Innuendo is a wonderful thing.

As all lovely innuendo stories begin, we must have an 'innocent' bystander involved. In this case, that role is bestowed upon the Lady Morgana.

Morgana was casually strolling towards Arthur's chambers, bored out of her mind and ready to annoy him, when she heard a rather peculiar noise. Deciding to investigate, she ventured closer to the wooden doors, careful to remain silent.
And proceeded to hear some... interesting dialogue.

But first, there was panting.
Clearly, her mind reasoned, post-coital panting.

She smiled wickedly. Ah, the blackmail material she would have.

"It won't come out!" whined a voice.
Her eyes positively popped out of her head when she recognized the voice.
Merlin's voice.

"Pull harder!" replied Arthur.

Pressing her ear to the door in an attempt to hear more, she gasped as she heard Merlin grunt.

And then Arthur sighed girlishly.
It had to be in pleasure, concluded Morgana, already plotting evilly.
She concentrated on listening again.

"Maybe if you push harder it'll come back out." Arthur suggested in a low voice.

Was she imagining it or was there a seductive tone in his voice?

"It's no use." panted Merlin. "It's too hard."

Morgana bit her fist to keep from giggling.

"You shouldn't have put it in that far." chided Arthur.

And enraged huff ensued.

More panting.

And then a content sigh.
"That was hard work." commented Merlin.

"But it was worth it." replied Arthur. Morgana could practically hear the grin in his voice.

She couldn't take it anymore.

Pushing open the doors, she stormed in, a maniacal grin on her face.

The grin was quickly replaced with a disbelieving glare.

"Why aren't you- Wh- WHAT!" she stamped her foot furiously, gesturing wordlessly at the completely innocent position they were in.

Merlin was positioned over Arthur's hunting gear, attempting to fit a book inside a satchel. Arthur was sitting on his bed, staring at her in confusion.

"Oh. Ohhhhhhh." She said, realizing.

"Morgana?" said Merlin uncertainly, staring at her apprehensively.

"Sorry." She said at one, shaking her head.
"I thought you were… doing something else."


Arthur stared at her in disgust.
"I do not seduce Camelot's servants." He bleated haughtily, drawing himself up to his full height. He glowered at her.

"Uh- Well. I'll just... be going."
Blushing furiously, Morgana scurried out of Arthur's chambers.

Merlin shot Arthur an amused glance.
"I do not seduce Camelot's servants." He mocked in a sing-song voice.

Arthur scowled at him.
"Well I don't!"

Merlin raised an eyebrow.

"At least, while they're working…" added Arthur, grinning. Merlin rolled his eyes good-naturedly.
"Speaking of that, are you done?" asked Arthur, gesturing towards the hunting equipment.

Merlin nodded at him.


He pulled Merlin onto the bed.

"You're insatiable, Arthur" whined Merlin, smiling in spite of himself.

Author's Note:
I love innuendo. :D
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