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Chapter 13

He woke up to find her spooned against him, one of his hands curled around her waist protectively. Her dark hair was starting to tickle his chest, and he used his free hand to sweep in to the side. Her neck was then exposed, and together with the pale and smooth skin of it along with the elegant curve of her shoulder, it woke his body up.

He grinned foolishly to himself as he recounted last night's events. He never expected such a demure woman like her to be such a minx in bed. He closed his eyes, remembering how she screamed as wave after wave of pleasure hit her, how she lay on his bed, her long dark tresses sprawled on his pillow, her flushed cheeks as she panted, begging more for his touch.


He just made himself as horny as hell now. Biting down on her shoulder, he rubbed himself against her ass in an attempt to sate himself.

She moaned in her sleep, feeling pleasured at his ministrations, encouraging him even further. The hand around her waist moved lower and he pinched her clit slightly. He smirked as he heard her gasp in pleasure, as his index finger entered her slowly. He removed it completely and entered her again. Rolling her onto her back, he almost lost himself when he saw her pleasured expression on her sleeping face. He gently licked her folds as he hovered over her. Together with his finger, his tongue continued stroking her hard. His pace quickened when he felt her moaning get louder, and chuckled when he felt her hands grab his hair. She was finally awake.

"Oh god, don't stop," she breathed, shamelessly thrusting her sex further onto him. He got even rougher, adding another finger. She tasted so good, and with every lick he found himself getting even more addicted to her. To how she tasted. He wanted more of her, no he needed, he needed more of her. His desperation to have her was overwhelming him as he sucked on and fingered her relentlessly. And finally, she came. A shudder racked her body as she screamed his name, arching upwards. Like a drug addict needing his drugs, he licked her clean without a moment's hesitations. When her orgasm died down, he brought himself to be on face level with hers and kissed her nose.

"Good morning sexy."

She laughed, a sound he decided that he wanted to hear every morning from that day onwards. "Good morning too. I most certainly did enjoy the wakeup call."

Raising his eyebrows, he looked down teasingly at her. "Just the wakeup call? What about last night when I took you higher?"

She blushed at the statement and looked away, finding a random spot on the wall to concentrate on. "Umm…"

He chuckled upon seeing her embarrassment. So this was why she enjoyed teasing him that much. He decided then that he liked teasing her, too. He liked how she lowered her eyes to only find herself looking at the entire length of him, erect and ready for her. He liked how her cheeks heat up even more when she realized what she was looking at, and turn her pretty head sideways to avoid his gaze entirely. He liked how he was able to see all the hickeys he gave her the previous night, and how he would get reminded of the rendezvous they had. No one would be able to have her as he did. Absolutely no one.

He growled as his possessiveness took over him, causing her to turn and look at him questioningly. Oh dear god, those amazing blue eyes of hers… His body reawakened instantly. Not that he wasn't aroused anymore after pleasuring her. Without saying anything, he lifted himself on his forearms and entered her again as she gasped in both surprise and pleasure. Burying himself entirely in her, he bit and sucked on her neck, branding her as his. "You're mine," he said as he raised his hips. "Mine alone," was all that she was able to process in her mind before he slammed into her. Before she lost every sense she had and gave herself entirely to him.


"Where's Zoro?" Luffy asked for the tenth time that day. He was really getting into Nami's nerves although she herself was curious too as to where Zoro was. It was okay to excuse him on a Friday night, though he was usually present at her house together with the rest of the gang. But a Saturday? She could not think of a good enough reason that would prevent him from not coming, or at least tell anyone about his absence.

And what was with Robin not being at home either? She had went to her room early in the morning to borrow a dress so that she would be able to look nice for… For… For all of the Strawhats when they came over today. It wasn't like she was planning to dress up for anyone in particular.

But Robin was not there, which meant that she had been out the whole night. Or had she left early? Nami drowned, then gasped when the two pieces of information clicked together. Zoro and Robin…? Could it be? Or was it just a coincidence that both of them were not where they were supposed to be during this time?

"Nami, do you know where Zoro is?" Nami jumped when Luffy suddenly appeared next to her.

All thoughts of Zoro and Robin flew out of the window at his mere presence. Her cheeks flushed as she looked away from him, her mind desperately thinking of something to say. "Er.. No," she managed.

Luffy was annoyed by her indifference about Zoro. He couldn't understand why she was always so against Zoro, he was his best mate and she should know that as well. He could not stand how she had not made any effort to salvage their friendship even after the agreement that they had made, and he was tired of being the only one trying. Keeping his poker face on, he left her side without saying anything to find Chopper and Usopp.

Name was not an idiot either. She could feel his displeasure rolling off his body in waves; that was exactly how easy Luffy was to read. She was unable to grasp the reason though, though it was probably because she had done so many things recently to piss him off.

She sighed and put her head in her hands. Nothing was going right.


He couldnt't sleep. And it was all because of Robin.

