Soul Silver
By Belletiger BT



"I feel danger…" whispered a voice.

"Danger? What are you talking about?" asked another voice." I don't sense anything."

"Open your eyes, Silver."


A red haired 9 years old boy gasped in surprise as thunders crashed outside of the orphanage. He could sense something was wrong in there. Then, he heard screaming's from the other side of the orphanage. A woman who was always took care of him since he arrived at orphanage, when he was 5 years old, stood up in the door way, covered by her own blood.

"Silver…. Run…." Said the woman before she fell down in the ground, dead.

The boy named Silver, he was paralyzed in fear. He just saw his caretaker dying in the front of him. Then he heard an angry voice in his heard

"Silver! Get out there! Now!

The angry voice made Silver snaps out to the reality and he stared to run. He was scared, very scared. He didn't know what was happening in there. He was just running until a long blade almost cuts him. The red haired boy stopped to run as a shadow was behind of him; with a katana sword in his right hand.

"There nowhere to run, Ichigo-kun." Said a sinister male voice. " Be a good kid and come with me."

Then, Silver's blue's eyes was slowly changing into a brown/ember color. His voice has also become deeper.

"I will not going to anywhere with you!"

Silver quickly turned around as a weird mask covered his face as he fired a powered red blast.


The orphanage exploded with the impact of the red blast. But nothing happened to the shadow figure. The Shadow figure smirked. Thought he failed to retrieve to his master, he liked how the things came out.

"A cero, hun? Without your zanpakatou, you're now depending on your hollow powers to fight back and to protect your vessel? Interesting. So be it. Aizen-sama does like cat and rat games anyway." with this, the shadow figure leaves the building that once was an orphanage.


Silver was taking deep breaths in the forest. Tears rolled down in his face as he saw from a far distance the place that was his home. The same voice in his head spoke to him in a very soft tone.

"I am sorry for this Silver. But there's no going back now."

"I know." Said Silver. "Let's go, Ichigo."

Then, the lone red haired boy walks away, with the only friend he has; Kurosaki Ichigo, the substitute shinigami from the other world that somehow was reborn into him. And now both of them running away from the same enemy; Aizen Sousuke. Two souls, one body and the same path.

To be Continued.

A/N: Yeah, My first pokemon/bleach crossover fic. This plot bunny was bothering me for a while, and I just have to write it. Anyway, let's go to the characters.

Ichigo: like we all know, he's the substitute shinigami from Bleach world. He ends up reborn into a kid named Silver. Ichigo plays as a mentor to silver as he teaches him about the shinigami, ghosts and hollows while Silver himself teaches him about the pokemon. His Zanpakatou, Zangetsu was left behind in his home world. Because of that, he is forced to use his hollow powers to protect Silver from Aizen and Gin. Ichigo only takes over Silver's body when he has to in order to protect him and to use his vizard powers.

Silver: Silver is red haired child who was abandoned by his father. He ends up living an orphanage before Aizen's came and destroy it. Silver do not trust anybody, except for Ichigo himself. Unlike his game counterpart, Silver in this story cares deeply about his pokemon and Ichigo.

Next chapter will explain how Ichigo ends up in Silver's body and what happened in the battle agaist Aizen in the bleach wolrd. And also Rukia and company in the bleach world will find a way to go which world Ichigo is.

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