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Chapter 1

He had totally forgotten the reason what he was doing there. He had allowed Nami to psycho him into going to her party, and that was that. Come to think of it, he had no idea what the party was for. But it was just like Nami to hold an occasional party just to show off how big her house was. And also to make all the guys, especially a certain blonde, fall on the ground and worship her at the sight of her wearing her new outfit.

Oh yes, he remembered why he went in the first place. It was because of one reason, and only one reason – alcohol. There was nothing in the world that could compare to it, except for his swords that he cherished more than his life. To him, there were only two reasons he existed in the world, swords and alcohol.

Women were nothing more than a distraction to his life – they pounce and flirt shamelessly with you, expecting you to fall right in love with them. Like that will work.

But it didn't mean that he was gay, he was as straight as a ruler. Sure, he had crushes on girls, but that doesn't mean that he had to confess to them and immediately get into a relationship with them. He would just stay away from them and wait for the feeling to dull before moving on. That was how Roronoa Zoro dealt with girls.

He growled in frustration as yet another girl tried to hook up with him. She had brown hair with shorts that could easily be mistaken as her underwear. One look at her and he decided that he was not interested, with her having such a common pretty face. The girl, however, was dancing provacatively in front of him and "accidentally" bumping into him, giving him looks that he was sure was meant to seduce him. But it obviously failed. The alcohol was in sight, he just had to walk a few more steps and he would be able to taste it. He wold definitely not let her distract or delay him from drinking his beer.

"Go away, you damn woman," he murmured under his breath before shoving his way through.

Finally. He made it. He grabbed one of the nearest bottle and gulped it down greedily, not caring whether it was beer or wine (the latter in this case) and how he should savour the exquisite taste of the wine. All he cared was how the alcohol went down his throat. That was enough.

He took a few more swigs before scanning the room for his friends - Luffy, Nami, Usopp and Chopper. Heck, he was even looking for that perverted Sanji. Now where the bloody hell were they?

Not seeing any sign of them, he gave up and decided to stare at the ground instead. He liked looking at people's shoes, their shoes mind you, not their legs, he's not a pervert. He always got fascinated by how the size of people's feet could be so big, and how some of them could be so small. And he was always amazed by how women could wear such high heels without losing their balance. He was very sure he himself couldn't last on high heels for five seconds. Not like he even wanted to try wearing them.

He saw standard heels, weird shaped sandals, casual beach slippers and boots. A pair of purple boots. There was something about them that made him stop in his observation. His eyes trailed up the length of the boots, which encased slender calves before ending just right below the knees. He knew he always had a thing for boots, but it was the first time they had got such a reaction from him. He allowed himself to look more, eyes trailing to see a pair of smooth and slim thighs that looked incredibly sexy. The first thought that came to him was that this woman must have been born wearing boots, how else could she able to look so good in them? He thought he was going crazy, he didn't even see this woman's face and he was already attracted to her?

Her face. Which reminded him that he needed desperately to see her face. She was dancing on the dancefloor with a purple mini skirt that hit just above mid-thigh, a purple corset top that left her flat and toned navel bare, and was straining to keep her asessts from showing. Dark raven hair fell around her face, and her lips were tugged into a faint smile. On her head was a purple cowboy, and her blue eyes were so attractive that he actually felt the need of covering his own eyes with a pair of shades.

It was the frst time he felt like this - the first time that he had got attracted to a woman that he never even talked to. She wasn't even close to him; she was at the opposite end of the room, but yet he could feel electricity growing between them. He knew she felt it too, as she looked curiously around the room before resting her eyes on him. They stared at each other for a moment, feeling the sparks grow even more before her lips curved.

He continued starting at her even after she turned away. He knew that she knew he was still looking at her. It was obvious, the way she deliberately slowed her dancing, swaying her hips in a hypnotizing motion. His eyes followed her every moment, drinking in at the sight of such a scene in front of him. Mercy.

He could feel himself getting aroused, his pants were tightening. Damn that woman, what was she doing to him? All she did was just dancing, and she had such an effect on him already?

Suddenly, his perfect view of her was blocked. He felt a hand resting on his shoulder, the other trailing down his chest. He looked up to see the girl before in front of him. "Hey handsome," she said breathlessly, "where would you like to go tonight?"

Now he couldn't see the mysterious woman dancing anymore. He could officially conclude that the girl standing in front of her hadn't heard him cursing her, and had actually the guts to follow him and flirt with him somemore. What was wrong with her? "I know you were embarrassed just now, its okay, I can understand," she whispered into his ear. "Guys always do that when they first see me."

Her last sentence had him almost choking on his saliva. "Get out of my sight, you crazy woman," he snapped before walking away with his wine. Behind him, he could hear her shouting something about him going to regret it, and that she was nice enough to entertain him when she saw how lonely and pathetic he was. Oh great, now she was doing a good deed?

He searched for the woman on the dance floor, and to his surprise, she wasn't there anymore. He blinked, was he just imagining her? No way, he was very sure he didn't desired a woman so much that he actually imagined one. On the other hand, where did she go?

He sighed, and was relieved when he felt his erection gone. "You shouldn't have rejected her so directly, you broke her heart," came a voice from behind him. A clear, feminine and teasing voice. Not to mention incredibly sexy. He didn't have to turn back to find out who that voice belonged to, the heat that was rushing to his groin told him the answer. Mercy.

He didn't dare to turn around without preparing himself for the impact of seeing her. Instead, he waited for the soft footsteps on the ground that were so prominent to his ears despite the blasting music. He looked up slowly, to see her azure eyes staring expanctantly at him, waiting for his reply to her previous statement.

"Er." was all that he had managed. He gave up trying to think of a good answer and settled for a "It's none of your business."

"Oh? You really should be nicer to girls, instead of snapping at them."

"I told you already, it's none of your business."

Her perfect eyebrows raised. "So you're telling me that all the staring you did just now while I was dancing isn't my business?"

He was at a loss of words. What was he supposed to say? That it wasn't his fault that she had such a nice body to stare at? Yeah right, that was impossible.

She took advantage of his momentary shock to step closer to him. "Has no one ever told you that its rude to stare?" she whispered seductively.

She watched as his defence for his pride went back into place. "You have anythin against me being a rude person?" he growled under his breath, taking care not to breathe in her scent or let the close presence of her distract him.

Her lips curved into a smirk. "Did you just admit that you were staring at me?"

"I... What... No I wasn't staring at you!" He shouted childishly before stomping away.

She watched him leave when an amused smile. Her objective was to make him all nervous and flustered, and she knew she did it. But he had affected her as much as she had affected him. He smelled of steel and sweat, which immensely turned her on. And god, the way he stared at her, they way his eyes trailed over her body. She could already feel how he would stare at her with both of them on a bed, him above her, staring down at her naked body. She felt her body coming alive at the thought of it, at the thought of how her fingers woud trace his topless body. Through the thin white shirt he wore, she could see the hardened muscles he had, and she could already think of the patterns to trace on them. How she would pleasure him, and how he would pleasure her in turn. She felt herself becoming wet at just the thought of it. She knew she would see him again in the near future, and that they would be able to explore each other more thoroughly then.

Right now, this was her party and she still had much to do to ensure that she was a good host.


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