"Hey." Annabel breezed, walking into my room like it was no big thing. I smiled as she plopped down on the bed next to me, snuggling into my pillow and closing her eyes.

I moved my laptop off my lap and onto my nightstand.

"Hey." I chuckled, smoothing back her hair.

"Whatcha doing?" she asked quietly, yawning with her eyes still closed. I curled my fingers around her lock of utterly perfect blonde hair, inhaling the comforting smell of her. Like peppermints and flowers.

"Preparing for my first show back. I have had tons of stuff to play that you wouldn't." I growled playfully, ducking down to kiss her forehead.

"I told you I wasn't playing anything that didn't involve any words." She reminded me, tapping my arm with her index finger.

"I know, I know." I murmured, not wanting to get into another spirited discussion with her again. She looked so beautiful, the light from my open window splashing her golden face with the perfect amount of afternoon sunshine.

"I'm glad I finally get to see you more." She whispered, opening her eyes to look at me. Today was the first day my sentence was up for punching Will Cash. It's hard to believe that was only a month and a half ago? It seemed like another lifetime.

At noon when mom came home from work to go to a doctor's appointment with Mallory, I was officially a free man.

"I am too. So glad, you have no idea." I said truthfully, stroking her cheek with my fingertips. She seemed to catch up on my mood in an instant, or maybe she had already been there.

She shifted, propping herself up on her elbow until her face was even with mine. My fingers, still in twined in her hair, guided her face closer until her lips were parallel to mine. I never got tired of kissing Annabel. Never. The feeling of her warm, soft and always welcoming lips was unlike anything I've ever experienced. The taste of iced coffee was on her tongue.

The only sounds were our ragged, uneven breathing, the pounding of our hearts and the caress of our lips moving in perfect synchronization. And for once, this bubble of calm was almost silent, but it wasn't so freaking loud.

I knew her boundary wall would start to rise in a few minutes. I knew she was still uncomfortable with physical relationships after the trauma of what she went through, so it surprised me a little when her body rolled closer to him. When her lips became more urgent and her tiny hands grasped tighter against my neck.

I was all too happy to reciprocate.

We rolled so that I was above her and her kissing became more desperate. Like her cry was as strong as mine. Our hands worked together to slowly unbutton the front of my plaid shirt.

My head was a frenzy of thoughts and with every touch it felt like she was sending another one of my cells into haywire. After a few minutes I was shirtless, but I was cautious about hers.

She was raped for Pete's sake, how can she be ready for this right now? But it seemed like she was. The way she kissed me, the way she moved, it wasn't like she was desperate. It didn't feel like she was bored and needed sex.

In my mind, it was like she needed me to protect her. She needed to know that I wasn't going anywhere and that I was going to love her, in every way shape or form. And I was willing to give her that lesson.

She tugged her plain white t-shirt over her head for her, making my decision for me. Completely ending my current train of thought. I already knew my girlfriend had a perfect body. You could tell by looking at her.

But I was not prepared for the utter Goddess tone of her features. The curve of her muscles, the toned features of her flat stomach. And her white lacey bra was distracting enough in itself.

We rolled back around again and she giggled, pressing her warm bodied flesh against mine, tangling our jeaned legs together.

I heard her.

"Throw my hands up their playing my song, butterflies fly away." Mallory was singing to herself. My stomach dropped to my knees. I heard her walking down the hardwood floor of the hallway. Stopping in front of my room.

"Owen! Moms on the phone, she wants to talk to you!" She called, rattling my doorknob.

Mallory let herself in without knocking. My damn door didn't lock. Annabel disappeared off me in a flash, curling up in a ball underneath my comforter.

"Oh. Oh." She breathed, eyes widened as she took in the scene. Annabel's half naked body one second to her jean clad legs sticking out under my comforter. Me, shirtless, with red and puffy lips.

Mallory was fourteen now, birthday last month. She was fourteen, not stupid.

"I'm sorry. I really am, Mom is on the phone." She said nervously, blushing scarlett. I'm really surprised she didn't say anything giddy or giggled. Annabel moaned with humiliation lightly and I smiled.

"I'm just going to go bleach my eyes now." Mallory smiled slightly, practically bolting out the door. I put the phone to my ear and tried to get my mom to end the phone call as quickly as possibly.

"Bell, come out." I whispered, tickling the sides of the lump under my comforter. She giggled slightly, pulling back the blanket. Her face was horrified, her blue eyes wide with discomfort.

"I'm about to die." She moaned, covering her face in her hands.

"Don't do that." I teased, grasping her fingers to pull them away from her pretty face. I brought her hand to my mouth, kissing her index finger.

"Your sister is never going to be able to look me in the eye ever again." She groaned again, leaning her forehead against my bicep.

"Mallory will get over it. Hey, if it becomes a problem, we'll just tell her you were practicing for modeling for a lingerie company." I suggested, grazing my finger across the strap of her bra. "I was helping."

She laughed and closed her eyes. I could tell that the spark of the moment was out, long gone. So, I pulled her against my chest. She sighed happily, resting her cheek right above my heart beat.

"That could work." She offered.

"It's a deal, partner." I chuckled, rubbing her arm slowly. She turned her face to look at me.

"What should we do today?" she asked a few moments later.

"I'm not sure," I lied. I had one suggestion but after getting interrupted by my sister, she wasn't going to fall for that idea.

"Come on. I want to show you something." She said fiercely. She grinned and tossed me my shirt, climbing off my bed.

"What?" I asked.

"You'll see."