Writers: femme4jack, chai16
Fandom: Transformers Bayverse
Pairing: Ratchet/Mikaela Banes
Rating: NC-17 for mech/female
Codes: Het, Xeno (Transformer/human), Sticky
Summary: Lying in wait always plays out much smoother in fantasies opposed to reality. But then, reality tends to feel a lot more physically gratifying. Doesn't it?
Notes: Written in the Dathanna de Gray fanverse (community .livejournal .com/ tf_socket_fics)
~text~ bond/cable talk

Story continues with "Before Dathana de Gray" and "Dathana de Gray"

Consent and Control 2: Best Medicine?

Mikaela impatiently rounded the large medbay yet again, making certain everything was in place and ready. Especially the new addition she constructed for a certain doctor's homecoming. ~Now if only I can get myself to stop thinking about it long enough for it to remain a surprise,~ she thought over the bond. Ever since she learned of this new way to project herself it became increasingly harder not to. Especially with how much she was missing Ratchet. It was comforting to simply think at just the idea of him even if he wasn't close enough to receive it.

But now it would be counterproductive to reveal what was going on in her mind. She absently wondered, while pulling a strap, how long it would take the bond to reach the point where distance wasn't an issue with communicating that way. Pulled any tighter it would most likely snap, but at this point she was too fevered to notice.

It was hard to get someone off her mind that was not so long ago a part of it. Though damn does it feel like its been forever. She adjusted her robe for the fifth time, making certain everything was covered. Especially the few accessories she had tucked away behind her curvy physique. ~So this is what it's like to be hung up on someone... huh, guess I have no right to criticize those whiny soft-rock songs about being needy and codependent.~ Though she liked to think that at least her situation gave her a bit more of an excuse. Just thinking about what he did to her that night... what he could do to her this morning... what she was about to do to- ~NO! Stop it you silly girl. He's already on his way and could be listening in right now.~ The last thought had Mikaela searching the bond for any trace of Ratchet eavesdropping, but whether he still hadn't traveled close enough yet or she was too inexperienced at this to detect his curious snooping remained a mystery.

Aloud, Mikaela mumbled, "What I'd give to think normally again." The need to continue projected her thoughts through the bond was really driving her independent badass side crazy. But if things went well, all that would be appeased. "Well, he is a doctor, so it would make sense that I'd get addicted to his... treatments. Hmmm, maybe back on Cybertron he specialized in chiropractic." She cracked her knuckles before playfully quoting her father, "chiropractors are notorious for getting people to desperately need the quick feel good fixes they provide. And the government claims I'm a crook."

~Great," she absently sent over the bond. ~Now I'm just being silly to hide desperation. Can this combination get any worse?~ That's about when she inconveniently remembered how horny she was too. ~Fuck.~

Meanwhile, Ratchet wearily rolled off the C-17 along with Ironhide, Sideswipe, Sunstreaker, the Arcee triplets, and a small team of select special forces handpicked by Major Will Lennox. It had been their first combat operation using the socket technology, and he had accompanied in case of any issues surrounding the use of the organic interface had arisen. His single greatest concern was that the bonded sockets and their mechs would be distracted during operations, their instincts to protect their partners overriding their mission. It had been his single greatest objection to Arcee and Ironhide's choice of symbiots, though he had not objected hard. He knew that the energy resonance was far too important to be interfered with. He was pleased his fears had not been realized. Epps and Will were every bit as effective, if not more so, than they had been before, and the new energy their partners had within their sparks showed in their performance. To say that the mission went well was an understatement. Even the humans who were not claimed as sockets had found the modifications to be a great benefit during the several skirmishes and fast and frantic final battle they had engaged in during their two weeks out. Their ability to tune into internal comms and to understand the basic combat orders in Cybertronian had made the whole team far more efficient. They succeeded without a single injury to human or mech. The six Insecticons in stasis lock, as well as the twenty-three Insecticon fatalities who had already been salvaged attested to their new advantage.

Ratchet transformed and headed to Prime's office to debrief. As he sat and listened to Ironhide, Will and Prime go over the finer parts of the operation, he found himself thankful that Mikaela was not in the military, though he had little doubt that she would be an outstanding officer. She had shown her courage and clear thinking at all of the critical moments. Yet, he wasn't sure if he would have been able to maintain the same professionalism that his comrades had with their own sockets during the two-week operation. He knew his instinctive desire to protect Mikaela would likely drive her nuts, and then found himself grinning openly when he thought about her possible responses to his protective streak. He would not be able to hide the fact that he found her angry side far too alluring. It would be tempting to provoke it, just to see what kind of reaction he could get from her.

Thinking about Mikaela, unfortunately, was driving his spark mad. He could not disguise how frustrated he was as the others discussed the operation. Ironhide hadn't been separated from Will, whom he would claim officially after Sarah and Annabelle arrived. While the two had tried to remain quiet and discrete, there wasn't a member of the team who hadn't been aware of the activities Lennox and Ironhide had engaged in whenever they had a free moment, not to mention Epps and his Arcee's three bodies. Even now, Ironhide was absentmindedly stroking Will's port and back while they discussed what to do with the prisoners in stasis lock. If Ratchet had been a human, he would surely have been tapping his fingers impatiently on Prime's desk and rolling his eyes. As it was, he vented in an all too obvious approximation of an organic sigh.

"Are you paying any attention at all?" Prime suddenly addressed him, amusement in his optics.

"To be quite honest, my old friend, not a bit. Three weeks and one day ago, I marked a beautiful, vibrant socket. One week after that, we received the intel that led to this mission, and I have been away from her ever since. Normally the last three weeks would have been spent in what Sam affectionately calls the fucking one's socket senseless phase of the claim. If you actually think that my processor is capable of focusing on anything other than her now that ... PRIMUS!"

