Fandom: Transformers Bayverse
Author: Aniay and Femme4jack
Pairing: Sam Witwicky/Bumblebee
Rating: NC-17 for mech/male
Codes: Dub-con, sticky, xeno slash (mech/human) pet & dominance play
Summary: POV-AU Bayverse - After years of waiting, Bumblebee finally claims Sam as his own, much to Sam's delight until he understand what exactly Bee has done.
Notes: Written in the Point of View fanverse and used for the Dathanna de Gray fanverse
"text" translated Cybertronian.

Points of View

Sam Witwicky was the first human on earth to have a socket installed in his neck, and the port had been there since well before approval came from the United States and other allied governments for the Autobots to take human symbiots. In Sam's case, it had been medical necessity upon the discovery of how the Allspark had affected his mind and body. Ratchet needed to monitor him on a regular basis for changes, though Sam had always been immediately put to sleep when Ratchet connected so he would not be aware of the intimacy of such a connection.

It had seemed inevitable that the Autobots would take human sockets from the time they had encountered the species, but they were careful, history having told them to move slowly with potential spark symbiots who had not been raised in a socket culture. Optimus Prime had been particularly concerned about how humans as a species would react to such a relationship - seeing it perhaps as predatory or something parasitic. So Bumblebee, the youngest of his cohort, never having had a socket of his own, had been left spending day after day with his utterly desirable, life-filled organic friend, a socket already in the human's neck ready to be filled by his cable, and he, unable to do a thing save tease with the occasional EM field, which Sam noticed, was aroused by, but said nothing about. It would have been far easier had it not been so clear that the attraction was mutual. But Sam's body did not lie. It couldn't lie to the astute Mikaela who found she was spending more time apprenticing with Ratchet than she did with her boyfriend. She finally admitted to Sam what he could not admit to himself - they made far better friends than lovers; Sam's mind was always on someone else, even when the human couple were together, and when they were together, it was usually with that someone else.

Sam's body certainly did not lie to Prime's ranking scout. The boy's hormonal and physiological indicators were clear. When he was around Bee, he was turned on and embarrassed by it, trying to ignore what to Bumblebee was so apparent. The youngest member of the Autobots could do nothing. Not without permission. Not without Prime's final go ahead. So the scout had years to use his field skills to learn about the likes, dislikes, and fantasies of his hoped-for symbiot, and to plan what their first encounter would be. Every second felt to Bumblebee like time wasted in an organic lifespan that could be lengthened, perhaps by even a thousand years or more, but would still be far too short.

When that permission finally came from Prime, it was no wonder that the scout moved fast, much faster than he should have. His spark's desperate, hungry desire, his intimate knowledge of Sam's desire for him, combined with his vivid knowledge of the sexual fantasies Sam had already shared with him when they had spoken of such things, had led inevitably to where he was now - alone, without his new socket, spark fluxuating in a desperate and dangerous manner because it was not connected to its brand new life-source.

24 hours earlier

Bumblebee looked at Sam, his spark lurching inside of him, desperately reaching out as though it could pierce through his casing and heavy chest plates. He finally no longer had to hold back. It was only right for Sam to be his socket, to be protected and taken care of. To be given pleasure. To bring to completion what seemed only natural for them.

"Sam," Bee began, as he knelt in front of him and holding him gently in his hands and raising him to his optics. "I want you to understand who you are now, who you can be."

Sam felt his heart racing. Something had changed. Something big. There was an electric charge to the air. Bumblebee had been in a meeting with Prime and the other Autobots and had raced out to him when it had finished, a hungry look in his optics. The tone of Bee's voice was enough to make him go weak in the legs. "What do you mean, Bee?"

"I finally have permission to show you what this socket really is, what it means," he gently touched the socket, a part of Sam's body now that he often forgot it was there. The fierce yet gentle scout then stroked his finger down Sam's back comfortingly, as he did countless times, and felt the thrill of what was going to happen run through his systems. "To understand why you have this. We can finally have what we have both wanted, Sam."

Sam felt a thrill of something that was both desire and fear run through his body both from his friend's tone and words. "What is going on, Bee?" he whispered.

"We protect what's dear to us Sam" It was hard explaining in human terms what was so deeply ingrained in their culture without adding a negative human connotation to the whole concept. I consider you the most important person on this planet." He ran the finger against Sam's back again, "I want to protect you, to care for you, to always be beside you, for the span of your life."

