I had writer's block for my other stories so I thought Id try writing another story. So I'm going to write story(s) about Wyatt/OC. This first bit is going to be about incorporating Emma, the OC in with the episode Imaginary friends from Season 7 of Charmed.

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Chapter 1

The water felt cold and cleansing as it splashed against her face. Smiling Emma turned the taps off and patted her face dry. Looking over into the mirror she tied her dark hair into a pony. Her face was pale and her eyes were dark but her smile was warm and bright. Emma examined her face and nodded proudly to see it clear of any blemishes other than her freckles. Emma had always had freckles ever since she was a baby. She hated the freckles, she thought they made her look juvenile but Wyatt found them adorable. Wyatt, she smiled at the thought of him, the way his golden hair reflected the sun, the way she would get trapped in his deep blue eyes, the way his smile made her smile even when she was miserable. She loved him with all of her heart and soul.

Walking down the stairs she passed the pictured timeline she and Wyatt had made in their little house. Each picture had a significant event recorded, the first being when they had met in grade school to the last picture of when they had gotten married. Again Emma smiled this time looking down at her rings.

When Emma reached the bottom of the stairs she smelt the aroma of coffee drifting from the kitchen. Walking into the small room Emma found her husband drinking a cup of coffee and reading the newspaper. Trying to be quiet Emma tip toed behind Wyatt and just as she was about to touch his shoulder he turned around quickly

"Boo!" Emma jumped back holding a hand to her chest as Wyatt laughed.

"So not funny" She said before getting herself a cup of caffeine.

"I think it was and I think you thought it was too. You did try to scare me first." Emma smiled

"You caught me. What's my punishment?" She asked setting down her cup and walking close to him. Wyatt grabbed her by the waist pulling her into him, he looked down onto his beautiful wife smiling.

"I could think of a few things." He bent down to bring his lips to hers. Emma broke the kiss, she looked outside to see the bright, sunny day.

"Let's go out to the park." Wyatt looked outside then back at her

"Alright it does look gorgeous out. Let me get the jackets." Emma nodded and started to pour their coffees into travel mugs.

Wyatt came back into the room with his tan jacket on and held her black, knitted sweater open for her to put on. Slipping her arms into the holes she turned around and smile up at Wyatt again.

"What? Why are you smiling at me like that?" He asked suspiciously. Emma shook her head

"Nothing. I just love you." He returned her smile and held her close again

"Well I love you too. Mrs. Halliwell"

They both looked into each others eyes and felt like they were whole, like the world wasn't full of evil creatures and like there was no one else in the world but them. Wyatt brought his head down as she raised herself to her tip toes. They lost themselves in the kiss, neither noticed the blue light surrounding them or the familiar tingling sensation that entered their bodies. They stayed in their embraced as they were orbed out of the room and taken to another. Smiling Emma went down on flat feet

"You know the bedroom could have waited until after the park." She said almost laughing but when she saw him looking over her head she turned around.

Emma cursed her luck as she saw the younger versions of two of the Halliwell sisters standing in the parlour in the manor. She nervously chuckled to see her mother-in-law stare at them.

"Well this is awkward" She said looking at the women who stood open-mouthed in shock. Wyatt stepped forward

"Mom?" When she didn't react Emma looked around the room to see it changed around from the last time she saw it. No pictures of Wyatt, Chris or Melinda growing up, only baby pictures of Wyatt.

"It's me Wyatt" Piper shook her head still in shock. Paige walked up to them couple with a forced, half smile

"Aunt Paige" Wyatt said as he hugged her. He looked over to the younger version of his mother and pulled her into a tight hug which she returned.

"You looked as surprised to see me as I am to be back." He looked at both women.

"Back from where?" Paige asked clapping her hands together

"From the future" He replied.

Emma stood back while the family conversed, Piper had a cold shoulder for Emma; she began to be frigid when Wyatt and Emma got serious in high school, before then she was warm and welcoming. Paige looked behind Wyatt to see Emma standing there chewing on her thumb nail nervously.

