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Chapter 21



Is it possible to love someone and want to murder them at the same time? Because ever since I had asked Jasper to move in with me, and he had started doing just that, I had wanted to beat him over the head.

Not that I didn't want Jasper to move in. I did, with everything in me. But I had learned something about Jasper this past week: Jasper was a messy mover.

My house was currently filled with boxes that he would bring over, unpack halfway, and then leave pressed against the wall for me to trip over, knock everything out of them, and then curse him out while finishing his unpacking for him.

It was a testament to how much I loved him that his apologetic smile would instantly stop my mid-breakfast rants. He truly was sorry, knowing how important my clean house was to me. And I really did forgive him because I knew that he was used to doing things his way and not having to live with someone who cared about tidiness.

It was the first test in our renewed relationship, and it sure was testing. Some days I would roll over in the middle of the night and see the boxes or a pile of junk on the floor and it would take everything in me not to 'accidentally' elbow Jasper in the face. Then I'd swear to myself that I would tell him off the next morning, but as soon as I'd start elevating my voice, Jasper would swoop in with an apologetic, lopsided grin and a heartfelt apology and blow all the wind from my sails.

But despite all the frustration that moving involved, it was still worth it every time I opened my closet and Jasper's clothes were hanging next to mine. Our DVDs and CDs had merged, practically tripling my collection.

The day he brought the first set of boxes I had cleared out all the drawers of my bedroom, the bathroom, and even the kitchen. I wanted everything to be rearranged. I didn't want it to seem like I had moved some things over to make room for Jasper in my life. I wanted our things to merge together, combine like our lives were. It was horribly romantic and when Jasper first came in and his mouth dropped at the sight of all my clothes strewn about the room – Well, strewn for me. Which meant that they were out of their drawers and off the hangers, but still folded neatly and placed on the bed organised by colour and type—I mumbled some lame excuse about missing spring cleaning and that it was an ideal time to organise some things. I don't think he believed me, but Jasper wisely stayed mum and dropped his suitcase full of clothes on the bed.

So now everything was combined, like we had been living together for years rather than days. Alice had been thrilled when I told her the news and I had to hang up the phone several times to get her to stop trying to plan a house-warming party. Jasper called his family and told them; they were happy for us, of course, and when Jasper passed off the phone so that I could speak to Diane, she made me promise to take care of her little boy. I told her that I'd at least made sure he ate foods that weren't processed.

I even got tips from Rosalie on how to live with Jasper, but I think she was a bit biased. I didn't think I'd have to worry about Jasper stealing my dolls or booby-trapping the bathroom so that I'd fall in the shower when shaving my legs. I did, however, pay attention when she warned me that Jasper took long showers, that he tended to be gassy after drinking apple juice, and that he was horrible at doing laundry in a timely fashion. And before I got off the phone I had even been bullied by James and Tenny into letting them come and stay a week during the summer. Rosalie and Emmett were going on a cruise and rather than ask us herself, she siced her children on us, knowing we'd never say no to them.

I loved the feeling of having my life combined with Jasper's. We were finally moving forward, together, into the life and relationship we really wanted. Now we were both equally committed to making sure this relationship worked.

I was still struggling with my communication though. I realised that eventually I would have to tell Jasper how frustrated I was about the packing. Even if I wasn't mad at him, I had to tell him otherwise I'd flip out on him again. It was nice that this time Jasper realised what he was doing and as time went on he did try. He'd clean up after himself, help with dishes, and he really did try to make his packing as efficient as possible. It just wasn't who he was, though. He'd get distracted by the TV, by his research, by a book, or, more pleasurably, by me. I appreciated that he tried though, and with each day the boxes disappeared and my sanity slowly restored itself.

There were still times I wanted to swat him, though.

However, today wasn't one of those days.

Today we were sitting outside on my back porch sipping iced tea that Jasper made from his mom's recipe. Jasper was trying to convince me that what we really needed to make our home complete was a dog. Needless to say, I was less than sold on the idea.

"But, Edward, please? Think about a cute little puppy running around here. We can take care of it, love it. We can even get a terrier so that it won't shed. I know that one of the reasons you don't want a dog is because of the fur."

That was certainly true. I wasn't going to spend all my time slaving over a vacuum. "But what about training it? Or teaching it to go outside? There just isn't enough time and we won't be home all the time to take care of it."

"I have the summer off."

"You're doing research and writing a paper. Do you really think you'll have time to drop everything and patiently train a dog to shit outside?"



