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Author's Note: I've seen so many of these I just had to write one, and I came across a few ideas while watching some of the episodes I've taped. Yes I do tape them, I'm a bit obsessed but I'm sure I'm not the only one.
Summary: These are just some little pointless things that you'd probably never hear the X-Men say.

Things you'd Never Hear The X-Men Say:

1. Kurt: "You know I really am sick of this German accent, I think I'll act Russian for a while."

2. Rogue: (singing N'Sync) "Don't really wanna make it tough, I just wanna tell ya that I had enough, It may sound crazy but it ain't no lie, Bye bye bye!"

3. Wolverine: "Hey Sabertooth wanna go fer a drink?"
Sabertooth: "Yeah sure, why not."

4. Kitty: "I'm like totally sick of my own voice!?? Isn't that like so nieve of me? Like whoa, am I like really that annoying??" (A/N sorry, didn't mean to make fun o' Kitty, I like her but I jus had to do that)

5. Scott: "I'm really bored with these red shades, I think I'll try blue ones instead." (takes off his shades and puts on a blue pair, accidentally shoots a whole in the wall) "Oops, it wasn't me!"

6. Jean: (talking to Duncan) "I realized you are such a self-centered asshole! (starts giggling) Me a big potty mouth! hehe!" (runs away)

7. Ororo: "I am in love with Logan!!! There I said it, are you happy now!?" (A/N had to put that there)

8. Juggernaut: "Fee fi, fo fum, I smell the blood of an English man!"

9. Professor X : (looking at Magneto) "You think evil, I'm going to have to change your thoughts!"
Scott: "Isn't that brain washing??"
Professor X: "No it's not!" (changes Scotts thoughts)
Scott: "No brain washing here." (walks away)

10. Wolverine: (Popping out his claws) "We're havin' shish-kabobs t'night!"

11. Spyke: "I've decided to take up rollerblading." (A/N for those of u who don't know, you should, Evan's a big fan of skateboarding and boarders hate bladers)

12. Scott: (singing) "Oh I wish I were and Osker Myer wiener, that is what I truly want to be!"

13. Jean: (giggling) "Hehe, I farted!"
14. Wolverine: (starts sticking magnets to his claws) "Heh, heh, this is fun."

15. Storm: "Hmmm...I'm in a bad mood today, let's make it rain!"

16. Toad: "Mah tongue ish shtuck to the floor!"

17. Blob: "Does anyone know Jenny Craig's number??"

18. Quicksilver: "I wish I was a turtle!"

19. Magneto: "Charles would you please pass the Grey Poupon?"

Prof. X: "No problem."

20.Prof. X: (gets up out of his wheel chair and runs around) "Hehehe! I can walk! I can walk! I fooled you all!!"

21. Beast: "I think I'm going to shave all my fur off."

22. Ororo: "Look at some of these words I found in the Dictionary! Bitch, whore, fuck, bastard, mother-fucker,..that's so funny!"

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