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Watching the battle below, Kai couldn't help but bite his lip nervously.

It was Takao vs. Rei, and Kai was beginning to notice the Chinese boy's obvious lack of enthusiasm.

Takao had been practicing, that much was obvious, but, so had Rei, and Kai could find no plausible reason why the raven-haired boy would be having so much trouble.

Then, with a final push, Dragoon pushed Driger out of the ring, but Rei didn't even seem to notice.

Obviously annoyed, Takao began to snap his fingers in the others face until he got an response.

Rei had always prided himself on his cat-like reflexes, but Kai had to be skeptical as the scared neko-jin walked backwards-right into the koi pond.

"Kon, take a break and come back when your ready to be serious" Kai said in what he hoped was a stern voice, although some worry may have swept through.

Nodding, Rei left, walking through the dojo and the kitchen before plopping down on one of the couched in the living room, a cold, frothy glass of milk in hand, which he sipped daintily.

Suddenly, a very hot mental image of Kai popped in his mind, and it took all the strength he had not to spit the milk back out.

"Oh, kami-sama, what's the matter with me?" he moaned, burying his face in his hands pitifully.

The village did not approve of such relationships, but he couldn't help it-

He was in love with the Kai Hiwatari.

Surprising, he knew, but no matter what he did, he just could not forget his affection for the dual-haired Russian.

"So, you love me, Rei Kon? I thought your village didn't approve of such things."

Flushing, Rei at first thought it was an overactive imagination, but, upon turning around, he found himself face-to-face with his crush.

Smirking, Kai couldn't help but think of how cute Rei looked when blushing.

"I-I'm so sorry, Kai, I know you don't feel the same, but-"

"Now, who told you that?" Kai said sternly as he pressed his lips to Rei's.

'If I'm dreaming, I hope I never wake up!' Rei thought as he melted into the kiss.

The kiss ended too soon for both parties, and Rei mewled at the loss of contact, to Kai's obvious amusement

"Now, shall we get back?" Kai said motioning to the door.

Thinking it had been a one-time thing, Rei dejectedly made his way out.

Imagine his surprise when he felt his ass slapped while doing so.

Blushing at first, Rei soon smiled, showing off his white, pointy teeth to the world as he and Kai walked back out together.

Meanwhile, Takao and Max where about to start a match of their own when Takao suddenly dropped his blade.

"Takao? What's the matter?" Max asked his voice laced with worry.

"K-Kai's smiling! Kai's actually smiling!" Takao said pretending to hyperventilate.

Rolling his eyes, Max turned to see that Takao was right, Kai actually was smiling.

Raising an eyebrow, Max turned to find Takao pretending to faint from shock.

Laughing, Max decided to call out to Kai and Rei:

"Hey, Rei, wanna battle?"

Hearing the call of his blond teammate, Rei smiled.

"Sure, but your going down!"

"3...2...1...LET IT RIP!"

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