Written for the Forum Wide Competition at Harry Potter Challenges Forum

Prompt: Fall

House: Slytherin

Challenge: You must use at least two meanings of the word you are given in the fic.

Special thanks to xakemii for the beta work :)

He didn't know exactly when he fell in love with Ginvera Weasley. Maybe it was when she sat there with him for an entire afternoon near the lake when his father was captured and taken into Azkaban. She didn't say anything, understanding his need for silence, yet she stayed by him until nightfall, just sitting there and holding his hand for comfort.

Maybe it was during the Carrow's reign in Hogwarts, when his family had fallen out of favor with the Dark Lord, yet he was still the most detested Slytherin and blamed for the death of Dumbledore. He had felt the stares of Hufflepuffs, the plain hateful glances of the Gryffindors and horror-full looks of the Ravenclaws sent his way. She was the only one who stood beside him. She stood up, not only for him, but also for what she believed in. He saw how she suffered, how she was subjected to the Cruciatus Curse every single day, yet she stood up to fight again.

Perhaps he fell in love with her when the blizzard had hit Hogwarts and that mad, raving, little, red-haired witch dragged him outside to play in the horrible weather. He told her, Malfoys do not play. But did she ever listen? As he watched her twirl in the grounds, with rain, snow and sleet falling around her, she was the most ravishing girl he had ever seen. So pretty, so beautiful, so amazing.

Or maybe it was when he saw her fly around the Quidditch pitch, playing against him fiercely, as she said she would. She narrowly missed the bludger thrown her way, and scored for Gryffindor. She was fierce, determined and just breathtaking. For the first time in his life, he truly understood what pride meant as she scored another 10 points for the Gryffindor house.

Or perhaps he had fallen for her the day he first laid his eyes on her in Flourish and Blotts. With her red-hair falling down her back, freckles dotting her face, and eyes raging with fury, she looked heavenly. When she had stood up for The-Boy-With-The-Lightening-Scar, he had felt an unfamiliar ache in his heart, and maybe that's when he truly started detesting Potter.

He did know, however, that the first time he realized that he was in love with her was when he saw her, broken into so many pieces, curled up in a ball in the far corner of Hogwarts and crying over the death of her brother, who had fallen in the war. He had never seen her so so broken, so upset, and it broke his heart. He couldn't watch her like that. He couldn't. She was his Ginny, his ever-smiling, hopeful, full of life Ginny.

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