"No really, it'll give me a welcomed break. And you work from home, expect for the days you'll be up at the school. So there'll always be someone here taking care of it."


"Please? I'll take care of it."

"Now you're sounding like a child."

"I'll take it for a walk," Jasper said. He bit his bottom lip and slowly crawled towards me. "I'll clean up after it."

"You barely clean up after yourself," I said, struggling to maintain my harsh tone. He looked so adorable, biting his lip and trying to give me puppy dog eyes.

"But I'm doing better, right?"

I couldn't take it anymore. I grabbed the collar of his t-shirt and dragged him to up to me so I could give him a kiss. "Yes," I said once I broke the kiss, "You're doing much better. But you're still a pig. This morning I tripped over a box and almost nosedived into the table."

Jasper pout deepened, "Well, I'm trying."

"I appreciate that. But could you try harder? You might make me prematurely grey with all this mess."

Jasper just laughed at me and kissed my forehead as he stood to refill his iced tea. These conversations were common now. Because we now saw each other every single day, and I worked from home and Jasper was off for the summer, we didn't have anything new to share. So we lightly bantered. Well, more so than we did before, that is.

Jasper continued to bug me all day about getting a damned dog. It wasn't that I didn't want one; it's just that I wouldn't know what to do with it. I'd never had a dog; I'd never been around a dog. My dog experience began and ended with getting a crotch full of dog nose at the park. Besides, I was putting my foot down. No dog until the boxes were unpacked and everything was neat and tidy again.

"I'll make a deal with you," I finally said after Jasper had asked me again for the hundredth time and showed me picture after picture on his computer of the kind of dogs we could get that wouldn't shed.


"Okay, we wait until after winter," Jasper opened his mouth to protest but I ploughed on before he could say anything, "Here's my reasoning. I'm not getting a dog right now. I have to do research and decide which dog I'd like. Then we don't know our schedules for next semester. Then it's winter and I sure as hell don't want to be standing outside in the snow teaching a puppy how to take a piss outside. So here's what I propose. In spring we can get a dog. Or as soon as the snow melts. Then we'll know what our schedules look like, we'll be adjusting to living together, and it'll be the perfect time of year to be training a new dog."

"You're planning this out as if we were having a child."

"For us, this will be like one." I didn't miss the gobsmacked look on his face, but I ignored it. "Seeing as we're both men," I said pointedly. I didn't have to finish the thought; Jasper's face broke into a brilliant grin as he launched himself at me and kissed me full on the mouth.

"Springtime?" He asked like a giddy child who had just been promised, well, a dog.

"At the earliest," I clarified. As I watched Jasper excitedly dance around the room I was torn between feeling humoured and pleased that Jasper was so excited, and terror at what I had just gotten myself into. I knew that I had just doomed myself to nine months of pestering, buying supplies, and looking at dog photos online.

On the other hand, nurturing Jasper made my knees weak and I was looking forward to having something in our home that Jasper and I could take care of. I wasn't joking when I said that this dog would be like a child for us. I knew that all my married friends regarded their first pet as their child – at least until their real child came along. So, being true to myself, I wanted to research and be fully prepared.

Though it would take all of my resolve not to cave to Jasper's pressure and let him get a dog early…


"Uncle Eddy, Uncle Eddy, come here!"

"I'm coming," I yelled. I peaked out the kitchen window and saw James and Tenny piling on Jasper who was lying on the ground weakly trying to escape from the grasps of the little boys.

We had picked the boys up from the airport two days ago and the house hadn't been quiet since. My poor little piano, Pandora, had been banged on by James and politely, though hesitantly, played by Tenny, and I was certain my wood floors would never look the same after everything that had been dropped on them.

But I loved every minute of it.

I didn't have any experience with kids but that didn't matter when I was with them. I loved these kids with everything in me. This was only the second time I had ever spent any time with them, but already I was 'Uncle Eddy' and welcomed into the family.

I finished gathering the last of the ingredients for s'mores and set them next to the oven. I didn't have a fire pit or a wood-burning fireplace, so when James and Tenny decided that what they really wanted for dessert was s'mores – and Jasper pleadingly backed them up, even going to far as to purchase the marshmallows and graham crackers – I suggested we just do them over the stove tops. That earned me a cheer worthy of a hero, and I told Jasper to take them outside while I got things ready. I was desperately hoping that Jasper would tire them out and they would go to sleep after one s'more each.