Sam placed his hands next to Bee's vocalizer mask, leaning in to touch his forehead to the scout's helm the way the Autobots did to one another in affection. "I want to be beside you, too, Bee. You're my best friend. You know that." The finger on his back tingled. Sam wondered if Bee had any idea of just how arousing his gentle touch was.

"Sam" Bee could feel Sam's arousal grow; the scent of pheromones was unmistakable. His spark leapt in its casing.

"I want you to know that I will give you whatever you'll ask for..." Sam's body was heating up slowly "I want to p..pleasure you Sam... want you to give me pleasure."

"Oh God," Sam whispered. "You want that? We really...really can?" Sam felt a thrill run straight from the finger on his back to his cock. Bee...Bee wanted him. "Oh God," Sam said in almost a moan.

The scout's vocal modulator scratched with static at Sam's moan. The cable made especially for sockets withdrew from his wrist. "Will you please connect this ... please Sam? I am not allowed to connect it to you the first time."

Sam looked at the offered cable with a hungry and slightly fearful expression, wondering if this were some sort of joke. But Bee did not sound like he was joking. Sam brought the cable to the back of his neck and it connecting itself with a distinctive snick.

Bumblebee immediately sent an opening pulse. He wanted to feel Sam, he wanted to know his pleasure to make him his. "Sam, undress" he growled, feeling his systems charge slowly with the anticipation.

Sam's eyes went wide as Bee attached to him, as he felt a pulse of something that tingled through him, hot, igniting his desire even more. The tone of Bee's voice, the growl and power from one who usually spoke to him so gently was enough to have him come completely undone. "God damn" he whispered, hands trembling as he removed his clothes, his eyes never leaving the blue optics in front him.

The scout traced and recorded every single move. His systems swiftly indicated ready to connect, to give, to feed; the pleasure from Sam trickled over the connection flaring and making his systems stutter with sudden influx of energy that traveled straight into his throbbing spark. "Oh Sam you have no idea... how much..." He stroked finger over the already naked skin... "how much I want you now. You're so beautiful... and mine."

He wanted nothing more than to grab Sam and take him but the boy was too fragile for that, he needed to restrain himself, to wait and make Sam ready.

Sam leaned into the touch with a moan. "Bee..." The connection at the base of his neck tingled and small shocks of pleasure seemed to dance from it, down his limbs. "I want you...I want you too. I'm not sure I understand how, but I want you so damn much." Sam's hand brushed against the exposed cables in Bee's neck, caressing them, unsure what would feel good to him, but just needing to touch him.

"You will have me..." Bee couldn't take his eyes of Sam and then felt the small hands touch him in ways that made his engine growl. He was so grateful to Prime for finally pulling it off so he could have Sam all to himself now. He lowered Sam to the berth feeling the loss of his touch but wanting to see more of Sam, to learn about him.

"I want you to show me, touch yourself, I will feel." He tugged gently at the cable.

Sam's eyes clenched closed involuntarily for a moment, a delicious thrill racing through him. "Fuck," he whispered, forcing himself to open his eyes so he could watch Bee's optics as he stroked his hand down his abdomen, inside of his thighs, finally settling on his aching hard cock, fluid beginning to seep from its tip. He wrapped his hand around it, staring at Bee, trembling. His thumb traced a pattern around the slit, rubbing in the lubricating wetness that was already there. He began stroking himself, shivering, watching Bee watch him...watching Bee feel him. Each stroke brought a shiver of pleasure and ache and need stronger than he had ever felt before.

While humans were so different, they were so similar to Cybertyronians in some important ways, and it wasn't on accident. Many organics had similar sexual organs, and Wheeljack had designed their interfaces to be pleasing to their life-giving pets. Bee's codpiece slid open and released his own spike. Sam was looking at him, sending those delicious impulses almost as if on purpose, and Bee repeated Sam's movements on his spike. "Spread your legs for me Sam." Bee moaned arching into his own servo; he had waited so long for this.

Sam's eyes grew very wide as something very familiar, yet totally alien stood erect, and very large, before him. He had no idea...and in another situation, he would have been giggling and teasing Bee mercilessly about botcocks. Now, hearing the deadly serious tone in Bee's voice, the static-filled need and desire, there was nothing to laugh about, and fuck, did that ever make him almost dizzy with need.

