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"I can't believe it's almost here" I whispered, my head on Demetri's chest, staring up at the stars.
"Nor can I. But I can't wait either. You sure we can't elope to Vegas?" He asked jokingly.
"As little as Jane is, she still is quite scary. So on that note, no. We can't run away to Vegas" I answered laughing.
"Well, that sucks" He said, I looked up to see him pouting.
"Cheer up" I laughed sitting up.
"Hey, get back here" He growled playfully pulling me back down. I laughed as I fell back onto the roof. "I love you" He smiled, kissing my head.
"I love you too" I replied.


"Dad!" I called walking into the throne room.
"Yes?" He asked, looking at me from his seat.
"You ready for the wedding?" I asked,
"Yes, this is so exciting! Only three days away!" He said, almost bouncing.
I looked at him in amusement; he seemed more excited than I was. " Yeah. So everything sorted?" I asked,
"Yes, all the covens are here, other than three nomads who called in saying they'll be here tomorrow." He said,
"Bella!" Jane screaming running into the room.
"What?" I asked, concerned to why she was so panicked.
"You're dress, it's ready" She grinned.
My eyes lit up like a kid on Christmas "Show me" I demanded, and she ran out with me hot on her heels. I ran into Heidi's room and stared at the mannequin in the room. On the mannequin was a dress. It was beautiful and amazing. It was strapless and had intricate embroidering on the chest that flowed to the waste were a deep red ribbon was held with a flower broche, the embroidering continued lightly below the ribbon and along the trail. On the hem was beautiful detailing of flowers. "It's . . . perfect" I breathed. "Thank you" I said as tears pricked at my eyes and a sob came from my throat, "It's amazing" I whispered.
"Oh Bella" Heidi said coming over hugging me
"It was our pleasure" Jane continued hugging me too. I tried to hug them both back at the same time as I stared at the dress.
"I can't believe it" I choked out.
"What?" Heidi asked.
"That it's almost here." I laughed.
"Bella!" I husky voice called out.
"In here, Jake!" I called out. He came barrelling through the door then.
"Wow, is that your dress?" He asked,
"Yeah, Heidi made it. Girls this is Jake. Jake, this is Jane and Heidi" I said motioning to each person.
"Hi everybody . . ." He trailed off as his eyes landed on Heidi, his eyes grew wide and his face softened into a look of admiration. He walked forward and presented his hand to Heidi, "It's a pleasure to meet you" He said when Heidi went to shake his hand he brought it up and kissed it softly. I watched; my eyes bugging out of their sockets. I faked coughed and Jacob stopped staring at Heidi and looked at me.
"Can I talk to you?" I asked.
"Sure" He said and looked saddened when he let go of Heidi's hand.
"Follow me" I said when we were outside. We ran until we were out of ear shot of Heidi and Jane. "What was that?" I asked.
"I imprinted Bells" He grinned.
"Explain. That means nothing to me" I said, still confused.
"It's a wolf thing. It's like soul mates" he started to explain, "When you see her. Nothing else matters, every worry in the world is erased, and the only thing that matters is her" He spoke passionately.
"And you imprinted with Heidi. . . " I guessed.
"Yes," He answered.
"A vampire" I stated.
"Yes, I know it's strange but . . . I can't help it" he grinned childishly.
"Are you gonna tell her?" I asked,
"Yes. I am," He answered.
"Well come on" I smiled and we ran back. I walked back into the room and looked at Heidi "Jake wants to talk to you" I said and pushed them both into the hall.
"Subtle, Bella; Real subtle" Jane rolled her eyes.

