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Summary: These are just some little pointless things that you'd probably never hear the X-Men say. By popular demand I've added more so read and be happy. I got some ideas while in Biology class at school one day and thought i'd put them to paper! well here goes!

Things you'd Never Hear The X-Men Say 6:

1. (Wolvie and Superman fighting)
Superman: "I'm the real man o' steel!"
Wolverine: "No I am!!"
Superman: "No ME!
Wolverine: "MEEE!!!"

2. Kurt: "Hey guys I'm gonna start a band! We're called Fuzzy Blue and the Disappearing Elves!"

3. Jean: (To professor X) "X this and X that! Why does it all have to be about you!"

4. Toad: "Lickety Lick! Give us a kiss!" (A/N got that one from x-men: mutant accademy game. hehe.)

5. Pietro: "Magneto's my dad?! What?? You gotta be kidding! He's so slow!"

6. Rogue: "Where am ah supposed to go?"
Logan: "I dunno."
Rogue: "You don't know, or you don't care?"
Logan: "Pick one."
Kitty: "Ok, like how many times have you guys watched the X-Men movie??"

7. (Rogue walks over to Scott and taps him on the shoulder)
Scott: "Eeek! No don't touch me! I'm poison!!"
Rogue: "That's mah power you dumbass!"
Scott: "Oh, well that explains alot."

8. Logan: "Whoa, whoa, h-hey, it's me."
Scott: "Prove it."
Logan: "Yer a dick!"
Kitty: "Ok that's it! I'm confiscating that video!"
Scott: "You're just jealous, 'cause you didn't get a big part!"
Kitty: "Argh!" (Sticks her tongue out and phases through the wall)

9. Spyke: "Hey, that's dangerous! You'll poke someones eye out!!"

10. Wolverine: "Hey Elf."
Kurt: "Ok that's it! You've officially lowered my self esteem for the day!"
Wolverine: "What I do?"

11. Kitty: (running through the mansion screaming) "Ahhhhh! Help! Wolfsbane's chasing me again!!"
Rahne: (in her wolf form) "Here Kitty, kitty! Grrrrrrrr!!"

12. Storm: "Hey! It's Mr.Clean!"
Professor X: "I told you specifically NOT to call me that!!"

13. Sabertooth: (singing) "I am stuck on Band-aid brand cuz Band-aid's stuck on me!"
Mystique: "Will someone make him stop singing that!!?"
Magneto: "He doesn't even need to use Band-aids!"
Sabertooth: "I am stuck on Band-aid brand, cuz germs don't stick on me!"

14. Multiple: (singing Pink) "I'm a hazard to myself!!! Don't let me get me!"

15. Bobby: (laying on the couch with a blanket pulled up to his chin, blows out a breath of cold air) "Hey Kitty, can I tell you a secret??"
Kitty: "What is it Bobby??"
Bobby: "I see dead people!"
Kitty: Ok, like no more movies for you guys!!"

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