Ratchet found himself suddenly overwhelmed by Mikaela's presence, in his mind, projecting desire, need, and no small amount of frustration. He was rocked by it, amazed that she was able to project her feelings across the bond when they were not even in the same room. Normally at this stage, they would need to be physically touching for such communication without the socket interface. The ability she had just shown should have taken months to develop. It said something about the strength of the resonance between them. Although he could not identify the content of her thoughts, her feelings were stronger than anything he had expected at this point.

Ironhide and Prime exchanged knowing looks. "Dismissed, old friend. Go and find your pet," Prime said, giving him a shove toward the door.

"She would probably try to disassemble you with her own hands if she heard you calling her that," Ironhide commented wryly, even as Ratchet sputtered at the term.

"I'm actually hoping that she might punish me at some point," Prime commented wryly, "if our old friend is willing to share. I've seen a few things in Sam's mind that were ... compelling to say the least."

"That I would want to see," Will responded with a leacherous grin, then looked briefly panicked. "Mikaela punishing you, not what is Sam's mind," he clarified. He had lost much of his reticence during the two-week operation. "I imagine Sarah might like to help."

"Slaggers," Ratchet retorted with no small amount of humor, mouthplates twitching trying to imagine Mikaela's reaction to that particular proposition as he. Turning to leave, he attempted to walk at a dignified speed toward medbay, but failed completely as he rushed toward the hanger with the speed of a sparkling on its way to get energon goodies.

~Did you miss me, my dear? Because I've had two weeks to think about all the ways I want to show you how much I've missed you.~ He sent across the bond, adding a few images to make the point. He was thrilled beyond measure that she would actually be able to hear him.

Mikaela nearly lost sight of her initial goal when she felt that long awaited caress against her mind. Thankfully, she had just enough restraint to keep her robe on and feet firmly planted. Though the implications he was bombarding her senses with had her body already trembling.

"Don't jump the gun yet, girl. This'll be more then worth it if you play your hand right," she reassured herself aloud. To Ratchet she responded with, ~Promises, promises. But I get the impression that our ideas for your homecoming celebration might be a tad ... conflicted.~.

It was almost painfully hard to keep her own mental images at bay. Opposed to impatiently sailing out to where she could sense Ratchet gaining on her position. ~Wonder which of us will get what they're after tonight?~

Mikaela tightened the robe around her waist and cast a glance back to her professor's recharge room. The polished metal of his berth gleamed a little too innocently back at her. She absently hoped he'd be too focused on her to notice the suspicious thing. At least not until it was too late.

Ratchet was so close now she could audibly hear the pounding of his heavy steps rushing the Med-bay. With a wicked grin he bolted towards his berth just as she sent, ~too bad for you I already have a head start.~

Ratchet was just about to enter the medbay when he paused to examine himself. There was no way around it - he was a mess. He had been in the field, away from washracks for 2 weeks. Dust and grime covered him from head to toe, not to mention the annoying dirt and sand stuck in joints, seams, and cogs. He suddenly felt embarrassed to be rushing toward Mikaela in such a state. At least medbay had its own washrack. He only wished he had visited a different one before alerting his human that he was on his way.

Well, there was no turning around now. She knew he was there. She was waiting for him, and obviously had plans in mind that sent his processor turning and his HUD displaying suggestions so quickly that he began to run error messages. Her plans would simply need to include time for him to wash, and perhaps if he was lucky, she could help him remove the dirt and sand from underneath his armor and in between his couplings and cogs.

~I am perfectly happy to put aside my plans for whatever you have in mind, so long as it can involve getting me clean, my beauty. I would not want you to have to touch me in the state that I'm currently in.~

With that, Ratchet entered medbay, and paused again. Mikaela was not in sight. Everything looked even cleaner and more pristine than when he had left. He obviously had picked the perfect apprentice, for more reasons that one. He couldn't shake the feeling, however that something was different. A quick scan revealed that everything was well stocked and organized, and that Mikaela was awaiting him on his berth in his private quarters. He slowed his steps, trying to avoid appearing ridiculously anxious, but knew that she could feel his desire no matter how he might try mask it.

With his optics shining and a human-like grin on his mandibles, he entered his quarters with a caress of her mind, saying aloud, "You, my dear, are just the sight to revive glitching optics. Primus, I've missed you."

The sight of a more brown then chartreuse mech standing in the metal door-frame was somehow far sexier then she could have anticipated. Even still, he definitely needed a good cleaning. Sooner than later. Besides, it wasn't like her set-up would be going anywhere any time soon. "Spark of my heart, even if you were on fire I'd be tempted to rub up on that hotter then hot frame of yours." She cast him a wink just before jumping down from the berth.

"But we should probably get your not-so-shiny aft in the wash-racks. Can't imagine stomping around with all that gunk is any kind of comfortable." She passed him in the doorway, careful not to make contact. Not because he was filthy but if she started now she wouldn't be able to stop. It's been far too long and every cell of her body screamed its need to reconnect with everything that he was. But control was something she always had a decent handle on, and thankfully her mind was able to relay just how worth it the extra wait would be. Besides, if he got even a gimps of what she had on under that robe her surprise would be spoiled. And that simply wouldn't do. She'd thought this over too much to throw everything away on an impulse. Especially since he dared her just before leaving. And if they were going to be together for as long as he suggested, he needed to learn fast just how formidable she could be when it came to a good dare.

Sauntering to the other end of the Med-bay with a not to subtle extra sway of her hips, Mikaela instructed, "You go ahead and get started. I just need to change into something a bit more... water proof."

Ratchet raised an optic ridge in wry amusement at his socket's sassy saunter across medbay like she owned the place. Was she wearing nothing but a robe? Had she been waiting for him, naked? Or had he simply caught her after her shower? He was so intrigued he nearly followed her, but calmed himself down. Getting clean was the quickest route to whatever fun she had planned while he had been gone. He gave her another longing look, and entered the medbay racks.

