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Chapter of Evil Reality

The days were long and the nights were hot. Summer used to be beautiful in San Francisco but now it was just nice to be able to hide without freezing. Emma sat on the green hill covered in blood, some hers but most of it was a mix of Chris's and Wyatt's. She let the tears roll down her cheeks. With a hand on her stomach she looked at the bridge trying to wake up from her nightmare. Closing her eyes Emma laid back and remembered the night it had all started.

Emma paced around her home. She wiped the sweat from her forehead. When she heard someone behind her she turned around ready to fight. When she saw Chris there she relaxed

"I got there before he could, I got Henry out alive, same with Tamora but he got Kat. I don't think he knows where the others are. How about you?" Chris said trying to keep from crying. Emma sighed

"You distracted him enough I got Melinda to hide. It took a lot of fighting but I finally convinced her it was better this way. She's never had to fight Wyatt before. We have, we can beat him without her. Chris" She looked at him sadly

"Hot got to your Uncle Coop and all of your cousins, Pru, Lydia, and Trix. I'm sorry" She said rubbing his arm. Chris nodded

"We've got to leave before he gets here. If he's willing to kill everyone in his family than he won't think twice before killing you." Chris said keeping his eyes open for Wyatt.

Emma couldn't believe that it was finally happening. She knew that he was destined for evil but she had hoped she could have changed it. She shook her head as the events from hours before flooded her mind. They were having a meeting at the manor with the Charmed ones about the latest infestation of demons. Piper had said something about their leader being a coward and Wyatt cracked. He told them all he was the new leader of the underworld before killing his parents and his aunts. Chris and Emma had barely gotten out alive. Now she was forced to pack up a small sack of clothes and potions and leave her home. Emma grabbed the pack she had ready by the door and grabbed Chris' hand. As Chris started to orb them away Emma saw the familiar blonde hair of her husband walk through the door.

"Shit he saw us" She swore when they landed. Chris looked at her worried

"You think he knows where we went?" He asked looking around the dingy, old, broken house they were standing in. Emma shook her hair.

"No he knows I hate it here, that I would never come here again. We need to get the book of shadows before he can figure out a way to destroy it." Emma pulled her hair up into a ponytail

Chris watched as his closest friend tried to hide her heartache. Ever since they were kids she had loved Wyatt and for awhile he even thought Wyatt loved her back. He could see her walls were starting to break.

"Hey" he said softly as he pulled her into his chest. He rubbed soothingly on her back as a few tears leaked out from the corners of her eyes. Sniffing Emma wiped her eyes and nose on her sleeve then looked up at Chris with a fierce determination in her eyes.

"We're going to stop him. One way or another we will stop him."

A few years passed and Emma and Chris tried to gather up a resistance while Wyatt intimidated everyone else with power to join him. Now in that old rickety cottage there stood 10 of the bravest witches. Emma stood up and addressed the group

"Tonight is the night we're getting the book of shadows. With it we can defeat Wyatt and bring the world back to its original glory. Chris and I will be the ones to break in his castle and take it back. We need a few of you to create a distraction. You need to do something big, big enough to bring Watt there to deal with it. Who is brave enough to help us?" She asked looking a the mixed group. Some were old and some were young, almost too young but they needed all the help they could get. Wyatt had found the remaining Halliwells and now Chris was the last. A young couple raised there hands. Emma smiled at them warmly

"Cindy are you sure? This is very dangerous, you could be killed if you're a millisecond late." The blonde woman nodded her head

"The only reason we are alive is because of you Emma. This monster needs to be stopped." Chris nodded and handed the woman and her husband two blue stones.

"These are transporters. It took a while but we finally perfected it. When Wyatt shows up you take the rock out and yell home and you will be teleported back here instantly. Do not give him time to talk or look at you. As soon as you see the blonde hair you run. He can kill you with a second of time. He's powerful and cold." Chris said staring them down.

