Yeah. I kinda forgot this was here.

This is what college will do to you.


"Hey- Hey, Ron- See that woman up there?" Fred nodded to a beautiful, dark haired woman seated next to Snape at the staff table. Ron and Harry craned their necks to get a look.

"What about her?" Harry asked. George gave a wicked grin and motioned for the two eleven year-olds to lean closer.

"Rumor has it," He whispered wickedly, "She's Snape's wife."

"Oh rubbish." Percy glared at his younger brothers. "I don't want you two spreading around some baseless rumor for the sake of kicks." Fred and George shot their older brother identical indignant expressions.


"Come on now, Perce- When have we ever spread a baseless rumor?" Percy gave him an ugly look.

"Hagrid, McGonagall, Snarfalump Pods, the giant squid. And I forbid you to tell these two about it!" He hissed. Harry and Ron had eagerly perked up at what sounded like a very good story indeed. At Percy's threat, though, they sank back and sulked.

'Later!' George mouthed.

"It is not a baseless rumor. I'll have you know that at the tail end of last year, we saw a picture of that very same woman in Snape's office."

"One and the same. Same hair, same make-up, same skin, same everything. Every bit as gorgeous as her photographic representation."
Percy's glared daggers at the pair. "What," He hissed, "Were you two doing rummaging around in Professor Snape's office?" The twins were saved by Dumbledore and his gift of perfect timing.

"Now that we are all fed and watered, I have a few start-of-term notices for you all. First years will note that the forest on the ground is out-of-bounds to students- And a few of our older pupils should remember that as well. The Third Floor corridor is out of bounds to any and all who do not wish to die a most painful death."

"Is he joking?" Harry whispered weakly. Fred, George and Ron shrugged.

"And taking over for our Muggle Studies class in place of Professor Dinklage, who's returned home to care for an ailing family member, is Professor Magdalene Dafoe." Mag rose from her seat in acknowledgement, just as Quirrell had. She was met with polite applause and, if she'd heard correctly, a wolf-whistle. She saw Minerva McGonagall shoot a deathly glare towards the Gryffindor table.

Severus was glaring as well. She smiled at him, and he sniffed.

"Great way to start a job." He grunted.

The next morning, Fred and George were at the front of the Muggle Studies classroom, with a very clear and close-up view of Professor Dafoe.

And oh, were they grateful.

She was easily one of the few teachers that would be easy to listen to during a lecture; her voice was very pretty. Her physical appearance wasn't exactly hard on the eyes either. As George had stated the night before, that picture had done her justice.

The Professor explained the outlines of the course, which basically involved teaching them about normal things in muggle life; ergo, if they went into jobs that required them to interact at length with muggles, they would know things that all muggles tended to know simply from common sense.

"Does anyone have any questions?"

George's hand shot up. The Professor spent a split second eyeing him with something akin to caution, and he knew that if Snape hadn't warned her about the Weasley Twins, the rest of the staff had.

"Yes, Mr.…?"

"Weasley, ma'am. George Weasley." Professor Dafoe smiled at him, albeit a bit warily.

"And your question, Mr. Weasley?"

"Are you really married to Professor Snape?"

There were a few sharp choking noises of surprise from their classmates. Angelina Johnson in particular was looking at him as though he'd just jumped onto the desk before him and started doing a jig.

It was a bold statement; they had yet to truly glean just how strict or lax Professor Dafoe was, and how exactly she would react to a comment such as George's. Dumbledore would have laughed. McGonagall would have given them a month's detention. Snape would have killed him on the spot (Translating to three month's detention).

Dafoe looked surprised for a moment- but just a split second, really. She quickly regained full composure and allowed a little smirk to cross her face.

"Mr. Weasley, I fail to see how that relates to the topic of Muggle Studies. Please ensure that all further inquiries are pertinent to the course." With that she flicked her wrist a bit to adjust the sleeve of her dress before leaning against her desk.

With that small movement, though, the twins' eyes caught the reflection of something on her hand:

A small, gold wedding band.

They gaped. And then they met her stare again. The smirk flickered back in an instant, and then died just as quickly.

Completely irrelevant.

But yes: As a matter of fact, I am.