Oh God, he trusted Bee. He wanted him so much. But he had never had anything inside him before, and Bee was so much larger than a human being, and he would have been scared enough of the prospect of a human cock up his virgin ass. He found his legs tightening against his will.

"You're really big...Bee. I'm not sure."

"And you are a big boy, Sam. I'm sure you can take me" Bee smirked. "Do you really think we would take human sockets without being able to pleasure them?" Bee shifted his spike, making it closer to human size. "Now, we will make sure you are properly stretched for me." He withdrew a small bottle of lubricant from his subspace pocket and placed it on Sam's abdomen. "If you want you can prepare yourself first."

He nudged Sam's legs apart gently. "I want to watch"

Sam couldn't help himself. He giggled. Between the smirk, the saucy reply, the lube and watching Bee change his...whatever...right before his eyes, the mech had successfully broken the tension.

"You just gave socket a whole new connotation...unless that is the connotation, Bee." He gave Bee a sultry look and started stroking himself some more. "What if I don't want to prepare myself. What if I want you to do it."

"How do you think, Sam. Why did we decided to call you that?" he nudged Sam's legs apart more firmly and pressed his finger against Sam's opening lightly. "My fingers are bigger than yours... Yours will fit so much better at first."

Sam snorted at Bee's reply..., which quickly became a moan as Bee touched his hole. He had never been touched that...and that it was Bee made it all the more devastatingly erotic and alien in the best sort of way.

He stared into Bee's optics, spread his legs a bit wider, opened the lube and put some on his finger. He pushed it into himself a bit timidly at first, working it around, finding that it felt...not bad...but wanting more. Still absently stroking his cock with his other hand, he pushed in second

"Oh yes... such a good little... pet." Bee purred as he watched Sam play with himself, explore the places he probably never had. His optics flared with barely contained need. He released one of the connector cable out of his finger and let it caress Sam's hand and wrist in barely there touch before the cable sneaked along the hand and following Sam's fingers slipped inside the tight hole, Bee greedily watching, hungry for any reaction from Sam, for the flare of pleasure along the connection.

Sam shivered at the new touch, and then moaned and writhed as Bee's cable slipped inside of him. "A pet?" he asked, panting, writhing. "Is that what I get to be?"

Bee leaned down wanting Sam to feel both vibration and heat emanating from his frame. "Do you want to be?" He slipped the cable deeper and glided it over the spot that should make Sam cry out in pleasure

Sam's whole body trembled as Bee loomed over him. He gasped...and then cried out as Bee's cable slid further in and touched something amazing. He slid his fingers out and grabbed on to Bee's hand, grinding his cock up against it. "Nnnng...I'll be fucking want me to be if you just keep doing that, Bee."

"I can do much more, but you have to ask first, my pet." Yes, Sam was so much more than he could want for his socket, willing and so beautifully full of energy. "On your hands and knees."

Sam whimpered in disappointment as the cable slid out of his ass and the heat-filled hand was removed from his cock. But something in him wanted to make it a little more difficult for his newly dominant friend.

He started stroking his own cock again, staring into Bee's optics. "Why don't you make me."

"Are you sure?" Bumblebee opened the connection over the still linking them cable and sent his order along the line. Sam could still say no, but Bee didn't think he would resist much. "You want to be my pet, you ought to obey your master Sam."
he said with a smirk as he pressed finger to Sam's balls and sent a wave of vibrations.

Sam felt an electric shiver start at his neck and go through his body, and suddenly, he was aware of Bee's presence inside him, in his mind, perhaps inside every cell in his body - a very amused yet aching, craving presence. He felt the compulsion rather than hearing the words to do what Bee desired him to do. He experimentally pushed back, only to have the compulsion growl through him, demanding, but still with amusement, joined immediately by the physical shock of pleasure that was nearly painful on his balls, making him curl up, moan and writhe.

"Holy fuck, Bee," he whispered, getting on to his hands and knees, looking back at the looming, hot, vibrating presence of his friend who was behind him and in his mind. He was shaking so hard he wasn't sure he'd be able to hold himself up.

