he was going to give up.
He clapped "Brilliant! Oh lovely!" I blinked and looked at him in shock, "You'll be changed right away," He declared. "Demetri!" He called out and tall vampire with an angular face and spiky blonde hair came through the doors. "Show Bella here to her room, you'll be changing her. I believe you'll be able to do that, Capire?" (Understand)
"Si" He answered,

He turned to me, "Pleasure to meet your acquaintance" he said bowing slightly and offering his arm, I blushed weakly and put my hand on his arm and he led me out. "What's your name?" He asked,
"Bella" I said lightly,
"Did you know bella is Italian for beautiful" he said causally,
"No, I didn't know that" I said,
"Here we are" he said and opened a door, we walked in. It was pretty plain, a big bed in the middle with a black comforter, and hard wood dresser a door to the left and another next to that, "Those are your closest and bathroom" he said noticing my glanced. "When do you wish to be changed?" he asked and I shrugged,
"I don't care"

"Now then?" He asked, I shrugged then nodded, "Perhaps you should lay down," I did as he said and laid down, I sunk into the soft mattress and he pulled my hair away from my neck his hands as light as a feather, "Mi dispiace" He whispered (I'm sorry) and then I felt him bite down, his razor sharp teeth sinking into my flesh, then the fire started.

Almost straight away it started it felt as if I was being charred alive. I screamed and thrashed, trying to get out. It was torture, it wasn't just burning the outside; it was inside of me. I screamed for someone to kill me, all the time, but the screaming didn't help nothing did. Then it felt as if fire was retreating out of my hands and feet, then arms and legs, I felt relief. But then it all went to my heart, I screamed and started to try and claw my heart out but someone held my hands down.

Then it all stopped, and the hands were gone. I could hear everything, I opened my eyes and I could see everything, every dust partial, "Un Angelo" I heard someone say (An Angel)

I shot up and into a crouch, "Calm down, I won't hurt you" I growled at the blonde haired man, "Bella, calm" he said again this just caused me to growl again, "I promise I will never hurt you" He said, his crimson eyes sincere. I cocked my head to the side and slowly my instincts calmed down and I was more myself, my hand flew to my mouth,
"Oh I'm sorry" I was about to go on but I was distracted by my own voice.
"Don't apologize," he smiled, "Let's go speak with the brothers" he said, he offered his arm again which I took,

He led me back to the room I was in before and we entered. Aro shot out of his seat and came slowly over to us, at a human pace. "You take to Immortality well." He commented,
"Thank you" I responded and waited for the blush that never came.
He smiled and turned around, "Normally anger triggers certain gifts" he thought aloud.
"So you plan to make me angry?" I asked, he spun around to look at me,
"You heard that?" he asked his red eyes twinkling in amazement.
"Well . . . you said it . . ." I trailed off again,

"No, child, I thought it." He grinned and laughed clapping his hands "A mind reader, lovely, lovely!" What a great addition to our guard, He thought, my eyebrows furrowed.
"But I don't wanna be a mind reader" I frowned, the thought of having other peoples thoughts in my head all the time sounded increasingly annoying. Aro chuckled,
"This is an amazing gift, Bella." Then the room around me started to go hazy and I saw myself standing talking to Aro with Demetri by my side, then a little blonde haired vampire female jumped at me, I came back, "Bella? Are you okay?" Aro asked worried, I spun around and got into a crouch a growl rumbling in my chest, I was staring at the little vampire that was going to attack me.

"What's going on? Why are you growling at Jane?" Aro asked,
"She was going to attack me" I growled out,
"Is this true Jane?" Aro asked, with wide eyes,
"Yes, Master" she answered,

Aro laughed, "And a seer too! Oh amazing!" I huffed in annoyance, "You are truly unique" Aro said, "Demetri go fetch Bella a cloak, the darkest of them all"
"What's the colour has to do with anything?" I asked,
"It shows where you are ranked," he explained, "And you're going to get a midnight black, just like mine, as I'm adopting you as my daughter, that's if you'd like?" he asked, his eyes shining with happiness and amusement, I pursed my lips then nodded

"Marvellous!" He grinned,

Felix came back with a black cloak with a hood; he came over and clasped it around my neck, letting the hood fall back. I smiled up at Aro and he smiled back, "Do you have any things with you?" he asked,
"No, I didn't pack anything, I wasn't planning on staying" he frowned,
"I'll send Gina out to get you some clothes," He said and I nodded.
"Thank you" I said,
"No problem, Heidi!" he called, a beautiful dark headed women came in, "Go fetch Bella a meal, please" He asked, the women nodded and fluttered out.

"You plan to drink from humans, si?" he asked,
"Yes, I plan to drink from humans" I answered, I held no loyalty to the Cullen's, why should I honour them by feeding off animals?

Not soon after Heidi came back with a man in toe, I couldn't control myself and through myself at the man, I snapped his neck and sunk my teeth into his neck, I drank his blood greedily. After I drank the last drop I let go of the man and he fell to my feet. I licked my lips and tasted the savoury blood that still hung there. Beautiful I heard someone think, but I wasn't sure who.
"You will start training tomorrow, Demetri and Felix will train you, for now, you can explore and do whatever you wish." Aro said,
"Okay," I smiled then left.

I walked around then I got curious about how fast I could run, and so I started to run. I ran through the halls zooming around corners my tinkling laughter following me. I came to a door and opened it, there was a little ledge, and it over looked the city. Grinning I swung up and started to scale the side of the castle. I continued up until I ended up on the roof of a tower. I laughed at the thrill of it all. I could see the complete city and beyond. It was dark, but I could see everything perfectly. I sat down with my feet dangling over the edge. She's so beautiful I heard someone think, I looked around and then spotted Demetri scaling the wall too. I laughed and waved. He jumped up to where I was sitting.

"Hi" I said, smiling.
"Great view huh?" I asked nodding my head towards the city.

"Yeah, I love it up here, I come up here to think or just to be alone" he answered.
"hmm" I hummed "It's beautiful"
Not as beautiful as you he thought, but he said "Yeah, it is"
"Don't forget I can read your mind" I said,
He looked down in embarrassment, "I'm sorry" he said, and I nodded.

"But thank you" I smiled then without warning I jumped off the roof. I laughed at the thrill of falling the I put my arm out and caught a pole, swinging and crashing through a window. Aro looked up from the papers on his desk with wide eyes. "Sorry . . . I'll fix that" I said,
Aro chuckled, "Don't worry about it" he shook his head and went back to his work, I quickly left and ran back to my room. I laid on my be, I was only there for a minute before I heard a knock on the door, I flew over to open it and the human secretary stumbled in with bags,
"Here are some clothes, Heidi's going out tomorrow to get some more," she said and left.

I started to sift through the bags; I put some in the large walk in closet and some in the dresser. The sun was coming up so I decided to have a shower before my first day of training.

I don't know if I'll continue this. I don't know if I'll continue with anything. Its holidays but it's really wet which is like bringing my mood down heaps. And I'm lazy ha.