No tears... almost

Second contribution to this series of short "what happened after the end credits?" Thanks for reviewing as you see fit, it always makes my day :-)

Relates to episode: "The Milk Run". If you look carefully, you actually see the tears in Sonny's eyes. Quite emotional, at least that's the way I felt it.

Shit! What the hell did I do wrong? What did I miss? He was just a kid. And now he's gone. I feel like he took what was left of innocence with him.

I may be considered a good cop, but right now, I feel like I betrayed him. I don't wanna do this anymore, what for? There'll be other cases, other smugglers, more deaths, but I'm not sure I wanna be part of the next scenario. Not at this price.

What about just sitting here and waiting. Until I understand. Until my heart stops ringing in my ears like shattered glass. Until I find the strength to hold back the tears. Don't look at Rico. Don't collapse! Why does he sit on the floor next to me? Feels comforting somehow. His silence. My unshed tears. His hand on my shoulder. The words we don't need to say are cutting deep wounds in my soul though. But I won't cry. I cant. Because that would mean I'm weak. AND I'M NOT! I will go on hunting and busting f***ing dealers!

Right now, all I can do is stare in front of me, looking for impossible answers to unspoken questions. I can't think of the way to put what happened in a report. Castillo will want to know. I will have to face him. I'll have to cope with the world outside, as usual.

I just need time to gather myself. Only a moment. With Rico at my side. And the few friends waiting for Detective James Sonny Crockett to show up again.