I opened the back door and leaned against the frame. Jasper had a hold of Tenny's ankles and was lifting him off the ground. Tenny was too busy giggling to put up any struggle. James, however, was gallantly trying to rescue his brother and fellow fighter by jumping on Jasper's back.

Finally, James managed to wrap his arms around Jasper's throat and hang on for dear life. Jasper froze as his oxygen was cut off, his eyes caught mine and I struggled not to laugh as Jasper silently pleaded with me to intervene. I knew he didn't want to ruin the boys' good time, but his face was slowly growing purple. Even so, I smiled maliciously and shook my head, enjoying the betrayed glare he sent me.

"James," He croacked, "Jamie, buddy." Instead of letting go, James readjusted his grip and Jasper's face blanched. "James, you gotta let go bud."

"Not until you put down Tenny, Uncle Jasper," James said, seemingly oblivious to how much pain he was causing his dear uncle.

"I can't breathe bud, please let go."


"Okay, fine, I'll put Tenny down once you get off," his voice was growing hoarse and I knew I'd have to intervene if James was going to be too stubborn.

"No, you put Tenny down first, then I'll let you go."

That seemed to be my cue, so I stepped into the yard, "Hey boys, are you ready for the s'mores?"

A cheer of excitement went up and James jumped down from Jasper. Jasper immediately let go of Tenny, only going slow enough to make sure he safely fell to the ground. As soon as both boys were inside Jasper collapsed on the ground, taking heaving breaths.

I sauntered over to him and leered above him. "How you doin'?"

"That was fucking cruel," He whispered menacingly.

"Oh? I thought I was giving you bonding time with your nephews."

"It's not bonding time when I'm being choked to death and my partner is standing by laughing at me."

"I would have helped you before you died. I am CPR certified, after all."

"Haha, you think you're so fucking funny."

"I am, really."

"Just help me up," Jasper surrendered. He lifted his arm up and I took it to help him to his feet. As soon as he was up, his countenance completely changed. "Let's go eat s'mores!"

"I don't know who's more excited, you or the children," I teased.

"Don't know you that boys never grow up, they just get bigger?" Jasper shot back.

"That certainly applies to you," I said. I caught sight of the boys watching us from behind the kitchen counter. They were both excitedly clutching the bags of marshmallows and chocolate. "And James too. But Tenny and I are mature and above you, aren't we Tenny?" I winked at the grinning boy. Even though he probably had no idea what I meant, he giggled and nodded. James protested with a small, 'hey!' but it was lost when Jasper demanded a s'more.

Their enthusiasm spurred mine, and I went to the oven to start the stovetop. After each of the boys gorged themselves on s'mores, Jasper and I put them to bed. Then it was finally time for us to relax.

Several hours later I finally settled in Jasper's arms our bed. I batted his hands away from my ass, as he desperately tried to grope me. He growled and lunged again, this time pressing his erection against my thigh.

"Jasper, I told you no, not while the boys are here." I moved away from him to emphasis my point.

"They won't hear, I promise. Please babe, I'm really horny."

"That's not my problem. Tenny is still young enough that he wants to sleep in bed with us and I am not tramatising another person's child by having him walk in or hear us. Not happening."

"But Edward," Jasper whined.

"No, Jasper. How could I ever look your sister in the eye if one of the boys would hear something? I'm still too new. I can't do anything to make them not like me yet."

"They'll like you, regardless. Please?"

"No," I said as firmly as I could while ignoring my own hormones.

Jasper huffed, "You're lucky I love you."

"Hey, I'm working off your damn list. You've been getting laid plenty, I think you can have a week off."

I pecked Jasper on the lips and gave in gladly when he immediately deepened the kiss. He moved over me and I instinctively wrapped my leg around his waist. His hands traveled across my chest and his nails lightly scratched my nipples sending shivers through my body. So caught up in the sensations of Jasper's hands, it wasn't until I felt him press our erections together that I froze.

Very calmly I pushed Jasper away and regarded him with raised eyebrows. He just gave me an innocent look. "What?"

"You know what! I told you no and it's going to stay a no. Now go to bed."

"Fine," Jasper pouted. He rolled of and turned his back to me. Sighing I pressed against his chest and leaned my chin on his shoulder.

"So you won't even cuddle with me?"


"Really? You're going to cop a fit because I won't sleep with you while your young nephews are in the next room."