~Last time I checked, human skin was waterproof enough for our purposes. No need to put on anything on my account. I like you in nothing best of all - more skin to pleasure and taste.~

It was so hard not to turn around and rush into the mech sized shower stall now that he was finally here and obviously more then ready for her. "Or so he thinks," she said aloud before briskly transmitting, ~My surprise, my rules.~ To keep it that way, she was careful to keep a catchy tune occupying her thoughts so nothing would slip though to him but bits and pieces of remembered lyrics and a repetitive beat.

With a shake of his helm, Ratchet turned on the water, taking care to make it a temperature that would be comfortable for Mikaela if she chose to join him. As he stood under the duel sprayers, he sent a soothing impulse toward his spark, which was behaving rather like an earth bunny rabbit in its casing, anticipating the delicious life-energy that was surely coming. He turned the water pressure up high and added a solvent for a few moments to take off the worst of the crud, then turned it back to a level that would be acceptable to Mikaela's fragile flesh. He began to attack his lower legs and pedes with a stiff brush where the worst of the crud still clung. He knew that humans, like his own kind, often became intimate in the shower, and wondered if he would have the patience to carry her back to the berth if she entered with that saucy saunter of hers. The mech-sized tub of warm water next to the racks would certainly be a pleasant place to engage in all sorts of extracurricular behavior with his favorite student...but he was also very intrigued with what she had in mind. Being at the mercy of her life-filled body, her keen mind, and indomitable will was as alluring as anything he could think up himself.

Meanwhile, Mikaela reached for a suitcase that was tucked in a discreet corner of the room, and quickly slipped out of her robe and the costume beneath. After tucking them away for later she pulled out a wetsuit. Typically she just used it for its intended purpose. And what better place to properly explore a reef then off the coast of a secluded island? But for now it would serve as an improvised defense against Ratchet and his too tempting advances. As if she couldn't be any more of a teasing bitch Mikaela then pulled out the coup de gras of her drastic wardrobe change. From the bottom of her bag she retrieved a collar like device. She planned to save it for another time, but if she was going to maintain control in a place as steamy as the washracks, the mechanic had to take extra precautions. Strapping it snugly around her neck without restricting airflow she adjusted the accessory till she felt her socket become fully closed off to the world.

The effect was just right in all the worst ways. She was completely covered and yet the foamed neoprene suite still left nothing to the imagination. If anything its slick black sheen only worked to accentuate her curves more. With head held high and brunet hair obscuring just how denied Ratchet would be even that entry port, Mikaela practically skipped into the wash-wracks. ~Nice to see you getting wet without me,~ she thought at him with a silly grin while blatantly gawking at him beneath the water's flow. Aloud she added while moving to stand just out of the waters radius, "Serves you right for making me feel that way ever since you ran off to save the world." To top off her comment she stuck her tongue out at him teasingly just before running it along her pouty lips sensually.

Ratchet gaped as Mikaela entered the racks. She was fully covered, head to toe, hardly an inch accessible. On top of that, the collar! Covering his favorite part of her! And how could something that covered her so completely also be so completely suggestive? She was 100% attitude with a side of smug. What wasn't to love? He felt himself rising to the challenge, wondering who would come out on top.

"You know, I have at least a dozen tools at my disposal that could cut all of that off of you," he said in a dangerous voice, transforming his fingers into several of them just to show her.

"But perhaps the collar can stay put. Did you know that when Bumblebee first translated our word for organic symbiot into English, he used the word pet? It caused him and Sam issues to say the least. So by all means, keep the collar, my little energizer bunny. I'll just cut a hole in the back to get what I want," Ratchet chuckled, showing her just the instrument he could use to accomplish that.

Mikaela was more then aware of just how little she could actually do if her metal behemoth of a lover was determined enough to do as he pleased. In fact, she was counting on it. Even still she wasn't as mentally prepared as she'd have like to be for this confrontation. Gulping nervously at the dark shadow cast over his usually bright optics and the chilling tone of his voice she unconsciously took a step back. Top that off with the sight of those wicked implements he could too easily call upon really threatened her inflated over confidence. Thankfully his patronizing teasing was just the intensive she needed to bring her attitude back and in full force.

Moving closer to circle his frame, the water rained down and plastered brunet hair to her head while to rest of her remained untouched. She hoped to keep it that way concerning a certain Chief Medical Office, at least for now. "Oh, I'll be keeping my port-blocker in place and wetsuit intact, thank you very much. Now put away those B-movie reject prompts and stay still for a sec."

Not waiting for a response, Mikaela bent over to examine the filth that remained between seams and clumped in the joints of his stabilizing servos. "Besides, if anyone is the pet in this room, it's gotta be my monkey-faced dolt that ran off only to come back trailing dirt everywhere like an untrained puppy."

Ratchet's laughter echoed through the washracks, and he knelt down so his optics could meet her eyes. She was priceless to him. Her attitude, bravery, the fact that he couldn't intimidate her despite his size melted his spark, to use the human term. Transforming his fingers back to their normal shape, he ran one down her back as he grinned foolishly at her. There would be other times he could show her just how much fun his tools could be.

"I'll gladly be your pet - whether it is a monkey-faced dolt, a puppy, or a cranky old medic. I'll even give you those big strong biceps you were always looking for and you can drive my Hummer any time. To be honest, my spark is the one that behaves like a little bunny every time a thought of you crosses my processors, as in every nanosecond I'm online. Now why don't you help me get rid of the rest of this filth I dragged in, and then I'm yours, for whatever it is you have decided to make me wait and beg for like some damn sparkling."

He ran his finger along every curve in one long sensuous stroke, enjoying her shape even if he was not allowed to touch her skin, finally resting it at her crotch. He could smell her arousal and was determined that her control would slip, if only just a little.

"But if you change your mind, we could just take a soak together in the pool over there," he suggested, putting another finger right over the blocked socket and sending an EM pulse that no band of leather could block.

