Bella's POV

Is August today is my last year of high school; my name is Isabella Marie Swan, but I prefer to be called Bella and I become a senior here at Eclipse High School. Where I had good and bad experiences in the three years that I've been here specially in the love department, I came to Eclipse high school when I moved to Forks a small and rainy town in Washington with my dad, Charlie.

My dad and I never had a great relationship, because I left with my mother Renée when I was two years old. But in the last three years I've been living with Charlie, because Renée got remarried and she was still in the honeymoon phase… Charlie has given me everything a girl could ask for, I have to admitted I'm daddy's little girl, He's always there where I need him, when the boys broke my heart, when I need it an advice, he's there even when I had nightmare when I first moved here to Forks. He's the world greatest dad.

Now I'm here in my room thinking about everything that had pass in these three years, I had discovered myself in so many ways. But also my mind was full of visions for my future, last night Charlie and I started talking about college and what I wanted to choose for a career, he told me told me that no matter what I choose for a career he was proud of me. I was getting ready to go to school, and I started fighting with my closet.

"Ahh! I've nothing to wear!" I said

That is not true I have a closet full of clothes thanks to my best friends Alice and Rosaline, we've been best friends since I move here to Forks, we enjoy going shopping and going to the movies and hang out at the beach in La Push where I met my boyfriend Jacob. Jacob is a good person, he's sweet and lovable but lately he had change he doesn't treat me the same. As for Alice she was short like a pixie, with short black hair sticking up everywhere and her eyes where honey gold, as for Rosie well she was tall and gorgeous she was tall and blond with beautiful blue eyes. But I was the opposite of them I wasn't a model like Rosie, I had long brown hair with brown eyes and pale the only color that I had was when I blush. I was interrupted of my thoughts when I hear my phone ring with the 'Barbie Girl' theme song I knew it was Alice on the phone, she hate it that ring tone but come she is always playing Bella Barbie with me so the ringtone fit.

"Hello?" I said

"Hey Bella, how are you?" said Alice

"I'm good. I'm fighting with my closet I've nothing to wear seriously!" I said

"That is impossible Bella you have a closet full of clothes thanks to me" said Alice "Besides you look great in everything"

"True, but I don't know what to wear! Help me!" I said

"Okay, Bella I'll help you. Go to your closet and get your black skinny jeans and your Blink-182 t-shirt and you black boots" said Alice "And don't forget your black jean jacket"

"That's perfect! Alice you're a life safer!" I said

"I know! Anyway see you at school, Jasper is here. Bye!" said Alice

"Oh okay see you at school!" I said as I hang up the phone

I got dress and did my make-up, took my backpack and my iPod and headed down stairs, to the kitchen where I saw Charlie

"Good morning, dad!" I said while kissing him on the cheek

"Good morning, baby girl. Are you excited for your senior year?" said Charlie as he drank his coffee

"Well yes, I'm excited but not that excited thou" I said as put some toast in the toaster

"What do you mean?" said Charlie with a concern look

"I don't know, is just this weird feeling I have" I said as I took the toast from the toaster

"Oh, well good luck with that. And don't worry, just have with your last year of high school" said Charlie "Well I have to go work, see you later honey"

"Oh okay dad. Love you!" I said

"Love you too" said Charlie as he wave good bye

I finish my toasts and got my car keys, did I mention how much I love my car, is a black '69 Mustang convertible it was my 16th birthday present from Charlie. I hook my iPod to the radio and put on one of my favorite Blink-182 songs 'The Rock Show', man I love that band, I went to their last concert before they broke up and have a huge crush with Tom Delonge and his new band Angels & Airwaves which is also one of my favorite bands. Okay I admitted I'm a rocker girl but I also listen to other kinds of music like the Backstreet Boys and Kelly Clarkson and others.

As was singing at the top of my longs when the end of the song was coming up as I arrived at the school parking lot…

I fell in love with the girl at the rock show
She said "what?" and I told her that I didn't know
She's so cool, gonna sneak in through her window
Everything's better when she's around
I can't wait 'til her parents go out of town
I fell in love with the girl at the rock show

With the girl at the rock show
With the girl at the rock show
(I'll never forget tonight)
With the girl at the rock show...

As I was parking my car next to a shiny grey Volvo, that belong to one of my best friends, my personal god, my shoulder to cry on and Alice's brother Edward Cullen. Edward was handsome and sexy; he was tall like 6', with piercing green eyes and a great body.

"You know Bella, I never thought that you were the singing type" said Edward as he reach my car and opening the door for me

"Whatever Edward!" I said "And thank you"

"You welcome Bella. So are you ready for our last year of high school?" said Edward

"Kind of. I have this weird feeling that something is going to happen" I said

"You know you're kind of weird yourself Swan" said Edward chuckle

"And still you hang out with me Cullen" I said winking at him

"True. So how is Jacob? Haven't seen him lately" said Edward

"I don't know I haven't spoke to him since Friday night" I said

And today is Monday, which super weird because he calls me every day, and every hour of the day. I mean sometimes I have to tell him to let the phone charge and rest.

"And why is that? Are you guys having problems or something?" said Edward

"I don't know, I mean we talk and hang out and stuff but lately is just like we were friends and not a couple you know" I said holding my tears "I feel like I'm not a good girlfriend, I feel stupid!"

"Hey stop talking like that Bella, you're not stupid and you're defiantly a good girlfriend" said Edward pulling me in to a hug "Just give him time, and you know I'm here for you"

"Thank you Edward, you're the best friend that a girl can have" I said

"I know, now let's get to class" said Edward smiling with his crocked smile

God I love that smile, if only he knew that every time that he smile like that I melt inside!

"Okay" I said

We started heading to the school, when Edward put his arm on my shoulder this was normal on us. Everybody knew that Edward and I were the best's friends ever; and that will never change between us… I think.

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A/N 2: The Rock Show-Blink 182