"See, you are obedient little pet" Bee stroked Sam's back as though he were a cat and then allowed his already dripping spike to resize to the desired dimension, a size that couldn't hurt Sam, only pleasure him. He extended it and placed against Sam's entrance. "Tell me what you want," he demanded, letting it vibrate lightly and press just so, enough to tease but not enough to breach the tight ring of muscles.

Sam trembled and moaned as Bumblebee pushed against his hole, the silky smooth, warm, wet, alien living metal vibrating and making him want to push back and force it onto himself. But instead he pushed back against the compelling presence connected to him through the cable. He knew that Bee felt exactly what he wanted. He wanted to fucked, but he wanted so much more than that, he couldn't help but to want to belong to Bee. To be owned by him body, mind and soul. And crazy as it seemed, to belong to Bee, he needed Bee to take what was his. "You know what I want" he managed to whisper.

"Oh Primus!" Bee couldn't help the helpless whimper escaping his vocalizer at what Sam said and sent through connection. He shouldn't have been able to do that yet, but he did and Bee could feel the submission the need to be dominated and taken.

"Mine" Bee growled and thrust the spike into Sam's tight passage, systems screaming with sensory input and pleasure being transferred from Sam. "Mine!" He repeated moving the spike in and out with an increasing peace. He fell on his fours over Sam, locking joints in place and allowing Sam to impale himself on his hot stiff rod.

The speed with which Bee responded to his need shocked Sam. It burned at first, and the pain/pleasure made him quiver as he was taken and filled without waiting for muscles to adjust. But soon the burn was good, hitting that amazing spot deep inside him. But even more than that, it was the feeling of Bee's looming presence inside of him, drinking up his sensations, somehow sharing with him what Bee himself was feeling as he took what was his. The word 'mine' thrusting into his soul as surely as Bumblebee owned his ass. "Please ... please Bee," he begged, not even certain what he was begging for. Just more ...

... and along the connection Bumblebee could feel Sam open for him, yes that mind was his, all the sensations, feelings, thoughts, Sam was his, he bathed in the submission, forcing himself faster and faster allowing his systems to spin out of control. "Mmmm such a wanton little thing you are, begging for me, writhing under me, if anyone saw you..."

... .Sam lost track of where he started and where Bee ended. He was in a tidal wave of sensation, a double helix of desire and lust and want. Bee pounded into him, marking him, claiming him, owning him. He heard someone scream, and realized it was him as his cock began to spurt and felt Bee's spark drink up the power the flowed from the climax.

..."Yesss" swept away with the supernova of bliss from Sam, Bee's systems overloaded; his spike spurting transfluid and nanites that would mark Sam as his. "Sam" he purred as his systems rebooted, sensors screaming with input so intense they finally numbed washing Bee's consciousness away, taking Sam with him.

Sam came to consciousness naked, messy, and held to Bumblebee's chest where he could hear the resonance of his spark. He felt...different...and complete. He was still connected by the cable to his neck, and found that he could still feel the other presence, now sated and resting, inside him. He closed his eyes and wrapped himself in the protection/love/mine/ownership. "Bee?" he whispered. "Am I really feeling you?"

Bee rumbled deep inside. He could feel Sam come to awareness along the connection. Maybe he shouldn't let Sam feel himself but he trusted him. "You will always be able to feel me when we are like this, Sam." Bee withdrew a claw from one finger and touched Sam's cheek. "Now everyone will know you're mine, no one may touch you without my permission." The claw was sharp enough to leave a scratch.

Sam tentatively pushed at the presence inside of him...testing it. A tone in Bee's touch and words struck something in him...something that both ignited more desire but also something else. He thought about what to say...he didn't want to disturb the warmth of the afterglow, but he also thought the dominance play would come to a quick end.

He carefully and quietly asked. "What do you mean, Bee? I mean...yes, I'm your friend and I'm ecstatic to be your lover...but what do you mean about giving permission? About everyone knowing?"

"Hmmm? You're my socket, aren't you?" He could feel Sam struggling minutely against the connection "Didn't you want to be my pet?" Bee reached along the connection, tightening it.

Sam felt dread settle into his stomach at those words, and sat up, looking Bee in the optics. Surely Bee was still playing... He thought to himself please let this just be another one of these cultural misunderstandings... "I think you were taking me a little too literally, Bee. I'm...I'm not a pet. Unless for the moment I want to be. Its fun to have you acting all dominant and controlling...totally turned me on, but I think you are starting to take this a little too far."

