Title: Sasame's True Feelings Revealed

Type: Pretear Fan Fiction

Pairing: Himeno/Sasame

Written by: Angelbsb

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or song.

Rating: Pg

Summary: I am writing this for my friend/lil sis lil_heaven1985. I hope she likes it.

Before Sasame goes to the radio station .He finds Himeno in the garden near the wind chimes. "Himeno .I have a favor to ask of you?" Sasame says softly.

"Yes Sasame .What is it or what can I do for you" Himeno says with bright eyes.

"I would like you to listen to my show tonight. You will understand why later bye Himeno .I got to go or I'll be late" Sasame says getting ready to leave.

"Sure thing .Ok Sasame .See you later then" Himeno says with a wondering look on her face.

An hour later Himeno was in her room. Her radio was on Sasame's show. "This is Sasame; I have trouble telling the girl I love how I feel .So I'm going to play this song then says who she is".

Himeno was in shock she says "I had no idea Sasame was in love with someone .I've lost my chance". Himeno is shocked into silence as the song starts.

There's a lace in your heart
nobody's been
take me there
things nobody knows, not even
your friends
take me there
tell me about your momma ,your daddy,
your hometown
show me around , I want to see it all
don't leave me anything out

Himeno was quietly thinking of talks with Sasame .

I wanna know everything about you then
and I wanna go down every road
you've been
where your hopes and dreams and
wises live
where you keep the rest of your life hid
I want to know the girl behind that
pretty stare
take me there

Himeno was also wishing she could have told Sasame how she felt . But no matter what she would be there for him.

your first real kiss, your first true love
you were scared
show me where you learned about life,
spent your summer nights
without a care
I wanna roll down main street, the
back roads, like you did
when you were a kid, what made
you who you are
tell me what your story is

Sasame is thinking to himself how do I tell Himeno I love her. What will her reaction be? Well I guess I'll find out soon.

yeah, I wanna know everything about you
yeah, everything about you baby
I wanna go down every road you've been
where your hopes and dreams and
wishes live
where you keep the rest of your life hid
I want to know the girl behind that
pretty stare
take me, take me, take me there
oh, I wanna roll down main street
I wanna know your hopes and
take me, take me there -yeah

When the song was over. Sasame says "Well everyone it's time for me to tell you her name. Here goes I hope she's listing. Himeno I love you that song explains how I feel".

Himeno is sitting there with happy tears running down her face. Himeno gets up then grabs her sweater. Himeno runs all the way to the radio station. Sasame looks up at the door he sees Himeno standing there. Sasame waves Himeno into the room. She walks in then over to Sasame. "Sasame I love you too. The song was so beautiful .I'm so happy I did not miss my chance".

"Oh Himeno .I'm so glad you love me. So happy you loved the song .You never would have lost your chance".

Sasame pulls Himeno into his arms .Where he kisses her with all of his love. To Sasame's shock Himeno tightens her arms around his neck. When they pull apart to breath .All Sasame can do is rub his nose against Himeno's.

Himeno smiles at Sasame then says "How long have you been in love with me?".

Sasame let's out a deep sigh and says "I fell in love with you the moment I meet you with the others near the wind chimes".

"Oh Sasame .It was the same for me, But I thought you did not like me that way?"

"Really Himeno .How could I not feel that way about you".

Himeno pulls Sasame into a huge hug. Sasame tightens his arms around her to let her know then says "Are you done with your show tonight? If so want to go get something to eat?"

"Yes I'm done for the night .I would love to go get something to eat with you" Sasame says while brushing a piece of her hair out of her face.

They walk out if the radio station arm in arm. Himeno lays her head against Sasame's shoulder .They talk about what they want to eat. Once there Sasame holds the hold the door open for Himeno. He then pulls out her chair at the table. When their food was ordered, they talk and laugh about everything. Later on they are walking around the garden at Himeno's. They stop at the wind chimes; Sasame picks Himeno up and spins her around to show his happiness, then they kiss passionately.