And there he went again, that warm chuckle reverberating off the metal walls nearly had her collapsing against his leg. Then he ensnared her gaze and with a touch that nearly tore away what conviction she had left. Mikaela knew being with him in any capacity would be challenging. Fuck, it's why she probably took the transition from student to lover so well. But here he was, verbally submitting himself to her like she was the one that could topple buildings and make death machines out of her body. She had no idea what to think and very soon just found herself acting.

When Ratchet's finger once again trailed over her front and down to her back Mikaela couldn't help but lean into the touch. Then he rested it directly over her clit and the mechanic had to resist tearing her own suit once again feel what she remembered being so intoxicatingly delicious. She was just about to loose it when Ratchet did the one thing that normally would have sent her over the edge and made her his.

When that second finger snuck up behind her with a pulse, Mikaela shook herself from the spell and sidestepped out of his reach. "Guess I wasn't clear enough when I told you this was not a collar but a port blacker. As in, not only blocked from your physical touch." Wiggling her eyebrows at him she turned to snatch up a brush and some soap. "It's amazing what carefully embedded lead will block when tucked in just the right place."

Stepping up behind the crouching mech, the mechanic began scrubbing between his armor plating. She made certain to apply pressure in all the right places while carefully staying out of his reach. He may be fast, but she was watching his movements in anticipation should simply receiving pleasure prove to not be enough for her benevolent doctor. She nearly gave in too many times already and couldn't risk another slip up.

Ratchet was torn between amusement, annoyance, and a dose of fear and insecurity at Mikaela's very deliberate blocking of what he needed the most. A small part of his programming, the one concerned with his very survival, demanded that he remove the lead lined collar immediately and reconnect. The two weeks away from her had been agonizing.

He groaned in appreciation as she scrubbed grit out of his seams, enjoying being cared for for once. But he couldn't shake his concern.

"Mikaela, you aren't rethinking things, are you? Did I bring this all on too fast?"

As much as he could hear her thoughts, without connecting, he could not be certain of her heart. He could tell that something was conflicted in her.

~I'm sorry if I have pushed you. The last thing I want is for you to regret the bond we are forming.~

About to giggle at his needless fretting, she abruptly faltered in her attempt to dislodge a rather stubborn clump of dirt. Those words that filled her mind were saturated with insecurity and even fear.

The scrubbing brush clattered to the floor as Mikaela rushed to face her crouching mech. Reaching up, she copped his looming helm as best she could. Resisting the futile urge to just shake the worry out of him the mechanic said, "Ugh, I got so caught up in the moment I completely forgot. We need a safe word! Any suggestions or should I go ahead and come up with something mortifying silly for you to beg at me."

While caressing one metal cheek her other hand went to the collar and loosened it just enough to permit a cable access. ~Now, take what you need and not a burst of energy more. I'm trusting you to keep out of my mental closets and what presents I might have in storage for you there.~

With a relief that went straight to his spark, Ratchet quickly plugged his interface into her. ~I almost panicked there. Being this close to you and not being able to connect properly was pure torment~

A quick moment of confusion was cleared up by an internet search. ~Safe word. Hmmm...I had never thought of that. Whatever you come up with will be fine. I'll keep my thoughts away from your secrets, dear one. Now that I have a clue what you are up to, I'm intrigued and don't want to ruin the suspense." Ratchet gently ran his finger over her curves and sent an opening pulse through the connection. ~It is so hard to keep this to the minimum when what I want to do is completely overwhelm you with pleasure.~

Wrapping her conscious mind with his own, he began to stimulate her pleasure centers through the connection, giving her the sensation of his fingers, cables and glossa exploring every inch of her.

The initial shock of actually connecting was overrun by the feel of his relief. It was amazing how something so scientifically astounding could come across as so damn cute to her. Heart warmed by the sheer volume of his feelings for her, Mikaela couldn't help but let her guard down. She felt to safe with him not to. Especially once he assured her that he'd leave her mental plots and plans well enough alone.

When he trailed his fingers along her side even the thick material of her suit couldn't obscure those persistent digits of his. Then he sent a pulse and she nearly lost it. Somehow she managed to keep her mental voice firm but the effort didn't do much for her already trembling legs as chidingly she sent, ~I know I said not to take too much, but that doesn't mean you can go throwing some back at me.~

But just as the protest formed she felt Ratchet's alien mind take over her own. Without needing to cup her in his hands, Mikaela was flooded with the sensation of him being all around her. The medic's probes ghosting across her skin while in reality they remained tucked away beneath hard plating. Struggling to pull back, she only leaned into his cable more, forcing him deeper into her socket. Mikaela gasped as she lost her balance, the slick floors of the wash-wracks providing no traction while her mind was far to preoccupied with other things. Like, this feels better then I remember and he's not actually doing anything yet and how the fuck do I make him stop when that's the last thing I'd ever want him to do?

~What you need to understand, my dear, is that what my spark needs is your pleasure. That is what feeds it. It is not as though I can just plug and take what I need. I must stimulate you to feed it, whether by rousing physical pleasure in you or pleasurable emotions.~

Even as he explained to her, he lifted her up so she would not fall on the slippery floor.

~Just a quickie, I'm rather desperate~ he rumbled, ~then you can torment me however you wish and make me beg~

He opened the floodgates, stimulating every pleasurable nerve in her body with pulse after pulse of love and affection, but not delving into her thoughts, content only with the feelings and sensations she fed back to him. The connection was far stronger now than at first, the nanites doing their work to make their energy resonate closer and closer.

He resisted the urge to touch her physically. The mental touch would be enough to send her swiftly over the edge.

Mikaela was feeling every damn thing and absolutely nothing at the same fucking time. The hands now holding her up were so close but only as a supportive pressure. Turning her face upwards she had to squint to see Ratchet's smoldering gaze through the spray of water. The heat of the entire situation filled her with even more desire as he continued to send pulse after pulse of pure please directly into her mind.

His overwhelming assault was relentless as the medic flooded her with sensual stimulation that bypassed every nerve for a direct infusion of bliss. It washed away all coherent thoughts, especially in regards to teasing and having any semblance of patients for such. At some point, and she wasn't quite sure when, an orgasm hit hard and fast. But just before it even had a chance to taper off, another pulse already had her riled up again.