Oh god that woman was just... Amazing. She had stayed over at his house and just left probably an hour ago where they spent their entire weekend going at it like rabbits. He was lucky that she was on birth-control pills, if not he'll have to spend probably a hundred bucks getting condoms. She had complained about not having clothes to change into even if she had a bath, and he had reasoned with her that since he had already seen her naked so many times what was the point of wearing clothes? Hence the only thing she had worn the entire time was a towel in an effort to cover up her indecency, and maybe a shirt of his that never lasted long enough on her. She just looked goddamn sexy in his clothes.

It was as if he was addicted. Sleeping on his bed without her ended up with him having raging hard-ons every single time he attempted to sleep. The silence was too deafening; he was dying to hear her mewls and moans of pleasure. He groaned, reaching down to relieve himself.

He stroked once, closing his eyes as he imagined her soft hair tickling him as she slid down his body. He stroked again, feeling her legs around his waist as he pounded into her. And again. He bit her name out as he pumped himself. Yet just before his climax, his eyes snapped open and he paused in his actions. What the fuck was he doing? It was actually the first time he was masturbating, and he absolutely refused to do something like that even if he was still not pleased and his erection was still standing at attention. He was a freaking goner.

It took him another 20 minutes to convince himself that calling her was the right thing to do, and he did. He was starting to regret his action though, when she didn't pick up the first ring. He still waited, and thanked the heavens when she did.

"Hey," his cock jumped at her voice. It was soft and sensual, exactly like how it was when she begged for him to take her. She was panting he realised, and his mind immediately conjured him a thousand dirty images of her touching herself in thoughts of him. He steeled at the thought. Was she?

"I can't sleep," he said, his voice rougher than he remembered it to be.

There was a pause at the other end. "Oh dear," and he couldn't help but moan at her faked innocent voice. "And why is that so?"

That woman was a fucking tease. "I can't get used to my bed being this empty. I need you here, naked, and dripping wet," he growled.

He smirked to himself as he heard her panting getting heavier. "What're you doing now, sexy?" he asked, teasing. As if he didn't know.

"Oh fuck," was her only reply, serving to turn him on even more. He joined her then, his hand gripping his cock once more.

"You're touching yourself now, aren't you? I know you are baby, I can hear you from here."

She moaned loudly then, as he speeded up his ministrations on himself. "I can't cum with my fingers. I need you in me," she managed to gasp out.

His ego swelled along with his dick. "I know you're imaging me pounding into you."

She moaned again, louder. "More."

He continued with the dirty talk. "I know you want my tongue to fuck your hot, slick, pussy."

"Oh god."

"I know you want my tongue to lick every drop of your cum as you spread your legs and scream for me."

"Zoro... Fuck."

"I know you're dying for my long,"

She whimpered.


And moaned.


And another moan.


And again.

"Slamming into that tight, wet pussy of yours."

"Zoro, I'm cumming." She breathed.

He closed his eyes as he pumped harder, imaging it was her flawless hands that was giving him the hand job. His breathing got harsher along with hers, as moans of pleasure from each other were heard over the phone. She came first, her scream of ecstasy sending him over the edge as well.

There was silence as the both of them tried recover their breaths. Her awkward laugh brought him out of his reverie. "How did you know I was uh, masturbating?"

He chuckled lightly at her embarrassment. "Your panting together with my dirty imagination, it didn't take long for me to find out. The question is, though, for how long and why were you doing it for?"

"I was thinking of you too," she admitted. He felt something bloom inside him as a foolish smile grew on his face.

There was a comfortable silence between them before she finally spoke up. "I think Nami knows."

He raised his eyebrows. "I'm not really surprised, she manages to know about every single thing."

"Bur aren't you afraid?"

That stunned him. How could she think that he would even be afraid of anything? He was the manliest, bravest man in the entire world... "What? Afraid of what? What would I be afraid of?"

She chuckled. "You're taking offense at that, aren't you? You and your ego."

They laughed together, and his heart fluttered as he realized that she understood him, his stupid ego and all. He liked that, he thought. Very much. And he wouldn't mind her to understand him more.

"I mean, she might tell the rest of your gang about us. And that wouldn't be good, would it? People knowing about our relationship. It's illegal for us to do this."

He heard her voice breaking at the end, and he could imagine her biting her lip in worry. That action drove him crazy, but of course he'll never tell her that. "Hey don't worry, alright? I'll make sure that nothing will happen to you. And as for the Strawhats knowing about us... They're my friends. They won't go spreading around about us. I personally feel that more people should know though. Then no more assholes will dare to touch you again, because they all know that you're mine."

She was stunned into silence. That had to be the sweetest (and longest) thing that he had ever said to her.

"You know that, right? You're mine."

She smiled to herself. "I know."


It was too much of a coincidence, wasn't it? To be seeing Robin in this neighborhood. She knew very well that Robin lived at the other end of the town where all the rich people lived, along with Nami.

And that was not even the weirdest part. When Robin's car drove past her, she could see that she had on a large white top. Nothing that Robin would ever wear, she had too much class for a plain white tee that didn't even fit her.

Maybe she was visiting someone? Someone so close to her that she didn't have to dress up like she normally did? But that didn't really make sense either... Oh wait. Did she just drive out of Zoro's street? Zoro? What the heck was she doing at Zoro's house?

She grinned to herself. She was onto something big, she could feel it.


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