Ginny Weasley sat at table in the Library surrounded by former DA members. With the Trio's training schedule, and among the other things they were doing that they wouldn't let Ginny in on, Harry had almost no time for DA meetings.

It had been almost a week since they had gotten to Hogwarts. Almost a week since she caught Ron and Harry fighting over her. Of course Ron was upset when he found out Harry was letting Ginny join the fight.

That is, until Harry politely informed Ron to "let her have her glory, Ron. What she did with Bellatrix... You'd feel the same way if you were in her shoes. I'm not really going to let her fight."

Ginny's hopes had fallen that day when she ran from where she was hiding on the second floor of the Burrow and cried. She had finally thought that this whole thing with Bellatrix would convince people to treat her like she was worthy of something, like she wasn't just a kid anymore.

And Harry had lied to her. She should have known. But at least they were letting her train with them.

That still didn't help the feeling inside of her that was screaming at her to do something. Ever since that night... she had this motivation, this courage. She felt like they could do it... really do it. They could defeat Voldemort's army.

And if she had to enlist in another group of members to get this done, then she was.

Luna sat across from her at the table next to Neville, researching defense spells, when a sixth year Ravenclaw walked in the door.

"Ginny Weasley," he drawled, smiling, and Ginny turned her head, eyes wide.

He was absolutely gorgeous with dirty blonde hair that hung into his bright, blue eyes. And he was tall. Oh Merlin was he tall. Ginny felt herself falling as she nodded at him.

"Everyone's talking about you," he said.

Ginny paled. "Why? What are they saying?"

He looked at her oddly, raising an eyebrow. "Bellatrix LeStrange."

Ginny's mouth formed an O-shape as the color flooded back to her cheeks. "Oh."

Shaking his head, he continued. "Anyway, I was wondering if I could join your club."

At this, Neville raised his head from his notes, staring at the Ravenclaw suspiciously. "What makes you think we have a club?"

"Cho Chang told me."

Ginny rolled her eyes. "Of course. Well, it's not up to me. It's up to everyone. We'll have to vote on it first. Why do you want to join anyway?"

The sixth year looked at her seriously. "I want to be on the right side when all this goes down. And if you can beat Bellatrix, anyone can, right? And I think I can help."

She clenched her jaw, but nodded. Of course. Nobody believed she could actually do anything more powerful than the rest. No, if Ginny Weasley could attempt something and succeed, then bloody hell, it must have been easy to accomplish!

"Who votes?"

All five hands at the table rose in the air, and she sighed. "You're in."

He smiled at her then. "Thank you."

"It's nothing," she said. "But you'll have to sign our contract. Nobody else can know about the DA, understood?"

Nodding, he enveloped her in a hug that made her feel dizzy and warm all at the same time. Forgetting everything he had said previously, she tried to hide the grin that was attempting to control her face.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Harry Potter passing by the Library, looking in at her, a confused expression on his face.

She pushed the sixth year away from her gently, sighing. Of course Harry Potter would have walked by at just that moment. With her luck, he'd never see her as anything but a friend or that girl who dated everyone in the school.

"The name's Michael, by the way."

Great, she thought. Another reminder of her ex.

Ginny forced a smile anyway. "Welcome to the DA."

With the DA, class, and training, Ginny felt herself crumbling under all the stress. She hadn't slept in days, it felt like. At least she wasn't being ignored anymore, she thought. One positive for the year. And with Luna and Neville hanging around, she never really felt alone.

But she still longed to finally be included in the Trio. They were keeping something from her, she knew. She could tell by the way they would hush quickly whenever she walked by them. Maybe they were planning something. She wanted to figure it out.

As she walked into the Great Hall for lunch, her books barely secure in her arms as her book bag strap had broke earlier in the week, a group of second years came up to her, all whispering and gossiping.

"Ginny, how did you do it?" One of them asked and the rest of the girls started giggling.

She raised an eyebrow. "Do what?" She so did not need this right, not when she was piles high lost in homework and research. All she wanted to do was get something to eat quickly and then head to the Library. Where was Luna when she needed her?

Another one of the second years piped up. "Stun Bellatrix LeStrange."

"So amazing," another one whispered as the girl next to her nodded. "I can't believe she did it."

This had been the usual for Ginny since she had come back to Hogwarts. All the Slytherins hated her and all the Gryffindors praised her. Not that she minded, of course. It made her feel good for once, like she had done something great that nobody else could do.

"I-" she blanked. "I don't know."

She saw that Harry had just sat down next to Ron and Hermione when his head turned, obviously tuning in to her conversation.

Oh Merlin, she thought. Not now, Harry.

"How can you not know?" another asked.

She was starting to feel all panicky. Her heart was racing and her palms were sweaty. The books began slipping from her arms.

Ginny shook her head. "I just don't know, okay?" she snapped. "I just saw that Harry was hurt and I got mad. That's all."

The group seemed disappointed with her answer yet intrigued as Harry's name was mentioned.

"Do you like Harry Potter?" one asked and the others followed along in more giggles.

Ginny paled. Oh Merlin, she thought again. The books were slipping and Harry was watching. She couldn't answer it, she thought. I must look like such a fool right now.

It was at this time that the book slipped from her arms and that sixth year Ravenclaw, Michael, came in beside her, picking up her books and looking at her, eyebrows raised and a smile on his face.

"I think these might be too heavy for you," he said.

Ginny narrowed her eyes. Harry was still watching and she wished Michael would just go away.

"They slipped," she said pathetically. "And I was perfectly fine without you showing up."

He ignored this and looked toward the group of second years. "Sorry, kids, question time's over. Don't you all have class to get to?"

They all groaned and he smirked, looking at Ginny.

"Here, I'll walk you to class."

She looked back over at the table the Trio had been sitting at, but they were gone. She huffed.


A/N: Another chapter. Not much Harry interaction, but I can say that the next chapter will have some Harry/Ginny progress. :)