With renewed determination and a drive for a very different goal then she initially set out for, the mechanic proceeded to grab hold of and began climbing onto the fingers keeping her steady. Now perched with legs straddling three fingers and ass firmly pressed against the palm of his metal hand she shimmied against him. With blue eyes taking on a pleading shape and bottom lip pouting out just enough she began to coerce the mech into ravishing her more then just within the confines of her mind. To add further encouragement, she even reached back to stroke his inserted cable with one hand while the other struggled to unzip the now detestable wetsuit.

Ratchet groaned, his cooling fans both kicking in at the strength of her response.

~So strong, so amazing.~ Her first orgasm rocked through him, his spark jumping in response, filled with bliss that was more than anything he had yet to feel with her. Perhaps a few weeks apart after marking a socket was a good move.

Her life was flowing into him. Her slipping control was as strong as the most refined high grade. He was drunk on her, and their reunion was only beginning.

He felt her mind and body both beg for more than the virtual stimulation he was flooding her with, and he rumbled in delight as she straddled and rocked against his fingers and began to remove the blasted wet suit. He held her steady as she stripped, transforming two fingers on his other hand into delicate looking instruments able to pull the offending clothing off and tossing it aside. Once her bare skin touched his sensors, his control fled completely. He had to have her, had to have that silky organic skin against his most sensitive of sensors, had to mark her again and again. With a click, his panel slid aside revealing a hard and eager spike, not yet sized to her in case she wished to play with it large. Her wet cunt left behind her juices as she rocked against his fingers, and he began a pulsing pattern of EM against her grinding body.

"Want to taste you and then spike you, " he growled out loud while continuing to flood her body with sensation just by the force of his mind. ~Tell me to stop if I shouldn't...but tell me soon. I'm nearly too far gone. I need to mark you again.~

Freed from the confines of the black suit and on full display before the medic, Mikaela watched him reveal his spike. Managing to focus on his words through their bond, she knew what he wanted now and how easy it would be to just give it to him. And yet... a small part of her flared up and proposed a compromise for her. After all, she had cum already and was no stranger to how it could happen again without someone's help. He was the one with the most need now that she had him riled up even more. So why not have more fun then she should probably risk? Even if she lost and he took her anyway, she still won.

Leaning back against his palm and partway onto that plated forearm, she cooed softly and ran a hand down between her breasts. Pausing briefly to tweak an already hard nipple, she then continued to tickle down her stomach before covering her cooch. "That tasting and spiking does sound like an awfully good idea," she said tantalizingly. The sheer force of his will over her own may have been consuming, but she knew just the trick that would divert and take back some of the control she had lost. "But maybe you should stop and take a break. Those vents are sounding awfully over exerted and I wouldn't want you to blow a fuse on my account."

Fingers slid over glistening lips just before slipping between. Letting out a throaty moan she worked the experienced digits inside while a thumb pressed against her exposed clit. The movement was familiar, but under the azure gaze of her professor made the experience that much more thrilling. ~Besides, I'm your apprentice. It's my job to take care of such mundane tasks as a simple taste test.~

Pulling her hand away only to replace it with the other, hiding her cooch from view, Mikaela opened her mouth to suck on two fingers that weren't just wet because of the shower. "Mmmm," she groaned around while licking between and then along them. ~I am loving this independent study.~

If Mikaela was intending to slow down his response with her show and tell, it wasn't going to work at all. Tasting her through their connection (and her taste buds interpreted the sensations so deliciously different from the sensors on his glossa) made him give a primal sounding growl. He lifted her up, fully intending to replace her fingers with his own thrusting glossa, but then paused with her right before his optics, simply watching her as she thrust her fingers in her own beautiful hole, while her tongue swirled around the fingers on her other hand, making such noises that were far better than music to his audios. Normally his socket programming demanded that he simply focus on pleasuring his symbiot, on giving so that he might receive, but her motions on her fingers, reminiscent of the way a mech could tease and lick his spike had his engine revving in a whole new way. One of the thousands of things that delighted him about Mikaela was how important it was to her to give pleasure as well as receive it, and not simply through the connection, but to his large frame, which by all rights shouldn't even have been attractive to her...and yet it was. He was humbled and awed by it, and told her so, followed by a lurid image of her doing the same thing to his spike that she was doing to her fingers.

So instead of the ravaging he had intended, he gently stroked her with a single finger, watching the sheer beauty of her pleasuring herself...teaching him through the connection what felt best to her. He knew he could accomplish her orgasm far more efficiently than what she was doing, but this was not about efficiency for him, and never had been. He had, in his own way, loved each and every one of his sockets as much as fellow mech might love a bondmate, but in Mikaela, that grief that his symbiot did not have a spark for him to join with reached a whole new level. Instead, he joined her mind as fully as he was able, experiencing everything she had to give as she touched herself.

More then aware of the opposite effect she was now having on him, Mikaela put on more of a physical show to keep Ratchet distracted as she worked to come up with a new course of action. One that wouldn't backfire on her yet again. Not that she didn't mind that he was along for a free sensual ride via her brainwaves. Especially since he seemed to appreciate her all the more for the added effort. Licking her fingers was certainly helping since he interpreted that just the right way. He was focused and completely receptive to any and everything she did to provide him with the most fulfilling experience. But how was she going to get him riled up now if everything she did only seemed to satisfy him further? The answer came when she almost did for the second time.

Abruptly, and somewhat reluctantly she stopped all but the heaving of her chest as she laid back into Ratchet's hand, limbs hanging off limply. The rush of the oncoming orgasm was coursing though her persistently, but with nothing to coax it to a peek her body wasn't able to reach that release. As she felt the trembling begin to abate, Mikaela reinserted and steadily increased the pace of her thrusting fingers. The building heat overtook her much faster this time but still wasn't fast enough. While it was so hard not to keep going, through sheer persistence she was able to pull two fingers out and simply rest them against the sensitive folds of her opening. Leaving her middle finger partially inserted it curved teasingly against her clit. It was even more of an ache to feel something there that wasn't doing a damn thing.