"I'm a man, Edward. It doesn't have to make sense when I'm being denied sex."

I didn't dignify him with an answer, knowing that only part of him was horny and dissatisfied and the other part was putting on a show in the hopes I would take pity on him. Wasn't going to happen.

"Well then, fine, be that way," I said, putting anger in my voice that I wasn't actually feeling.

I rolled over and waited. Just as I was drifting off to sleep I felt the bed shift and an arm wrap around my waist. I smiled, thrilled that I knew Jasper as well as I did. My frown dropped though when that hand again started to caress my stomach.

"Jasper," I scolded once the hand's caresses became longer and more forcefully, slowly drifting downwards.

Jasper groaned and, signaling defeat, his hand returned to my waist.


It was the first time I would be making an appearance at the university. Classes had started weeks ago and Heinrich – he insisted I call him that, though it took him forever to convince me because I was so nervous and I naturally felt like I had to call him Professor – had called me last week and asked if I would be able to make an appearance today to hear how the orchestra was progressing with my music and talk with them about what I was looking for in a performance.

And Jasper had been trying to keep me calm ever since.

We had made plans to meet after I was done with my meeting so that we could have lunch together before I had to head back and finish my afternoon lessons. He was very excited to show me off to all his colleagues that had teased him about having an imaginary boyfriend. A few of them could remember meeting me at the lecture that was our first date, but they still maintained that Jasper was making up our continued relationship because we never went out together with any of his colleagues.

I found Heinrich's office and knocked on the door. There was some rustling and then the door opened.

"Ah, Edward, the department's budding genius."

"Hello Heinrich, I'm very excited to be here."

"And the students are excited to have you here. I've had several compliments on your music already. The students appreciate being able to place something that is traditional in style and tone but also has modern influences. They love it."

"Well I'm very grateful," I said.

Heinrich clasped my shoulder and dragged me into his office. "And now, Edward, it's time to talk business."

Five hours later I was making my way to Jasper's office. The meeting with Heinrich had been informative. We had decided on scheduling and Heinrich had described the Winter Concert and asked me to compose a new piece specifically for it.

But what really was wonderful was meeting the students. Seeing them hang on my every word, telling them about what influenced my music, I understood in that moment why Jasper went into teaching. I discussed with them how I usually played the pieces, but then reminded them that music wasn't something to be played exactly the same each time. It was about interpretation and letting your emotions decide how you play the song that day. All in all, I was very excited by all the possibilities and I couldn't wait to see my work performed by a full orchestra.

The walk to Jasper's office was quick, just down a flight of stairs and then through a walkway into the next building. His office door was shut and locked so I reverted back to my college days and sat on the floor right outside his door and fiddled with my cell phone to pass the time.

I was a minute into my game of solitaire when a shadow blocked out my light. I looked up to see Bella staring down at me with a stern look on her face.

"Edward? What are you doing here?" She asked.

I froze and sent up a prayer that her eyesight would be like T-Rex's so if I didn't move she couldn't see me.



"Hey Bella, long time no see," I tried to say as casually and happily as I could.

"What are you doing here?" She repeated.

"Didn't Alice tell you? I'm dating Jasper."

Her breath caught and her eyes widened. "No she didn't. I knew Jasper was dating an Edward, but I didn't know it was you."

I made a noise in the back of my throat but didn't say anything more. The last time I had seen Bella was at one of my sister's Christmas parties when she had tried to corner me beneath a sting of mistletoe. I had avoided her after that even though Alice assured me her crush had moved on to someone else. Someone who was currently my boyfriend.

"How long have you been dating?"

"Oh, um, about ten months or so. Something like that."

"You don't know exactly?" she asked bitterly.

"Er, sorry Bella, but I don't really know why it's your business."

"So you're the Edward that had him going crazy and crying in his office two months ago?"

"Yeah, we had a rough patch. But we're doing well now. Living together and everything." She didn't look convinced, so I threw out the most committed thing I could think of to press the point. "We're even getting a dog." I regretted it as soon as I said it because at that moment Jasper turned the corner and overheard me. An impish glean flitted through his eyes and I knew that I'd never be able to avoid getting a dog now, even if I wanted to. I had used my bargaining tool as a way to get Bella to go away.

"Hey Bella, Edward," Jasper said in greeting. He held his hand out to me and I took it, lifting myself up. "Are you ready to go to lunch, love?"

"I'm starving," I replied. I made to follow him as he unlocked his office, but faltered and turned back to Bella. "Bella, you want to join us?"