"Who are you?" She asked bringing the attention on her. Wyatt pulled Emma to stand beside him as he beamed to his mother

"This is Emma, my wife." Piper and Paige's jaws dropped again

"Excuse me, wife?" Piper asked her hands in the air. Emma stepped forward

"We got married right out of college but we've been sort of together since we were eight so it wasn't rushed. You were there, same with everyone else, we had it here." Piper closed her mouth and nodded.

"We have a great opportunity here. We can learn about the past and you can hear about the future-"

"Ah, ah, ah no we can not know anything about the future, that is a big no, no. Same for you missy no talking about the future" Emma smiled seeing that the past Piper did not hold the same contempt for her as her mother -in-law in the future.

"Well we can at least enjoy the moment, until we find out why magic has brought us here." Piper shook her head with a confused expression on her face

"How did you become such an optimist?" She asked. Both Emma and Wyatt looked at her confused

"You" They said in unison.

Wyatt took Emma by the hand and dragged her over to the stair case where a trail of pictures hung. He pointed to an old worn out one.

"This is one of the pictures that got ruined in the blast. This is my great grandma and my grandma with my mom and aunts. That's mom, that's Aunt Phoebe and that's Aunt Pru."

He pointed to another one "This is the first picture of me, mom and dad."

Emma squeezed Wyatt's hand "You were a cute baby."

"Piper I talked to my professor and she said- who are they?" Phoebe asked stopping, only to be enveloped in a huge hug by Wyatt

"Aunt Phoebe it's me, Wyatt and That's Emma"

"His wife" Piper added in nodding to her sister. Phoebe looked Wyatt and Emma up and down then looked over at her sisters

"Spell backfire?" Paige shrugged

"How'd ya guess."

"What did you're professor say Phoebe?" Piper cut in

"Right she said it could just be imaginary friends but she also said he's to young to have the developmental progress."

Paige sighed frustrated and said something in a foreign language

"You're Maori charge?" Wyatt asked

"Yes but he can wait." Emma and Wyatt looked shocked

"You always say nothing is more important than your charges." Wyatt began

"Yeah, you even left in the middle of our wedding for your German charge." Emma finished. Phoebe scoffed

"Paige said that?" Paige scowled

"In the future I am very logical. And I don't need guilt from me from the future."

Emma held in a laugh while Wyatt reassured her they would be fine. Wyatt ran up the stairs to go visit his child self with Piper following closely behind. Phoebe walked with Emma up the stairs slowly

"So wife huh?" Emma nodded

"Yup." Phoebe chuckled

"So Piper as a mother-in-law?" She asked amused. Emma smiled

"SO very mean. They made the expression monster-in-law for a reason." Phoebe put her arm around the young women

"I'm nice though, right?" Emma smile again

"Yes you are very supportive."

They came up to Wyatt standing next to Leo and baby Chris

"Is this before or after the marble?" Wyatt asked causing Piper to panic

"Whoa easy on the info there" Phoebe warned. Wyatt nodded

"Right sorry"

"No, no what marble?" Piper asked. Emma smirked

"Going to say it's before." Leo looked confused as he looked at everyone

"What's going on and who's she?" He asked. Wyatt patted his shoulder

"They brought me back to communicate with baby me. That is my wife Emma. Is this still my room?" He walked towards his old room leaving Leo in shock

"Umm? Hi I'm Leo" Emma chuckled taking his hand anyway

"I know. I'm Emma Halliwell your daughter-in-law. I think we should probably join them in there." Leo still floored sort of half nodded still looking at the women in amazement

They walked in to hear Piper asking Wyatt who he was talking to. Wyatt looked confused and surprised.

"Didn't you see him? He was standing right there"

"Was he talking to you or little you?" Leo asked

"Both" He answered. Emma walked up to him worried to see Wyatt dazed like he was. She held her hands up to his body then in front of young Wyatt

"I don't sense him anywhere. Do you remember what he looked like?" Wyatt looked down at her

"Yeah if I saw a picture I could tell you." Emma looked at the other witches

"Why don't we try the book of shadows?" She suggested. Phoebe pointed to Emma

"She's smart." Leo kept bouncing Chris as he started to cry. He looked up and growled

"Really right now?" He asked the sky

"What?" Piper asked her husband

"The elders want to talk to me." Emma stepped up

"I can take care of Chris until you get back while they try to figure out who the demon is." She said causing Leo to smile and hand Chris to her

"Thanks it will only be a minute and he should stop crying if you give him a-" Leo's word faded as Chris stopped cry once in Emma's arms

"Oh wow" Piper said amazed. Wyatt put an arm around Emma's shoulders proudly

"Chris always did have a crush on you." She laughed then gave baby Chris a kiss on the top of his head. Wyatt watched Emma handle the baby with care and expertise.