The man wrapped his arm around his wife. " We'll do it"

Emma smiled at them "Thank you"

A few hours later Emma and Chris sat outside Wyatt's castle that was built in the centre of the city. They watched Wyatt through his window, he was bent over a map, most likely trying to scry for them. All of a sudden his right hand demon flew through the doors with a worried look etched into his face. Once the demon finished talking Wyatt huffed and orbed away.

"I hope they used those rocks by now" Emma said as Chris orbed them into the main lobby.

Together they ran around the castle like they had been living there. One of their allies had gotten a map of the castle to them letting them memorize the layout. Chris pulled her into a room to the right

"It's in here." He said shutting the door behind them.

When they turned around disappointment sank into them. The book was no where to be found. A dark laughter came from a woman who walked out of the shadows

"You seriously think master would leave the book out for you to take?" She asked conjuring a flame.

"You think this will impress him? You sitting here waiting for us like a good dog?" Emma asked snarled. The woman ran her hand down her body

"Honey this impresses the master. I'm just doing this for my own pleasure." Emma glared at the demon as she threw a potion at her. With a scream the demon went up in flames. Chris looked at her amused

"Jealous much?" he asked opening the door

"Shut up" She snapped

"Master!" A small, watery voice yelled along with the sound of footsteps coming towards them. Emma looked over at Chris

"Orb to his bedroom now!" she whispered.

Chris took her arm and orbed away just before Wyatt could sense them. When by the same window they were watching Wyatt from Chris looked over at her.

"What now? We don't know where the book is" He asked staring nervously at the door. Emma frowned

"Go. I'll distract him just go and check on Cindy and Brad. If I'm not back by tomorrow night then assume I'm dead. Go he's coming I can feel him."

Chris hated the idea of leaving her but if Wyatt caught them both then the future would be doomed. Chris kissed her cheek before orbing out. Emma took off her jacket leaving her in a skimpy tank. Trying to wipe the dirt off her she sat on his bed and reclined. She knew Wyatt better than anyone else even if he denied it. They had experienced everything together, they were internally connect which is what Emma was counting on. Wyatt burst through the doors madly looking around until his hard, cold eyes zeroed in on Emma laying on his bed. She pushed herself onto her elbows and smiled at him.

"Hard day at the office honey?" she asked mockingly. Wyatt stormed over and grabbed her arm. He yanked her from his bed and held her tightly in front of him

"What are you doing here?" he growled. She studied his face. He looked like the same young man she had married just a couple years ago and yet he looked different. More hard, cold, and lonely. She looked deep into his blue eyes searching for the one that had stolen her heart.

"I missed you" She answered truthfully.

She did miss him, she missed they way they were back in the happy, simple days. His grip on her arms loosened enough for her to bring her hand up to feel his warm, toned chest. She sighed and stepped into him. Hoping he still let himself feel she wrapped her arms around him and laid her head against where his heart thudded against his muscle. Wyatt turned his head down to bury his nose in her hair, the loved her scent, it effected in so many different ways.

"You're here for the book aren't you?" He asked not letting her go just yet. Stepping back she glanced up at his face. Bringing her hand to cradle his cheek Emma let a tear fall.

"Can't we have one night? One night where you're not evil and I'm not good. One night where we're just Wyatt and Emma, a married couple that love each other and a couple let's that love consume them." she pleaded.

When he had wrapped his arms around her waist, her heart ached for more. She knew there was no turning back after they started there never was. Wyatt turned his head and kissed the palm of her hand. He wrapped his hand around hers and brought each finger up to his mouth. He gave each one a gentle kiss before kissing his way down her wrist to her arm then to her mouth. Their lips kissed unleashing all the loneliness and hunger they had for each other. Wyatt pulled her tight to him while her hands slid around his body reaching his strong back. Ripples of warmth spread through her body, heating her core and lighting the fire in her soul. Wyatt felt much of the same, his back was awakened when her fingers danced along, and dug into it. Pulling back for air Wyatt looked down at her. With swollen lips and her eyes still softly shut she reminded him of the first night they had made their love official.

"Emma" He whispered causing her to open her eyes and look at him

"I love you" He admitted.