XxXx Two days until the wedding XxXx

"Have you seen Demetri?" I asked Heidi who was sitting across from me, Jacob beside her, he couldn't leave her side, I hadn't seen Demetri all day. And I was already missing him.
"No. I think he went out" Heidi said, glancing at Jake from the corner of her eye.
"You're so beautiful" Jacob whispered,
"Okay, gag" I said sarcastically. "How about I go out and look for him while you two play 'happy-couple'" I said standing up and walking out, "And no sex in my room!" I called as I left. I ran at a fast human pace around the castle. I couldn't find Demetri at all.
"Hey" I walked into the throne room, "Have you guys seen Demetri?" I asked.
"No Sorry" Aro said,
"Caius? Marcus?" I asked,
"No, sorry Bella" Marcus said,
"No, haven't seen him." Caius responded.
"Okay" I sighed sadly.

I went up to our roof and looked around at the city. It was around noon and the sun was shining brightly, making my skin shine like a million diamonds. I lay on the roof watching the clouds fly buy when there was a thump. I sat up to see Demetri climbing onto the roof. I smiled.
"Hey hunny" I smiled.
"Yeah, uh hey" He said back,
"You okay?" I asked,
"Yeah, fine." He smiled,
"Where have you been? I missed you" I smiled.
"Yeah, I missed you too. I went . . . shopping" He said.
"Shopping? For what?" I asked.
"It's a surprise" He answered, smirking.
"Can't wait" I smiled.
"I bet" He continued smirking.
"You seem very cocky for some reason" I said as he sat down.
"Well, I'm marrying you in two days. Why shouldn't I be cocky?" He said.
I laughed under my breath "Yeah. I can hardly believe it" I smiled, leaning against him. He slowly snaked an arm around my waist, he seemed tense, nervous even. "Are you sure you're okay? You seem . . . tense" I said, voicing my thoughts.
"Just excited, baby" He said, looking out over the city.
"Baby?" I asked, looking up at him.
"Yeah" I looked down at me, smiling, "I call you baby, don't I?" He said, more than asked.
"Yeah, I guess. Just not often is all" I shrugged looking out to the city as well, at the setting sun.

XxXx Day Before the wedding XxXx

"So, are you gonna show me your dresses or what?" I asked walking into Heidi's room without knocking, and walking right in on Jake and Her in a heated make out session "Oh, My god! My eyes. My poor innocent eyes" I said turning away,
"That's what you get for not knocking" She said
"Is it safe to turn around?" I asked, peeking over my shoulder.
"Yes" Heidi sighed. So I turned around and walked over and sat on her desk chair.
"Well you don't waste any time, do ya Jake?" I smirked, he blushed and I laughed. "I know I said be nice, Heidi, but I've never seen you so hospitable" I teased,
"Yeah, yeah, yeah. You came here for a reason?" She glared.
"To see the bridesmaid dresses" I said.
"Sure, follow me" she stood up and we went into her walk-in-wardrobe. I followed her to the back and to three mannequins. One held my dress the other two held the bridesmaid dresses. They were purple, a silky looking fabric at the top then flowed into a layered skirt that was layered and ended just before the knee. "They look beautiful" I smiled, "And does Jacob have a suit?" I asked,
"Yeah, we went into town and got one tailored." She explained.
"Well, well, well. You have been busy" I smiled "What else have you been up to, Wait!" I said putting my hand over my eyes "I don't wanna know" I said peaking through my fingers.
"Knock it off" Heidi laughed, pulling my hand away from my face.