Maddening pattern carefully established and body positively burning for satisfaction under the warm water her focus changed. She spared what focus she could on the alien observer. ~So, is teasing to the point of no actual return just as good for you?~

Ratchet had watched her indulgently for a few moments, sure that she would tire of bringing herself to the edge but no further, but soon the indulgence shifted to frustration and the frustration to wanton desire and the desire to desperation. While his spark drank up every sensation she had, it was not the huge rush of life that it craved. Mikaela's climaxes, especially when they intertwined with his own were like a drug to him.

He quickly realized the game she was up to. Feeding him just enough to tease him, but not enough to truly satisfy. His optics took on an almost deadly quality as he took in the spectacle of her sensuous body while monitoring the glorious energy repeatedly build and then ebb. It was almost as though a damn had formed, and behind it the water he thirsted for with his whole spark raged in a fierce storm.

The feeling was so highly frustrating and arousing that it was tempting, oh so tempting to remind her of his strength, to fully dominate her, to show her that he could, if he wished, take complete control of her mind and body and show her just how over the edge he could push her. And there might be a day for that...when she wished it. But now, even amid his growing desperation for her climax and his almost instinctive need to be the one who pleasured her, he was full of admiration for her competitive playfulness as she learned just how many possibilities this connection gave them

Mikaela knew she had to be so close to pushing him over the edge. Just like when she coaxed him into releasing those nanites their first time. She didn't fully understand what she was even asking for, only knowing that she felt his spark's craving for something through their connection. And through their current connection, she delighted in the feel of his amusement morphing into a frenzied need.

Watching his physical reaction to her game was making it all the harder to actually stop herself. He was so fucking sexy with that heated expression. It made the metal makeup of his face somehow even more kissable to her desperate lips. Running her tongue over what was left of pink lipstick, Mikaela watched herself through his scorching gaze. If not for her stubborn determination alone, the sight as he was seeing it would surely have done her in by now. That he was still holding back made his inhuman patience all the more alluring. The battle of wills was pushing her body far past what it was used to, just to try and keep going without actually bringing herself anywhere. Briefly she wondered how much longer she could hope to hold out against a being like him.

Ratchet sensed her thought and sent a single strong pulse of energy through all of her pleasure centers to remind her of what he could do if pushed too far, and then sat down, leaning against the washracks wall to continue to enjoy the show, his hand still holding her right in front of his lustful optics.

It was a direct hit.

Try as she might to hold the brunt of it back, the socket proved to be a clear opening that she was not knowledgeable enough about to hope to block. Especially with Ratchet's experienced cable plugged tightly in place. Her mind received the surge of energy and traitorously relayed it to the rest of her body. Strained muscles tensed up beneath her trembling fingers as the most frustrating orgasm of all time coursed through her. She fought it the entire time, thrashing against his metal palm while screaming out her frustration even as her body registered a satisfying release.

Panting heavily, she felt drained from the impossible exertion of trying to outlast ancient and highly advanced sex machine. Hot and sore in all the right places yet not by the desired means, she barely managed to direct the message, ~You... suck. Like, a lot. Without actually- you know... doing it. The sucking that is. Oh, and the it. Definitely the it. Jerk.~

Ratchet did not register her words for the moment, the energy from her especially strong climax still pulsing in his spark, but not bringing the expected cascade of pleasure that would create a feedback loop with her own. It was a different sort of energy, gloriously full physical pleasure, but also pulsing with emotional anger and frustration...certainly NOT what his spark craved from her. His spark reacted with a nearly violent intensity, writhing in objection to the inferior nature of what it consumed even as he sat completely still, holding Mikaela in his hands, his optics for the moment offline. Anger, frustration, fear, pain...all of these could feed a spark, but knowing what his species knew now of the horrors of the past...

Ratchet quickly offlined his HUD that demanded he rip his cable out of her port to protect her from himself. He had been activated when Cybertron still depended on the generators powered by sentient organics. Memories began flashing through his processor at lightning speed, and he quickly blocked them from Mikaela's view, though he could not block the emotion that leaked through the link. Guilt, horror, shame, rage...

The clearest memory replayed itself on a continuous loop. He was young, idealistic, listened to the words of Alpha Trion and saw the generators open for the first time. Little registered at first...it just would never have occurred to him to view the creatures inside as anything other than an energy source, a harvest, a needed commodity. But he had agreed, along with others, to stay online while their sparks charged...and had experienced the horror of the fear and torturous agony that had been the source of his life from the moment he was sparked. He had come into contact with sentience, sentience that was tortured and yearned for the release of death, but was denied a thousand thousand times over as they simply continued to live five times, even ten times their normal lifespan. And yet, somehow, even then, they retained conscious thought. Could dream of their homes long destroyed, could yearn for lovers and family torn away, all while every nerve in their body registered only agony.

He had been one of the first to accept a socket. In his shame and guilt he had doted on him, he was more than simply a sweet pet. Ratchet had treated him as an equal, no matter that his processing speed was so frustratingly slow and his lifespan nothing compared to his own. And even with the pain of each loss of beloved symbiot, Ratchet could not help himself. He bonded to his sockets the way he might to another of his own kind. Most others saw them differently. Treated them well, yes, but not as an equal, not as a lover, just a convenient tool at worst or a beloved pet at best. He, like Wheeljack, went far deeper to learn what lie within his sockets. He could see the brilliant creativity and strength that lie in each organic being, could process that in so many important ways (compassion, creativity, leaps of intuition) they were superior. So much could be learned from them, and though it meant far more pain with each loss (and oh...there were so many losses over his lifetime), he would never stop treating them as lovers and equals, each one precious, adored, beloved.

