As Sirius's body flew backwards into the Veil, Harry's knees buckled from underneath him, causing him to fall to the floor in despair as Bellatrix's laughter echoed throughout the Department of Mysteries. Then, in victorious stature, Bellatrix turned away, intent on giving her piece of mind - her sarcastic, cold retaliation of words about her cousin's timely death - and smirked.

Ginny had only two thoughts in her mind. 1. Harry. The desire to run to his aid flooded her body. The guilt, the grief, the sadness tightened at her throat, and she knew that if she was feeling this bad, she couldn't even begin to imagine what the person she loved most in this world must be feeling.

And 2. Bellatrix, whose smirk she wanted more than anything to slap off her disgusting, pathetic face. The woman opened her mouth, and without thinking, Ginny pulled her wand to aim and shouted out the words that first came to her head.

With dark eyes, Bellatrix fixed her attention on Ginny instead, obviously displeased, and yet, clearly entertained. The spell was easily deflected with a flick of her wand.

"Bat Bogey, hm? Is that the best you've got, Weasley?" she said, her voice dripping of satisfaction. "Come on then, let's see what you've got."

Bellatrix smiled, raising her wand at the ready. Anger overtook her body as Ron pushed his in front of hers, protecting her. Harry, none the wiser, stared into the Veil as if his entire world was lost, which only enraged Ginny further.

"If you want to hurt Ginny, then you've got to get through me first," Ron said, his voice loud but shaky. Ginny could clearly hear the worry in his face.

Bellatrix laughed again. "As you wish," she said eloquently, raising an eyebrow, and before Ginny could move, a spell was uttered from her lips and Ron's body was thrown across the room.

Hermione screamed as she moved away from Harry and raced toward Ron's unconscious body.

With her attention currently on the Trio, Ginny made her move. Quickly and in a burst of sparks, Ginny's spell impacted against Bellatrix's chest, throwing her body into the wall behind her, knocking her unconscious.

Ginny only vaguely heard her name as a series of pops surrounded the room. Her vision darkened, and the last thing she remembered was the sound of her mother rushing towards her, calling out her name in panic.


The voice came in from a distance, her mind and vision foggy as she struggled to keep her eyes open. The image in front of her cleared.

"Mum?" Her voice came out raspy and she cleared it. Her head was killing her, but she couldn't remember why.

"Oh, Ginny, you're okay," her mother gushed as she enveloped her only daughter into a hug.

"What happened?" she asked.

She looked around the room then. She was in her bedroom, she noticed, recognizing the purple wallpaper and the feel of her twin sized bed easily.

She didn't dare move. Her body and her head were killing her.

"Ginny, you did it," her mother said with pride, her face glowing, before it contorted into an expression of anger. "And how incredibly dangerous, Ginny, what on earth were you thinking? I ought to ground you for the entire summer!"

She noticed for the first time that Ron and Hermione were sitting behind her mother. Ron was grinning as he spoke for the first time, ignoring his mother.

"I can't believe it," Ron said. It wasn't the first time he'd said it in the last few hours. "My sister!" he directed towards Hermione. "Disarmed Bellatrix LeStrange. Brilliant. Bloody brilliant!"

"Ronald Weasley!

Despite her mother's sputtering, Ginny's eyes widened. "You mean, my spell actually hit her?" she asked, beginning to remember for the first time.

She saw the veil in her head, Bellatrix's laughter, Harry's mourning. "How?"

"Because you're bloody brilliant!" Ron said, gloating. "My sister, can you believe it?"

Mrs. Weasley spluttered again, but ignored it. "Oh, Ginny, you were so strong," she gushed, smiling as she stroked her daughter's hair.

"But how?" Ginny asked again. "And where is she now? And Harry? Where is Harry?"

"Shh, Ginny," her mother said as she tucked the blankets around her daughter's small form. "Don't overwork yourself. Everything's fine. Bellatrix is in the Order's hands now."

Ginny nodded. "But Harry? Is he alright?"

Nobody answered for a moment until Hermione stood up from her chair. "I'm glad you're okay, Ginny. We were really worried," she said softly. "I'm going to go check on Harry."

With that, she left the room.

"What's going on?" Ginny asked.

Ron looked down at his feet. "Harry's locked himself in my room. Won't talk to anyone."


She didn't know why she asked, but she wanted to know for sure. She knew that losing somebody so close to you was bound to hurt, but Harry was strong, wasn't he? He could get through anything.

"When Sirius-" Ron stopped himself and cleared his throat.

Ginny's mother stepped in. "He's having trouble coping, dear. Just think if you lost one of your brothers. I want you both to try and understand what he's going through. No acting up. He's going to need time to recover and he's going to need support."

They both nodded and Mrs. Weasley stood up. "I'm going to go put lunch on. No getting out of bed just yet for you, Ginny. You need your rest."

Ginny groaned as her mother closed the door behind her. Ron moved his chair closer to her bed.

"Mum won't admit this," he started,. "Because she's afraid you'll want to go off and do something stupid, but everyone's talking about what happened, what you did. Disarming Bellatrix was the best thing that's happened to us since You-Know-Who came back, Ginny. That's what the Order's saying. They're thinking this is going to help tip the scales onto our side."

"You really think so?" Ginny asked, hopeful.

Ron nodded. "It was bloody brilliant, Ginny."

"You said that already, Ron," Ginny said, giving a small smile.

"It was!" he insisted. "You're a hero, Ginny. I bet even Harry thinks so."

She blushed at the thought. It wasn't that she still liked him. But having Harry Potter's opinion on things changed a lot about how you looked at yourself. It meant something. And Harry Potter meant a lot to her, whether she dared to admit it or not.

"I don't really feel like a hero," she said, her voice barely a whisper.

Ron just smiled. "Bloody brilliant," he said again. "My sister! Can't believe it!"

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