XxXx That night XxXx

"Jane!" I whined. "Please I wanna see Demetri" I complained to the little vampire blocking my door.
"No, I'm not letting you out. You have to stay in here until the wedding, full stop, end of story." Jane said her hands on her hips.
"Well . . . . Anyone wanna play poker?" I asked flopping onto my bed.
"Why?" Heidi asked from her position on the other side of my bed.
"Because, you two have locked me in here and it's only 10 o'clock, so . . . . what else is there to do?" I asked,
"We could do some online shopping?" Heidi suggested.
"Don't answer when I ask rhetorical questions" I muttered and she laughed.
"I'll take that as a no?" Heidi suggested,
There was a knock on the door "Come in" I sighed, fed up.
"Hey girls" Jacob said, Jane scrunched up her nose while Heidi beamed.
"Oh hell no!" I yelled and shot up and started to push him out the door.
"What the hell bells?" Jacob growled unhappily.
"If I don't get to spend time with my man, Heidi doesn't get to spend time with hers! It's only fair!" I said and managed to push him out the door and slammed it ceremonially.
"Bella!" Heidi whined, while I grinned proudly.
"It's fair" I argued.
"Fine" She huffed and she mumbled something about it's not her who's getting married, I just laughed.
"So, how about that game of poker?" I grinned
"we have no cards" Jane sighed.
"The game of life?" I asked,
"Nope" Heidi sighed flopping onto my bed.
"Monopoly?" I asked hopefully,
"Nada" Jane answered
"Cluedo?" I asked,
"Nope" Heidi answered me this time
"Well" I sighed dramatically "I blame you two for this predicament."

XxXx 4 hours later XxXx

"Jane" I drew out her name, my tone bored.
"Yes Bella?" She looked up from her laptop.
"Whatcha doin?" I asked.
"Talking to another vampire, he's on the other side of the castle" she said,
"Who. Who. Who?" I asked bouncing on my bed slightly,
"Bite me" She glared and went back to her computer,
"Happily" I said and mocked hissed.

XxXx Another hour later XxXx

"I walk these streets, a loaded six string on my back I play for keeps, 'cause I might not make it back I been everywhere, and I'm standing tall I've seen a million faces an I've rocked them all. I'm a cowboy, on a steel horse I ride. I'm wanted dead or alive. I'm a cowboy; I got the night on my side. I'm wanted dead or alive" I sung loudly and off tune to the imaginary music,
"Bella, please" Heidi stressed and rubbed her temples like she was getting a headache,
"Fine," I said "Drama queen" I mumbled under my breath.

XxXx Wedding day XxXx

I watched as the sun rose above the city and I squealed like a girl, well I was a girl but still.
"Ow" Jane grumbled,
"Why are you so sour?" I asked, grinning.
"Oh I don't know. Maybe listening to you, complain all night, sing off tune most of the night and constantly ask me who I was talking to" she said sarcastically,
"Okay, wow" I mumbled,
"Jane, be nice. It's Bella's day don't ruin it for her. Lets go get ready!" She grinned,
"Okay" I smiled,
"Blindfold" Heidi said,
"why!" I complained,
"We can't risk you seeing Demetri" She explained,
"I hate you" I grumbled as she knotted the blind fold,
"Now, now, Hate's a strong word"
"Fine, I strongly dislike you at this particular moment" I amended.
"Better" Heidi approved. They lead me around the halls and into Heidi's room. They took the blind fold off and we got to work.