She violently shook her head, "No, no I have a class I have to go to. I'll, um, see you both later." She took off as fast as she could and was probably out of the hall in record time.

"That," Jasper said in shock, "Is the fastest she has ever left me alone." He turned to look at me in awe. "You're good."

"Actually I think it was you calling me 'love' more than anything else."

"Really? You don't think it was the dog thing?" His eye had that gleam again and I knew I was a goner.

"I was trying to make it clear that we were committed and that she shouldn't try to break us up. The dog was the most committed thing I could think of. But that doesn't mean we are definitely getting one. I told you in the spring. Once we've done research and gone over all the options. We have to be prepared."

"Really? Because the way you said it, it sounded like we were getting a dog right away. And you know how much I want a dog. I thought you were being nice. You know, because you love me."

"Don't start," I warned. Jasper just cracked a smile and grabbed his wallet before locking up his office.

"Ready for some semi-edible cafeteria food?"

"Well it has been forever since I've had college food. Unlike you who would continue to eat like you're in college unless I cooked for you."

"I love you too," Jasper wryly shot back.

We entered the cafeteria and I decided to go to the salad bar, assuming that salad couldn't be ruined by anyone. Jasper went the less healthy route and loaded his plate with pizza and garlic sticks.

"So how was your class?" I asked as soon as we were seated at a table.

"Good, though it moved slow."

"Oh really?"

""Yeah, see I kinda had plans for lunch with this really hot guy and I was excited."

"And what is this hot guys name?" I asked, playing along.

"Giovanni," Jasper said, deadpanned.

"Excuse me?

Jasper covered his smile with his glass, "I don't know, I've always liked the name Giovanni. It was the first name that came to mind."

"Better than my name?"

"Of course not love! Besides, it's easier to scream out 'Edward' in the throes of passion. Can you imagine having to say 'Giovanni' over and over again? I mean four syllables is a long name."

"You realise you're still talking, right?"

"So when can we get a dog?" He asked, switching the topic so fast I was sure he would give me whiplash.

"Have you had coffee today? Because you're acting like you have ADHD."

"Sorry," Jasper said, instantly sobering. "I'm just so happy you're here. At my work, and that you'll be coming back. And we'll get to have lunch together. And everything that's been happening for the past months. I'm just very happy."

Impulsively he leaned over and kissed me. His hand snaked behind my neck and into my hair. I tried hard not to shiver from the sensations he was giving me. But the moment his tongue slipped between my lips, I quickly pulled away, blushing and looking around to make sure no one saw that. Jasper knew he had made me uncomfortable and smirked.

"Nice show, Professer Whitlock."

I whirled around and saw a group of students looking equal degrees of uncomfortable and humoured.

"Hey guys, this is my partner Edward. Edward this are some of my students, Juan, Sara, Brittany, and Mark."

"Hello," I said. I looked at Sara and knew I had seen her before, "Hey, you're in the orchestra."

"Yep, violin," Sara said.

"Edward's the visiting composer at the music department," Jasper explained to the other students who looked lost.

They started asking Jasper questions about a paper that he had assigned and I found myself drifting from the conversation until I heard one word and my head shot up.


"What about a dog?" I asked.

"Mark, here, was saying that his aunt breeds Soft-Coated Wheaten Terriers. And she just had a litter that she's going to sell soon. Mark said he can get us a deal."

"No. Nononono, we had a deal. We wait until spring and do research."

"But Edward look at how cute they are." He lifted up his cell phone to show me a picture but I pushed his hand away.

"I don't care how cute they are. We're not getting a dog, Jasper. No."


"Jake, Jake, boy come inside," Jasper yelled. It was already cold outside, but I made him potty train the dog, which meant that Jasper had to stand outside in the cold while Jake did his business.

Jake, or John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt as Jasper named him, was the newest addition to our family. Jasper had bugged me for days and I continued to say no. Then one day Jasper told me he wanted to take me out someplace, but I had to be blindfolded because he wanted it to be a surprise. I should have known then.

He drove me to Mark's aunt's farm and had to drag me kicking and screaming to the dog pen. But the moment I saw Jake looking up at me with his beady black eyes and unruly blond hair, I fell in love. Jake went home with us that day. He was named on the ride home. I was okay with the name Jake, but Jasper wanted something more original. Since I liked Jake, Jasper started thinking of similar names so I could call him Jake, but Jasper could know that he named his dog something that I'm sure Jake would be embarrassed about if he could understand. I jokingly started humming the song and Jasper loved the idea, not listening when I insisted that I was joking and we would not be naming our cute dog that. I was ignored, so John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt it was.