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A smile grew on her face. She let out a small yelp of happiness as she jumped onto him. He caught her as her legs encircled his waist. His hands groped her bottom with appreciation. Emma groaned as she opened his mouth with her tongue. Wyatt backed up to his bed and slowly sat down letting Emma sit in his lap. Now having his hands free Wyatt slid his hands from her thighs up to her chest. With just the right amount of pressure he squeezed her breast causing Emma to grind her hips into his. He knew which buttons to press and when to be press them hard. Breaking away from her lips Wyatt kissed her chest, working his way down to bite her nipple through both her shirt and bra.

"Wyatt!" She moaned.

Quickly Emma tore her shirt off and unclasped her bra wanting to feel his lips on her sensitive flesh. Wyatt took a nipple into his mouth, sucking it into a hard peek. She writhed in pleasure. He chuckled as he showed the other nipple just as much as attention. She gripped his hair in her hands as his teeth ran over the bud and his hand softly ran up and down her back. Bringing her legs from around his waist Emma set them on either side of his thighs and brought her hands to grab the hem of his shirt. She slipped it off showing his muscular chest that had a just enough hair trailing down into his pants. She smiled as she pushed him back. Wyatt backed up bringing her with him to the pillows.

Kissing him hard Emma pushed her hips down to where his hardness fought against the tightness of jean. Wyatt groaned as he grew harder than before. Enjoying his undying attraction to her Emma kissed his chest, giving both nipples and quick lick but she went down to where the trail of golden hair faded into his pants. She knew how sensitive the area between his manhood and his bellybutton was and she was going to use it against him. She licked, bit and kissed his skin causing him to buck. Almost giggling Emma undid his pants and slid her hand in taking his large penis in her hand. Through his boxer briefs she rubbed him painfully slow. Wyatt knew he wouldn't last much longer at the game she was playing so he took control. She wasn't the only one that knew where the sensitive spots were. He flipped so she was on her back. Wyatt stood up and slid both his jeans and underwear off leaving him in all his glory. Emma revelled in the sight, to her he looked like a Greek god. Before climbing back on the bed Wyatt took her pants off and threw them over his shoulder. He smiled at the sight of his favourite black, lace panties. He kissed her through the thin material causing her to moan loudly. He kissed her thighs, her stomach and her hips as he took a hold of those panties and ripped them off her. Emma was frustrated as he kept kissing everywhere but where she needed it the most.

"Wyatt please" She groaned lifting her hips up. He chuckled

"Say it" he demanded letting his hot breath hit her folds. She lifted herself up just enough to look him in the eyes

"I love you. I always have and I always will."

As soon as the words left her mouth, Wyatt's attacked her wet centre with passion that could make Romeo blush. Emma moaned again as she felt the orgasm build faster and faster.

"Watt I'm so close. I need you inside me right now. I need to feel you" She said letting her head fall deep in the pillows

Wyatt kissed a trail up her body until his hardness teased her hot opening. They looked into each others eyes as he entered her slowly. Biting her lip Emma grabbed Wyatt's hand wanting to feel a full connection. Wyatt pumped in and out starting slowly, drawing out her orgasm. Once he felt her walls tighten around him he pumped faster knowing it wouldn't be long.

"Oh Wyatt!" She moaned arching her back, lifting her hips closer to his

Together they climaxed, her walls tightening around his cock and his hot, seed shooting into her. Wyatt collapsed on letting his weight comfort her just like their first time. When he rolled over beside her she turned and wrapped her arms around him. Both breathing hard they shared another kiss before letting the darkness consume them.

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The next day Emma woke up to the pleasant feeling of her husbands warm body next to her. She smiled and cuddled into him until it all came crashing back. He had killed everyone, he had destroyed the world all for power. She quietly slipped from his arms and started to get dressed. She put on her tiny messenger bag that was full of potions and walked towards his closet. She knew he wouldn't let it out of his sight the only place it could be was behind the small door. When she opened the door the book twinkled at her.

