Hello all!

I know everyone's excited for TWBB2 (it has a different name, but that's the working title). Like I've said previously, the sequel is happening and will be out in March. I'm currently writing it and have a good portion of the first few chapters done. There are currently three in the beta's inbox so we're well on our way.

Lots going on even from the beginning. I know I left some of you feeling unsatisfied and asking questions. It will all be sorted out within the first couple of chapters. Of course, there will be elements of the old story mixed with lots of new characters, drama, and my imaginary craziness. Many, many different ways to go and I will definitely be pulling out all the stops. Lots of blood of course and more of our Bella and Edward.

Prologue will be out on March 1 with chapter 1 coming later in the month. I'm not sure when, probably mid-March when I'll start it.

I'm writing my other fic right now, "The Mysterious Case of the Blackbird Rorschach" and will have to do both of these at the same time so expect probably weekly updates. You can occupy yourself with that one for now. In regards to LDV sequel, that will also happen as well in the summer. I didn't forgot.

I just wanted to write and tell everyone that TWBB2 is still a go and I haven't abandoned anyone. Happy to see that people still want it to happen.

Until March 1, have fun reading. See you then.

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