And damned if I didn't love that dog.

He was loveable, clumsy, and always happy to see me. I could walk out of the room to get a cup of tea and walk back in and Jake acted like he hadn't seen me for years. The icing on the cake was that Jake liked me more than Jasper, which pissed Jasper off to no end. I choose not to tell Jasper that the reason Jake liked me so much was that I fed him snacks during the day.

I'd be eating something and Jake would get up on his hind legs and place his paws on my legs. His hair reminded me of Jasper's and his begging face was reminiscent of Jasper's wide-eyed begging face as well. I couldn't resist it.

Tonight had been the orchestra's Winter Concert, and words couldn't express how exciting it was to see my music performed. Jasper swore I cried when the first note was played, but I didn't think so. Well, okay, maybe a little. But it was like a dream come true. I finally felt like I was doing something I absolutely loved, and having Jasper sitting next to me, squeezing my hand, made it so much better.

Now we were preparing for our first Christmas together. We had already put up decorations, but tonight we were going to decorate the tree. Neither of us had any decorations of our own, so we went out and got a fake tree, some lights, and ornaments. It was a battle between the two of us. Jasper wanted fun and crazy decorations with coloured lights on the tree and weird ornaments. I wanted a more traditional decoration. So we ended up getting two trees.

I let Jasper set up his fun tree and decorations in my music room, and it was a big hit with the kids. They all loved it, especially since Jasper had tailored his decorations to musical things after I told him where his tree would go. And it had been a lot of fun to decorate.

My traditional tree was in the living room and would be the one that had the presents underneath it. We weren't going anywhere this Christmas – we decided we wanted our first Christmas to be spent together. There were even presents ready for when the tree was decorated. They were for Jake, but at least there were presents.

I heard the back door slam and Jasper ran inside, Jake close on his heels. In a blur, Jasper's cold body connected with mine. He wrapped his arms around me and pressed his cold nose into my neck.

"Jasper, damnit, get away." I tried to push him away but he pressed himself closer.

"It's freezing outside and Jake was more interested in jumping in the snow bank than in taking a piss. And even after all these years of being here I'm still not used to cold winters."

"My poor Texas boy," I said against his hair. "Do you want some coffee?"

He nodded into my neck and released me. I saw him run into the living room – most likely to wrap himself up in a blanket and whine about being cold some more.

As soon as the coffee was done I poured some into two mugs and went into the living room to find Jasper and Jake curled up on the couch. One hand poked out of the mountain of blankets, grabbing eagerly for the mug.

"There is absolutely no question that you are gay right now," I said. I lifted his feet off the couch to make some room for myself. As soon as I was seated I had a lapful of Jasper's feet and Jake's head.

"I don't know what you mean," Jasper retorted.

"Really? Bitching about the winter? Covering yourself in blankets? Cuddling with Jake?" Jake's ears perked up when I said his name and he slyly tried to crawl further onto my lap. I indulged him and pet his head.

"Shut up," Jasper muttered. "I'm the one with the freezing nose here."

"And you're also the one who tricked me into getting a dog well before I was ready. I told you this would happen. I told you to wait until spring because you'd be standing outside watching the dog in the cold."

"But if we had waited then we wouldn't have Jake," Jasper rationalised.

I couldn't really say anything to that. Jake was my baby, though if someone had told me a month ago that I'd have a dog that almost rivaled my affections for Jasper, I would have killed them with a withering glare and an insult to their intelligence. Still, my point stood.

"Are you ready to decorate the tree?"

"Five more minutes," Jasper replied as he burrowed himself deeper under the blankets.


My breath caught as Jasper's fingers raked over my hard cock, teasing me and keeping me on the edge. He moved his hand to my hip, pressing me deeper into the mattress. He lifted himself up over me and as soon as his face was level with mine I wrapped my fingers in his curls and brought our lips together for a searing kiss.

"Is Jake out of the room?" Jasper rasped, getting into place between my legs.

"Yes," I hissed, feeling our cocks rub against each other.

Jake loved to sleep in our bed, but Jasper and I had learned early on that both of us were creeped out when we tried to have sex and Jake was in the room. So we had gotten into the habit of locking him out of the room until right before we were ready to go to sleep.