XxXx Six hours later XxXx

"Okay" I sighed, smoothing out my dress, "Everything is ready?" I asked, looking at Jane and Heidi in their dresses.
"Yes, everything is sorted, don't worry about a thing" Jane answered, her now curly hair bouncing.
"Okay" I grinned. "It's here" I laughed,
"Yeah," Heidi answered as she put the final pin in my hair. There was a knock on the door and Aro strode in.
"Hey Dad" I smiled,
"You look beautiful, my daughter" He smiled and gave me a soft hug.
"Okay everyone lets head to the garden" Jane said and we started our way through the halls. We met Felix and Alec at the doors and Jane linked arms with Alec, Why do I have to walk with my brother? She thought,
"Because you're the same height" I whispered as Heidi linked armed with Felix, Jane and Alec went in first, then Heidi and Felix. Finally, Aro and I walked through the doors. There was a red carpet laid out with chairs on both sides with an arch at the end. Demetri waiting with Felix and Alec now at his side, Marcus was waiting, ready for the service. I smiled as Aro placed my hand in his and sat down.
"We are gathered here today to witness the binding of two souls. If anyone has any reason why these two should not be wed, please speak now. Or forever hold your piece" He spoke loudly to the crowed. No one made a sound, they wouldn't dare; afraid with what my father would do. "Okay. Isabella Marie Swan Volturi, Take Demetri Anthony Crecento Volturi to be your lawfully wedded husband?" Marcus asked me,
"I do" I choked out, my eyes brimming with tears of happiness.
"And do you, Demetri Anthony Crecento Volturi, take Isabella Marie Swan Volturi to be your lawfully wedding wife?" He asked Demetri, smiling happily.
"No. I do not" Demetri's voice rang out in the large space. Many gasps could be heard as I grumbled to the ground in heart ache. I looked up at him and saw me smiling down at me, a sob rose from my throat as Heidi helped me up. I started to hear growling from the guard, mainly my father and uncles.
"I thought you loved me" I whispered.
"No. I never did. Not truly" He laughed cruelly. More sobs escaped my throat as pain stabbed at my heart. Suddenly Felix growled loudly and jumped on Demetri, about to rip his head off.
"No!" I screamed in agony. Felix ignored me and decapitated Demetri without a second thought. My body started to shut down at seeing the man I love die. My vision blurred and my started to go numb, until the headless corpse of Demetri started to change, into Lizzie, blond hair and all. The pain started to recede, and was replaced my anger.

"Lizzie!" Edward yelled running out of his seat and up to Felix, I glared at him and he stopped mid-stride I raised him up above our heads.
"Where is he!" I demanded.
Edward just laughed "You'll never find him" He smirked.
"Tell me!" I screamed, and slowly detached his hand with my gift, his smirked turned into a grimace as he groaned in pain. "Now!"
"Why? I tell you, you kill me. I don't tell you, you still kill me." He said and laughed,
"Yes, but if you tell me your death will be quick, and if you don't I'm going to pull you apart then wait till you reattach then pull you apart again, and continue until you tell me. So make your choice" my voice echoed in the silence.
"Fine! Fine! He's in the dungeon" Edward said.
"For the harming of a member of the Volturi guard, I sentence you to death." I said and ripped his head off with my gift. I let his body drop to the ground and I ran as fast as I could out of the garden and through the halls and into the dungeon. "Demetri!" I yelled. I heard a soft groan and followed it to see Demetri chained to a wall. I broke the lock and crouched down next to him.
"You look amazing" he whispered weakly.
"What did they do to you?" I whispered, moving his hair out of his eyes.
"Werewolf blood" He said and groaned again while trying to move.
"Shh, just take it easy" I said.
"I'm not supposed to see you in your wedding dress before the wedding" He said sadly.
I laughed lightly "I'm just glad your okay" I said and kissed him lightly on the lips.
"Here" He whispered and I felt him press something into my hand. It was a heart shaped locket, I looked inside, engraved inside was a simple message. Per sempre e sempre, il mio angelo. (Forever and always, My Angel).
"Forever and always" I agreed in a whisper. He smiled and slowly closed his eyes. "Demetri?" I asked worried. He just hummed, "Please open your eyes honey" I begged, he slowly opened his eyes. "We'll get some blood into you and you'll be fine" I said and broke the locks. "Can you walk?" I asked and he slowly nodded.
"I think so" He said. I helped him up and he groaned in pain.
"I'm sorry" I mumbled. He leaned on me and we went at a fast human pace. We went into the kitchen and I got him some blood after heating it up Marcus and Ciaus came in.
"Is he okay?" Marcus asked,
"They gave him werewolf blood. Where's dad?" I asked,
"Dealing with the Cullen's they aren't happy that you killed two of their coven members" Ciaus answered, I handed the blood to Demetri and he gulped it down so I heated some more up.
"They broke a law" I growled.
"Yes, they're trying to explain that to them." I said handing another lot of blood to Demetri, he started to gain colour back into his eyes. He looked at me with a smile,
"Are you going to have to get a new dress now?" He asked.
"No, sweetie" I laughed and kissed him "I don't think so"

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