Every socket-related subroutine demanded that he create only pleasure and joy in his symbiots while his spark fed. Though Mikaela's anger and frustration were not overwhelming, it registered as a glitch to his system...a horrifying glitch for which he alone was responsible, which he would do anything to protect her from.

"Mikaela," he finally said out loud, not trusting himself to speak through their link. "What have I done? I am so so very sorry." He pulled his hands with her in them close to his spark, as though any second he might lose her. He ran a finger up and down her back, soothingly as might a sparkling, with gentle EM pulses designed only to relax and sooth.

Confusion didn't even begin to describe what Mikaela was feeling. Bewilderment barely cut it, though at least dumbfounded seemed to come pretty close.

Mikaela was fiercely competitive by nature, and accustomed to being the winner through talent or sheer soberness alone. Losing was never taken well, especially if she was blinded-sided by the contender. But it wasn't like she could have found a more worthy opponent then Ratchet. The Autobot's CMO was her most influential educational experience, how could so not swoon at how lucky she was he chose her, the daughter of a con that showed all signs of following in his footsteps? And she really did have to admit, that last pulse he sent when she was already pushing herself too close really won out. The mechanic had taken a risk and left herself wide open for something like that. She was frustrated with herself more then anything for getting tricked into false security instead of winning her treat. In this case it would have been the sweet sensation of an infinitely patient being losing control because she drove him to it.

Nevertheless, that last organism felt pretty damn fantastic. Though in the future she'd have to remember not to try fighting against one ever again. That was exhausting and took away from the usually serene afterglow. Which, come to think of it is feeling awfully lonely... But when she reached out to mentally caress her lover she found something blocking her path to him. Alarmed she reached out more persistently only to collided with a thick wall shielding Ratchet from her but not entirely. Through the cracks slipped flashes of images and distraught emotions. None of which made sense considering what just transpired between them.

Tired brown eyes shot open to regard the sullen mech cradling her. Before she could think up the right question to ask, he spoke her name. His tone was so lost and distraught, nothing like the lustful melody she came to love each time he called out to her. Under the spray of water and with his features bent like that Mikaela couldn't help but think it looked like he was crying. After he uttered a mournfully apology she found herself torn from that face and pressed against his chassis. Metal digits then began to stroke her as though she were a startled bunny.

Pushing down her offense at that thought, she tried to puzzle out what the fuck just happened to bring about this change in him. He won, so why the hell was he acting like he accidentally squished her? Fighting against her protesting body's desire to just press against him contently, Mikaela knocked his fingers away and leaned back to make eye contact with his too blue optics.

"Uh, sweetie? I know I'm not durable like steel, but it's not like I'm made out of porcelain either." She finished with a tentative smirk to try and lighten whatever dark mood claimed him. Gulping as she reevaluated the lame attempt, she quickly tried another approach. "I mean... aside from holding me up it's not like you touched me that much anyway. See, I'm not hurt! Scan for yourself if you don't believe me."

Slowly she then reached out to place her hands over his spark reassuringly. But when she felt the erratic pulsing beneath his thick armor Mikaela jerked back, afraid for him and hating herself for having done this to him. ~Tell me how to fix you,~ she sent somberly. ~Even if it's bolting out of here right now and streaking across a military base to give you whatever space you need from me. Please, I-I don't know what to do... without your guidance.~

"Don't go," he quickly said. Then he slowly lowered his firewalls and let her see his emotional turmoil, before deliberately disengaging a few of his emotional subroutines in order to shield himself and her from their intensity. "I'm aware that I am overreacting, Mikaela, to what was only a small burst of frustration and anger on your part. It just happened at the moment my organic energy subroutines fully opened all the inputs to my spark so that it could be fed...those were triggered by your orgasm which is by far the most intense and powerful surge it can receive. When that surge of energy came accompanied with frustration and anger, it activated several subroutines buried deep in my socket protocols, subroutines that I cannot disengage...designed, essentially to protect you from me. My subroutines interpreted your emotions to indicate that I was doing something that was hurting you."

"My spark reacts rather violently to being fed on emotional energy that is negative, though it can feed on any emotion or feeling...even extreme pain. It just doesn't want them, wants to reject them but it can't. When I'm not in the throws of an overload or a spark surge as strong as the one I was receiving, I can recognize the complicated web of emotions that come from you and make sure that only the beneficial ones are routed into my spark. I'm also able to understand that I may or may not be the source of those complicated emotions, and that a person can be feeling wonderful while still feeling confused or even angry. But when all of the connections open, I no longer have control, and I allowed my spark to feed on your anger and frustration, which I was caused by failing to properly monitor how aroused you were and sending you a pulse that was intended to tease, but instead put you over the edge when you did not wish to be. I'm only able to be this calm at the moment because I've disengaged several of my emotional subroutines...so that I can talk with you about this rather than continuing to treat you like you are so fragile."

He pulled her a little ways from his grill so he could look at her. "It also triggered a memory for me that is probably the most horrifying memory I have. The subroutines do that on purpose, to remind us why it is so very important that we only allow ourselves to create pleasurable sensations and emotions in our sockets when our sparks are feeding. I...it is very hard for me to show you this. It is the source of so much shame. But I realize now that when I claimed you so quickly, I didn't give you a chance to know why Autobots are so dedicated to protecting organic sentients. May I share it with you? It is unpleasant. I have cut off any possible energy transfer to my spark so it doesn't react to your anger or pain.

Realizing that her mouth was rudely hanging open, Mikaela promptly closed it. Every time she tried to allow what he just explained to sink in, the emotional turmoil barely held back behind those words threatened to drown her. Distracting didn't begin to describe the troubling sensation. Even on her best days the mechanic barely managed to follow let alone fully comprehend what exactly was going on in that super advanced processor of his. It was part of the reason she couldn't help but love the metal hunk, even if she hadn't managed to say so aloud just yet.