"I can't wait to have one of our own" Wyatt said in awe of the image of his wife holding a baby. Piper stared at her son while Phoebe smiled happy to see her nephew so in love.

"How long have you two been married?" Piper asked stunned. Emma smiled over at her

"We've been married for just over a year now. I'm going to go change him. I'll meet you up in the attic when Leo gets back"

Emma walked down the hall and entered Chris's room. She danced around as she got all of the supplies ready. Baby Chris smiled happily as Emma sang and danced while changing him. When she had the area cleaned up she tickled Chris's stomach. Taking him into her arms again she started to wonder how holding her own baby would feel. She smiled at the thought of her and Wyatt as parents.

"Well Chris what do you think of me and your brother as parents?" She asked holding his hand with her free one. The baby cooed and giggled

"I think you are hungry. Let's go get you a bottle, huh little man?"

As Leo orbed back he landed in the kitchen where he watched Emma dance around with Chris while she got him a bottle.

"We're actually trying to feed him pureed peas right now." Emma turned around shocked

"Oh hey Leo. Chris was being very good. Yes you were" She looked at the baby

"Do you have kids?" Leo asked taking Chris from her arms

"No not right now." Emma blushed

"You'll be a good mother."

"Thanks Leo. I'm going to go help them upstairs." Leo nodded sending her to his wife.

Emma walked up to the attic to see Piper, Phoebe ad Wyatt standing in front of the book. She went to join them but when she entered the room three demons appeared. The one in the middle flicked a whipped at the three as the woman threw an exploding ball at them. Emma used her powers and threw the women into the man. As the demons recollected everyone went for cover. Emma ran over to Piper as the whip demon made her fall to the ground. Emma stood in front of the fallen Piper and attacked the demon sending him across the room to hit the wall hard. Wyatt stepped up

"Enough!" He said in a low, strong voice

"Leave my family alone!" He said bringing his hands up. All three demons burst into flames then turned into dust. Emma smiled proudly at her husband

"And that is how it's done." Emma said helping Piper up off of the ground. Both older witches looked amazed.

"What was that?" Phoebe asked pointing to where the demons had been

"That was my power." Wyatt shrugged as if it were nothing

"Piper!" Leo called out causing everyone to look to the door

Piper, Phoebe and Emma ran down the stairs while Wyatt orbed. The women raced to the kitchen to find Wyatt looking at his father worried. As he looked up to see them he changed, his hair grew long and curly, his shaven fresh face was covered with a golden goatee. Emma was speechless as she watched the new Wyatt talk to empty space. Her head could not wrap around what had just happen, she didn't speak until Wyatt had disappeared.

"What the hell is going on?" She asked looking at the two elder witches and white lighter. Leo turned to her

"Wyatt is now evil." Emma raised an eyebrow

"OK.. umm… How?" She looked to Piper who had always be a voice of reason.

"Vicus, the demon he targets children then turns them evil." Leo picked up baby Wyatt

"I'm going to take him to magic school. Hopefully he'll be safe there." he said looking worried

"Take the book with you there might be something in there we can use." Phoebe said getting her thoughts together

"I'm going to find Paige then vanquish Vicus. Maybe once he's dead all of this will be over." Emma nodded

"I'll go with you to magic school then try to track Wyatt down."

Piper and Emma took one of Leo's shoulder as he orbed them to the infamous magic school. Emma looked around the school where she and Wyatt had first met. Piper went to play with baby Wyatt while Leo looked through the books sitting on a desk. Emma closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths. Taking control of her emotions Emma went over to sit in the empty desk and started on a spell that would take her to her beloved husband.