Daddy Dearest.

Warning: This is a slash, which is MALE/MALE pairings.

Rating: M for sex scenes.

Characters: Justin Russo/Jerry Russo

Summary: A sequel to Self Esteem, now Justin really begins to fantasies about his Dad, in a very sexual way! Based around season 3 and onwards. Will Justin get his Dad the way he wants?

Spoilers: No.

Daddy Dearest: Chapter Two: The Plan:

After a very hot and steamy encounter with his dad, Justin decided that it was time to get to action, time to get the car into gear. As soon as he was alone, Justin pulled out his most trusted book he knew. Grabbing its old edges, and opening the front page, he looked up the index. Smiling when he found what he was looking for, he turned to that page number. Immediately his happy mood disappeared, his heart sinking. Looking at the pages contents he sighed and fell back onto his bed.

"How the hell am I supposed to make this potion?" Justin said whispering to himself. Alex suddenly interrupted his thoughts as she entered the room.

'Justin, lunch is ready, hey what's this?" she said as she entered the room, and noticed the very old family potion book. Justin immediately got up and pulled the book out of his younger sister's hands.

"Nothing, just mind your own business!" Justin said, grasping tightly onto the hard cover.

"Justin, you don't need a potion to get a girl, man you're that desperate it's sad!" Alex said half laughing.

"For one Alex, just shut up, and I'm not desperate!" Justin defended.

"Well, that page says otherwise, if you really want someone, just ask Harper, but if you do break it off by the end of the day, just let her down easy ok?" Alex laughed loudly, as Justin smiled, and pushed her out of his room, slamming the door into her face. Justin sighed as he threw the book down, which opened to its previous page.

"Now, how the hell am I going to make this potion?" He said to himself, closing his eyes, With the title of the potion lingering in his mind.

"How to make yourself desirable to others!"


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