"Gong somewhere?" She heard him asked darkly

"Yeah back to reality before you could kill me in my sleep" She replied turning to face him. He was fully clothes which surprised her, he was always the slow one when getting redressed. He laughed

"The one you should be afraid of killing you in your sleep would be Ria." As he said this a demon appeared next to him. She was olive skinned with long dark hair and a tight body. She was wearing the most racy red dress.

"Good morning my love" She said wrapping her arms around him

Wyatt looked down at her and kissed the demon passionately just as he did Emma the night before. This hurt Emma more than anything else he had done in the past. This had shaken her to her core and it pissed her off. Her hands shook and her eyes glowed red. Wyatt stepped back never have seen Emma react this way before. Her body started to heat up to an unnatural temperature and her breath came in short, deep gasps. There were no tears just anger and raw power. Her head snapped to stare at the woman and with a sick grin she tilted her head. Ria screamed in pain and let go of Wyatt and clutched her stomach.

"You might want to think twice before touching a married man ,demon" Emma warned in a dark deep voice.

"Please master!" Ria screeched as Emma twisted her insides and stretched them to their limits.

"Emma?" Wyatt asked quirking an eyebrow. Emma's head snapped to look at him

"You're right she's not worth it" Emma said just as the demon turned to ash.

"As for you. I will kill you and I might enjoy it now. I'm taking this" Emma said in the same eerie evil voice as she picked up the book.

Wyatt attacked her but she easily deflected it and turned to smile at him.

"Might want to ask your family for forgiveness. You'll be seeing them soon enough" She said before turning into flame herself.

When the red haze left Emma's mind she found herself on the floor on the cottage surrounded by the same 10 rebels as last night. She smiled at Cindy and Brad

"You're ok." she said softly

"Emma how'd you get the book and out alive?" Chris asked amazed

"Apparently you should never piss me off by sleeping with my husband" she replied as he pulled her up.

"What?" He looked at her like she was crazy. Emma placed the book on the large table and started to flick through it

"I made love to Wyatt last night. Woke up, walked over to the book. Slutty demon came into room and all but molested Wyatt insinuating that she was fucking my husband and then I lost my shit. This haze fogged my mind and all I saw was red. I decimated the demon and walked out like it was nothing" She summarized acting like it was no big deal.

Chris looked at her with wide eyes and nodded his head as he took in everything she said.

"Ok" he said and joined her as she read the book.

She pointed at the page

"This is the spell we need to use to vanquish him. It will take me about a day or so to make the potion but we can do it." Emma said walking over to the desk and grabbing a pen and paper. Chris read the page and looked at her like she was crazy

"This is a power of 3 spell." Emma smiled widely


The next day Emma was standing over the cauldron. She breathed in deeply and the smoked rolled from the top. When everyone else was out of the house gathering supplies Chris confronted Emma

"Are you crazy or just suicidal?" Chris asked angry. Emma put down the spoon and looked at him confused

"Huh?" She replied unintelligently

"This is a power of 3 spell. If you forgot I'm one Halliwell. For this we need 3" Emma smiled mischievously

"You must promise not to hate me before I tell you." Chris narrowed his eyes

"Tell me what?" Emma zipped her lips. Chris sighed

"Fine I promise not to hate you" Emma smiled and walked over to their black cat. She took the feline up in her arms and kissed the cats head.

"You remember where kitty came from?" She asked almost child like. Chris pinched the bridge of his nose and shook his head

"Yeah you brought it home the second week we shacked up here" Emma smiled and nodded her head

"Exactly. There is something huge I have kept from you and I shouldn't have. I'm so sorry but it was to keep her safe. I could be the only one who knew. No one else could have. If Wyatt found out oh god he would flip and destroy what is left of the world."

"Emma you're rambling"

Emma pursed her lips and set down the cat then looked at Chris

"Once again I'm very, deeply, truly sorry for keeping it from you"

Emma closed her eyes and said a few words of Latin. Once she was done the cat glowed blue and formed into a human woman. Not just any human woman but his sister Melinda. Chris looked from Emma to his sister and started to stutter. Melinda beamed at him and hugged him.

