Title: Sand & Secrets

Type: Smallville Fan Fiction

Pairing: Chloe/AC

Written by: Angelbsb

Disclaimer: I do not own they belong to Amiles, The CW and DC Comics.

Rating: Pg-13

Summary: Just a small little ficlet; AU story

Chloe was sitting on a beach thinking about her life. She's running her fingers thru the sand. There's one thought going through her mind. She just found out from her Father that she's part Atlantian on her Mother's side. That explains her love of the water. She was so deep in thought that she did not notice AC sitting down next to her. AC was thinking how beautiful Chloe was.

Chloe senses that someone's sitting next to her. AC notices that she's realized he's beside her. "Hey AC. How long have you been sitting there?" Chloe says with a smile.

"Hey Chloe. I've been here for a few minutes .Is everything alright?" AC says brightly.

"Cool Ac .Not really I just found out something that has blew me away" Chloe says while shifting the sand between her hands.

AC gently grabs her hands and says "If you want to talk I'm here for you Chlo".

"Thanks Ac. I'll tell you soon. Just need to think on it more ok" Chloe says softly.

"Your welcomed Chloe. Anytime I'll be here for you,"Ac says with a dorky smile.

Chloe and Ac sit there awhile quietly. Then Chloe says "AC .I just found out my Mom's family comes from Atlantis. I sound crazy right?"

"Wow Chloe. That is so cool. No I don't think you sound crazy" AC says in a happy but confidant voice.

"Thanks for listing to me AC .Your the first I've told about that. Why do you not think I'm sounding crazy?" Chloe says while turning to face him.

" Well Chloe .I'm going to tell you something that I've not told anyone else .I'm from Atlantis and one day I'll be there King" AC says in a very serious tone.

"AC .that is so smoking cool. I'm honored you told me this. But why have you not told the others?" Chloe asked in a curious tone.

"Chlo. Yeah it is cool isn't it .I'm glad your honored and accept me for who I am .The reason I have not told the guys is because they are always ragging on me" Ac says softly.

"Of course I' accept you AC. Why would I not? As for the guys, if and when you want to tell them, I'll be there with you" Chloe says with a huge smile at AC.

"I thought so, But was not sure you would .Chloe I would really like it if you were with me when I tell them" AC says with a beaming smile at her.

After that they sit there quietly for a bit. Chloe breaks the silence and says "Hey AC. Do you want to go for a swim right now?"

"A swim sounds great Chloe. You know I love the water" AC says while also standing up. Chloe smiles and takes off her cut off shorts and tank top to show off her green bikini. AC just has to take off his orange tank top to show off his muscles.

Both Chloe and AC look at each other up and down in appreciation .Then Chloe runs for the water giggling. AC snaps out of his appreciation at Chloe's beauty and runs for the water. Once in the water they play a game of water tag. Once when AC catches Chloe he kisses her. Chloe's reaction to the kiss is to throw her arms around his neck and kisses him back. The sun is setting during their kiss.