Look at me

This is the first of a series related to the end of some episodes, abruptly ending on a seemingly non finished scene. I love Mann's process. It crossed my mind it could be interesting to write what happens in the minutes that follow. Here are my modest attempts.

The whole series is dedicated to the Sheriff, for his never-failing support, encouragement and friendship. :-)

This one relates to episode "Give a little, take a little" end scene, Gina and Sonny POV. I love that moment when they stare at each other without a word, for such a long moment.
Double Drabble

I had to do it.

I know that, Babe.

Don't look at me. I feel soiled, lost.

I'm right here, all I see is you, the woman that I care about.

I wish I could hide the pain and shame.

You're standing tall, and I find you so brave right now.

Will you forgive me some day?

How could I ever make sure you'll heal from this? I love you.

All I want is to be in your arms but I'm too scared to move.

I see the tears you're holding back and all I want is to caress them away.

If I collapse now, there won't be any honor for me, but I could not stand quitting now.

I can feel your distress, you have to make the first step... and forgive yourself, before I can comfort you.

If I curl up in your arms, promise me you won't judge me.

That's it, Babe, walk to me, where you belong, where I can share the warmth I've always had for you.

Now I can close my eyes and try to forget. If you're there, I will make it. I will be whole again, and maybe one day, clean again.