"How?" He managed to get out

"Emma found this spell in one of Gram's old books and when she heard Wyatt was on to me in the Caribbean she told me about it and I told her we had to do it. It was the only way to make sure we still had a hope of defeating him." Emma hugged the brave woman

"Ok" Chris said before grabbing her for another tight hug. He finally had family other than Wyatt left living.

That night the three forced their way into the castle. All the rebels stormed the halls and fought against Wyatt's army. When they entered the main room they found Wyatt waiting with an energy ball ready. Chris attacked him, keeping Wyatt's attention away from Emma who used her powers to place the crystals around him. Once the crystals connected Wyatt looked over with a smile

"Really using the crystals? You must be desperate" He said chuckling. Tears fell down her cheeks

"Not anymore" she said signalling for Melinda to join her side.

"We have the power of 3 still" Melinda said taking both Chris's and Emma's hand.

"How? I saw you" Wyatt asked floored

"No Wyatt you saw a demon I put an illusion on to look like me. Emma hid me this entire time until we finally got the book. All it took was you two fucking and her finding out you were cheating. To think if she had just seduced you in the beginning we could have done this years ago" Melinda said coldly before starting to say the incantation.

Wyatt yelled in anger and used Excalibur to break the bond of the crystals. Emma stepped in front of Melinda as Chris jumped at his older brother. Wyatt tossed him to the side with the sword cutting Chris across the stomach. Wyatt turned to Emma and Melinda and put the sword clear through them turning them into smoke

"What?" He said confused

"Over here" Emma said throwing him back.

Excalibur flew from his hands and over to her feet. Emma picked it up and walked over to him. Wyatt threw an energy ball her way. She ducked but it got her shoulder throwing her back. She sat up her shoulder black and bleeding. When Emma looked up Wyatt went after the real Melinda instead of the illusion she had set up.

"Come give your big brother a hug Mel." Wyatt teased lighting up his hands.

Melinda tried to run but he kept stopping her with energy balls. He was like a snake teasing its prey. Once she was stuck, her back against a wall. Melinda started to cry and prepared for really dying. Wyatt brought his hand up and created a large, bright ball. Just as he was about to bring his wrath upon his sister Wyatt felt a sharp, searing pain through his abdomen. He looked down to see his trusty sword peeking at him through his blood. Emma pulled the sword back out leaving Wyatt to crumble to the ground. She looked down on him

"I love you" She said before bringing it down across his neck

Emma threw the sword down and collected Melinda in her arms.

"Let's get Chris"

When they walked over to Chris he was still breathing. Also being a witch lighter Melinda healed him and orbed them back to the cottage. Chris opened his eyes and smiled

"Did that really happen?" He asked in wonder.

Emma nodded

"It's over now" She said

Chris and the rest of the world celebrated as Emma ran away. She sat on the same grassy hill Wyatt had proposed to her on. The same one they had made love on for the first time. She sat there looking out on the world that had already started to rebuild itself and decided to prevent all the pain.

Remembering the last spell Wyatt had ever taught her Emma recited it from heart. The pendant on her chest started to glow and a blue light surrounded her. When the light disappeared she was sitting on the dining room table in the Halliwell manor approximately 20 years prior to the bloody mess. Piper who was writing her book at the table sat there shocked

"Emma?" she asked shocked.

Piper was worried for the girl. She was covered in dirt, blood and tears. Emma looked a the woman and started to bawl. Piper gathered her in a hug and soothed her as if she were a child. When Emma stopped crying Piper wiped her face off

"Now what has you so worked up?" Piper asked

"You have to warn me. When I marry Wyatt you have to warn me about him being evil. I just ended the war and I've never felt more hurt and sad in my life."

"What are you talking about?" Piper asked sitting down next to her

"In my time Wyatt is evil and he destroyed everything and everyone. I had to turn Melinda into a cat for 3 years to keep her from being killed. We just killed Wyatt. I put Excalibur threw him like it was nothing"

Piper gasped and wrapped an arm around the young woman's shoulder