Bumblebee growled possessively "Sam, you agreed to be my socket, I claimed you, your very cells and DNA bear my mark." He touched Sam's cheek , "you'll now be with me for a millennia. I can give you anything you wish that I am able, and your pleasure and connection will feed my spark."

Sam tried to scramble off of his friend, seriously frightened for the first time and needing some physical space, but constrained by the cable that now suddenly felt like a chain. "I agreed to let Ratchet put a port in my neck...he said that the socket would help monitor the changes in me from the Allspark. But I never agreed to be owned by you, Bee! That was play...really really great play. Humans do that during sex." Anger rose in him along with the fear, "I...I thought I was agreeing to be your lover, Bee. Not a fucking pet!"

Bee felt the sudden panic from Sam and immediately sent calming impulses along the connection, like a massage to strained muscles. The scout was confused. "Lover? I do love you, trust you, and would give my own spark to save you, isn't this what you want, what you need. What else you might want?"

Sam felt calm and comfort coming across the connection. Bee's words calmed him, too, and as much as the peace pouring through the connection was not his own calm, he appreciated it. He needed to be able to talk this through with Bee without feeling angry and terrified. He knew without a doubt now that he was dealing with a serious misunderstanding. He knew Bee loved him...he loved Bee. But belonging to him...marked by him? Owned?

"I think that...I think that you and the others need to do a lot more explaining to us humans what this is really about. I'd do anything for know that...give you energy...pleasure...friendship...whatever you need, if I understood it. But this whole talk of marking..and belonging? I never consented to that, Bee. In sex, yes...but in life? I might...if I understood what it meant...but it is one thing to pretend to be owned by another, it is another thing to actually be. I mean...I've never felt like I owned Mikaela or she owned me."

Bee felt his own panic begin to rise. "But when two humans are together they can't date other people, they can't touch others in sexual way? You make some rules that the other would follow, you don't claim ownership but you act as if you owned each other. I or any of Autobots wouldn't do anything against your will." Bee was silent for a moment, trying to fathom what was going wrong, what to do. "I must transmit your worries to Optimus, and he will decide how to approach the subject, though your government knew exactly what the whole deal entitled. They agreed to the arrangement under the condition that humans volunteer or explicitly agree to be our sockets." Bee could feel Sam's anxiety peaking again, even as he spoke these words, and he desperately kept connection active with calming impulses, trying to send Sam to sleep. The need to recharge after engaging his marking protocols was almost impossible to resist.

Sam could feel Bee sending calm and sleep though the connection, and this time he did fight it. "The government? You made an agreement with the government about this? What the fuck! And yes, people act like they own each other. But...that is totally different. You just marked me - I can feel it ... it is doing something to me. I might have agreed if you had explained it, but how in the world does Ratchet's explanation and your...your seduction qualify as my giving consent!"

Bee practically growled. "Did you not just ask me explicitly to own your mind body and soul? You have so much, now. The possibilities for you are endless, Sam. You have citizenship with us, by your own government's agreement. You are no longer bound by any of the treaties we have made with them ... .what we can give you ... Please ... please calm down. I need to recharge," Bee pleaded, almost desperately, his systems pinging him insistently now.

Sam had never been so confused in his short life. Bee's words were intensely troubling to him. But Bee was also right. Just moments before he had been inwardly begging Bee to do just what he had done. It never occurred to him that he would be taken so literally. "You recharge, Bee. I need to go clean up. Please ... disconnect me."

Reluctantly Bee disconnected, sending the affection he felt for Sam just before the connection snapped. "Just, please don't run away." Maybe he shouldn't let the hope sound in his words but he did. Because he hoped Sam wouldn't go away. If Sam rejected him now ... he could not even fathom the pain and danger that would cause his spark, and could ultimately cause Sam. He loved Sam so much, cared for him wanted to protect him and what better way than to make him his socket? Was it really so different than human relationships? Would he ever understand humans?

Sam felt the intense warmth and love and confusion from Bee before the presence inside him was suddenly gone, and its absence ached. He shuddered, almost changing his mind about leaving, then murmured. "I won't run away. I just need to be alone."

If Bee were human he would yawn or mumble something half asleep, instead he gave a static warble, his vocalizer already offline and allowed his systems to close one after another. Sam's words registered in his tired CPU but until he recharged he wouldn't process them.