Without another word, Jasper pressed himself into me. I shuddered beneath him and grabbed on to Jasper's ass, silently begging him go deeper. Following my lead, Jasper pressed deeper. He began laving kisses on my neck, my collarbone, my chest – everywhere he could reach without separating our bodies.

Finally Jasper moved, pulling out of me and pressing back in. I arched up to meet his every movement, rubbing my cock in time with his thrusts. I caught his mouth and slipped my tongue between his lips, tasting him and feeling our tongues move together just as our bodies were.

"Jasper, harder," I begged.

Jasper immediately complied, picking up speed and thrusting into me pushing us both over the edge. His hand joined mine around my cock, stroking me. With a finally twist of his hand around the tip, I exploded. Several thrusts later, Jasper came inside me, freezing above me and staring into my eyes as our laboured breathing calmed.

I brushed a few stands of sweat-slicked curls off his forehead and let my hand slip down to cup his cheek. Things had been going brilliantly and I couldn't imagine how I had lived my life without Jasper. He was my second half and I now felt empty when he wasn't there. Two months ago Jasper had to leave town to attend a conference and I wasn't able to go with him because of classes and the dog. It was the first time since our separation that we had been away from each other for any length of time longer than a workday, and I missed him the entire time. Only Jake sleeping in my bed kept me from complete loneliness.

Jasper pulled out of me and dropped to the bed while I fished around on the floor for the hand towel I had left there earlier. I cleaned us both up and threw the towel into the laundry basket, then curled up in Jasper's arms.

"I love you," Jasper suddenly said, making me wonder what had prompted his remark.

"I love you too," I said. I turned to lie on my stomach and propped my chin on his chest. "What brought that on?"

"Do I need a reason to tell my partner that I love them?"

"No. But usually you aren't so mushy about it."

"Well, I'm just really happy and I wanted you to know."

I pressed a kiss to his chest and settled myself in his arms. There weren't words to explain to Jasper how happy I was. My life had completely changed since he had come into my life. I had experienced the highest of highs, and the lowest of lows and Jasper had been there with me the entire time. And I knew he would be there for my next set of experiences.

Never in my life did I think I would feel this way about someone or that someone would feel this way about me. Every morning when I opened my eyes and Jasper was laying beside me, I felt like another puzzle piece of my life dropped into place.

"Well I'm happy too," I said.

"Good, cause I'm not letting you go."

"You'd hold me hostage, eh?"

"That's right," Jasper tightened his arms around me, "You can't change your mind, Edward. I'm afraid you're stuck with me."

"Yeah, well, ditto to you too. I'll lock you up if I need to. Or I'll use Jake as a bargaining tool. Either way."

Jasper's laugh made my chest tighten and I couldn't help myself. I leaned up covered his mouth with mine, swallowing his laughter. I broke the kiss and looked up at Jasper.

"You do know how to shut me up," Jasper whispered.

"It's one of the first things someone needs to know when they start dating you," I said. I quickly ducked out of the way of the smack aimed at my head.

"That wasn't nice," Jasper said.

"But you love me anyway," I said. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled us closer.

"For some reason, I do."

"It's cause I have a hot ass."

"And you cook. Don't forget the food, that's a major part."

"Of course, how could I forget the food?"

"And you love me…" Jasper asked, fishing for answers.

I pretend to think really hard. "Well, you have a nice ass too."

"Of course."

"And I like your hair and eyes. But I think the main reason I stay with you is because of Jake," I teased.

"Ahh, Jake. The glue that keeps our relationship together."

I watched Jasper and saw his eyes burning with amusement, joy, and love. It instantly sobered me and words started flowing from my mouth. "I love you because you stand by me when I'm being dumb. I love you because you support me. I feel like I can go through any shit life can throw at me and still come out okay as long as you are beside me. And I love you because you love me too."

It was only Jake's whimpers and scratches at the door that stopped Jasper from responding – or attacking me, as the lust written all over his face implied was what he wanted to do.

Jasper opened the door and the bed sank with the weight of Jake climbing up. Jasper tried to lie next to me, but Jake wedged his way between us. With a content smile at Jasper, I wrapped my arm around Jake, having just enough arm left for my fingers to lightly brush Jasper's hand.

But that was okay, because this, here, was my family. The family I never thought I'd get. And I couldn't have been happier.

I closed my eyes and fell asleep, Jake's fur tickling my nose and Jasper's hand in mine.

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