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Dear U.S.,

I always noticed how drama filled high school was, (students fighting, dating problems, girls getting pregnant, failing grades, broken bonds, drugs, alcohol, and so many other things) but I've always seen them from afar. I was never in that problem... until now. I hate myself for being so confused.

Anyways, I didn't write this letter to get advice from you. I wrote it because I needed to explain something, I needed to tell you. During the field trip, Sai forcefully kissed me (he did get a beating from Sasuke the day after). He stole my first kiss that I was planning on having with you. It was one of the most horrible moments of my life, the third to be exact. The first being my mother's death. The second most horrible moment in my life happened after the field trip. My best friend, the one that was helping me to find you, Sasuke, kissed me. I felt like I betrayed you. I felt so disgusted, and appalled... but not with him... with myself, because that moment is also at the top of my most favorite moments. When he kissed me, I felt so... alive. I knew it was wrong, but at the same time it was right. I could feel it throughout my body. I can still feel his lips against mine.

I needed to tell you this because... because I love him. I loved him from the start. We insult each other all the time, but that's how we show that we care for one another. He was always helping from the start. Being around him made me stop thinking about my mother's death. He made me think of better things... like a good insult to make him look stupid, or something to make our friendship stronger.

The main point in this letter is that I don't think I can be with you when I'm in love with someone else. Once you read this, I want to cut of our ties. I don't want to hurt you or myself. It's best if we leave each other alone.


From, U.N.

Naruto glanced at Sasuke from the corner of his eye. His heart pounded vigorously against his chest as he looked back down at his desk. He didn't understand why the raven still sat next to him during Mr. Sarutobi's class, but he was glad he did. He didn't know how he was going to tell him that he loved him, however, he hoped that Sasuke still felt the same way he did two weeks ago.

God, please help me.

"Naruto..." The blond's head shot up to see his teacher staring at him. "You do know that class just ended right...?"

"Huh?" Sure enough, he found the class empty of students. He felt his face heat up from embarrassment. "Oh! I-I better get going." After he grabbed his binder and notebooks in his hands and ran out of the classroom only to knock into someone else. "Sorry!" he apologized as the person walked passed him.

"Are you okay?" Someone yelled from down the hall.

Naruto quickly turned to see the person and was flabbergasted. "S-Sasuke!" he yelled. "I thought you weren't talking to me!" A smile fell upon his face, but soon fading to a frown as he saw a letter in Sasuke's hand. He watched as the lips that he so desperately wanted to kiss resembled a smile.

"Didn't I tell you?" He said causing the blond to tilt his head to the side confused. "I'm always watching over you!"

I'm always watching over you...

Love, Bastard.

Papers scattered all over the floor as orange binders and notebooks were dropped. Tan arms wrapped around the other boy as they collided. "It's you... it's always been you!" the blond yelled into the masculine chest.

Sasuke chuckled as he let go of the last letter Naruto has ever sent him. "You don't have to yell, Idiot. I'm right here."

"Shut up, you bastard! I can yell if I want to! I just found out that the person I love is the same person who wrote me letters, so shut up and kiss me!"

"Demanding, are we?"

Tan fingers entangled into the soft black hair bringing him down. "You know it."

Sasuke brushed his lips against the blond's before saying, "It took you long enough..."

As soon as there lips connected, pale arms wrapped around the shorter one bringing their bodies closer together as their lips moved against each other. Pulling away from each other, a light blush adored their cheeks.

"Your father is going to kill me for being late."

Pale fingers intertwined with tan ones as they waited for Naruto's name to be called. They sat in the white chairs that were laid in perfect rows on the football field. They were both wearing white gown and a white cap. They were finally going to graduate.

"Ready for hell part two?" Sasuke asked his lover, who laughed at him.

"I don't think this high school was hell."

"Really?" The raven questioned. "It was hell when we told your father that we were going out."

"The only reason he got angry was because he walked in to find me straddling you on the sofa with my tongue down your throat."

"Good times... good times..."

Naruto rolled his eyes before giving Sasuke a quick peck on the cheek. "I love you," he whispered.

"Uzumaki Naruto."

The corner of his lips lifted to show a heart stopping smile. He slipped his hand out of Sasuke's and gave him a wink before grabbing his rolled up paper that meant nothing but a symbol of what he has achieved. He took it with pride anyways.

As the principal started to give his closing speech, Sasuke turned to Naruto, who looked at him curiously. "Naruto," he started, "I want to give you something."

"What is it?"

"It's a promise ring," the raven said as he took out a small velvet box. "I want this ring to resemble my promise to you... my promise of always being there for you in your time of need. My promise to always be watching over you."

Naruto felt tears start to sting his eyes. "Sasuke," he barely whispered. He let out a gasp as his lover opened the velvet box to reveal the most beautiful ring he has ever seen. It had a round tanzanite gemstone. Both sides of the white gold feature a cross pattern accenting the tanzanite. It was simple, but elegant. "I-It's beautiful!"

Grabbing the blond's left hand, the raven easily slipped the ring onto his ring finger. "I love you."

Looking at the ring one more time before looking back into the onyx eyes he whispered lovingly, "I love you too Sasuke. I love you so much."

They both leaned forward, catching each others lips into a heated kiss filled with passion. Everything felt... right. Naruto knew that his life was going to get harder, but with Sasuke by his side he knew he could get through it. No matter how many bumps in the road may come, he knew that with his companion he would get by. After all, love is the greatest power on earth.