Through their limited connection, she was able to feel more then hear what he was getting at. And surrounding it all was the sense that he was once again holding back. Though considering the content in this case, she wasn't sure how ready she was to take all that he had. After all, the last time she demanded he let it all out she ended up pumped with micro bots that set to work messing with her genetic codes. Not that she regretted the decision, but really she should have probably listened to the teacher and studied more before jumping into the test. Maybe then she wouldn't have fucked up so bad to make Ratchet feel this awful.

To compensate for the hollow feel of him within her, Mikaela opened her own mind to him fully. "Show me," she whispered with intensity. "Make me understand in anyway you have to."

And just like that, the images and clips of scenes came together clearly. While Mikaela was not naive to the horrors of the world, it still shocked her that the universe could achieve that level of cruelness. At least in death suffering ended. These poor beings had been kept alive far past any conceivable lifetime to feed a conquering race. To feed her lover. Suddenly she closed her herself off from Ratchet as best she could. She already ruined their steamy reunion with her petty insecurities and mess of a mindset. She wasn't about to make it any worse by allowing him to sense how appalled she was by what he just revealed. Even if it was an unconscious act of torture on his part, the thought of what kept him alive for so long made it impossible to look him in the optic.

To make up for the mental blockade, Mikaela reached out to grab hold of his grill. Pulling herself closer she wrapped tired arms around him as best she could and stroking the wet metal lightly. His spark still felt like an electric storm barely contained by his frame. No words seemed meaningful enough to express how sorry she was or even begin to offer comfort. Though a small selfish part of her was relieved they were still in the shower, disguising her weakness with drops of water.

Ratchet could clearly see the guilt and shame Mikaela began feeling, even as he spoke. Then, sharing the horrors of his memory...of the memory of every Cybertronian who lived at that time and had agreed to see for themselves or through the memories of another what they had truly been, and could feel how appalled and shocked she was. He watched as she tried to shut off her emotions from him, unaware of how little she could truly block, but respecting her wishes and withdrawing himself from that part of her mind.

"Mikaela," he said softly, stroking her back, "You are absolutely right to feel appalled and horrified. That is what I feel too when I think about this. And don't for a second feel guilty or ashamed of anything that happened today. You are brand new at this, and I'm brand new being bonded with you this way. For all that we can hear each other's thoughts and feel each other's feelings, there is no getting around that there is going to be a steep learning curve, for both of us. We did move into this fast, and that makes those lessons come harder and faster. Don't for a second feel like any of this was your fault."

With a sniffle Mikaela tightened her grip. He was the perfect guy, infinite patience and understanding warped up in a sleek hard body, and what was she doing? Getting consoled when he was the one with centuries of legitimate hurt, having gone through lifetimes of organics only to land on her planet and have to do it all over again.

Shivering despite the warm water poring down she mumbled against him, "Pushing the matter of blame aside for the moment... how do I fix this? Your spark, it feels wrong like this. Helping with that is the least I could do."

With a single flick of thought, Ratchet deactivated the shower and brought a soft towel out of subspace, wrapping her up in it.

He chuckled and started walking toward his quarters, instructing the cleaning drone to mop up the water left in his wake.

"That part, my dear, is completely simple. Explain to me or show me what it is that gets you the most worked up so I can give you the orgasm of your life, one that you feel great about."

With a heavy sigh she sunk into the think warm towel. "I dunno, doc. The last time we tried that the last ten minutes happened."

Shyly she risked a glace up at him before saying, "Besides, how the hell can you be thinking about sex after all that?"

"Let's process that, shall we? I have a delicious, intelligent, life filled organic in my hands, attached to my cable, and filled with my nanites. I have a spark that is demanding that I mark her again, and mark her thoroughly because I've been away from her for 2 full weeks. Yes, quite easy for me to think about sex. And even if it isn't living out whatever fantasy you are hiding in that mind of yours, then at the very least let me do the first part...give you the orgasm of your life and spike you till you can hardly walk. That way I can relieve you of duty the rest of the week and hold you captive in my quarters so I can do it again tomorrow."

"Oh. Well, in that case..." Her face flushed s deep scarlet, the warmth of which seemed to pool in her stomach at how casually he was able to say something like that. And with a straight face no less! Despite her exhausted state and apprehension, Mikaela found that even with the towel she wasn't able to stay too dry. Especially because of the thoughts he put into her head with words alone.

Ratchet sat on their berth, his back against the wall and settled her on his chest before gently removing the towel. He silently sent a gentle opening pulse through her body, languid and patient, stroking his finger down her side, tracing her curves.

~You are so very beautiful and precious to me Mikaela. I won't promise that this will always be just fun and games. I'm a stubborn old slagger and have a wicked temper. But I do promise that I will do everything in my power to give you what you want, even if it means letting go of that control I hold on to so tightly. I just don't want to hurt you in the process. I am so very much bigger than you, you might have noticed.~

Before she could respond, he pulled her up toward his waiting glossa and traced her lazily, starting at her throat and moving down to trace a slow figure eight around her breasts, finally taking them both fully into his mouth and swirling his glossa around her nipples.

To her surprise, Mikaela found her body responding in turn, pulsing back shyly. It was becoming harder and harder to feel insecure and self-conscious the more he lavished her with sweet words followed by even sweeter actions.

The pace of his glossa was agonizingly slow as it curved around her chest. Cooing softly at the feel of the sleek metal rounding her breast for the second time, she gasped when Ratchet's mouth opened up to cover both. His ventilations felt like warm steam over her sensitive skin. Then that glossa came around and teased her nipples. Brown eyes rolled back along with bronze shoulders as she thrust her chest out further. Though hard, his plated lips were easily wrapped around her front and caused a rush of heat between her legs.

~Oh, I've noticed the size and intend to rise to the challenge.~ Gripping the fingers holding her in place, she leaned forward to kiss the intricate mosaic of metal that made up his cheeks. Unable to reach his more sensitive audio unit from her position she tried giving back with words instead. ~It feels so good the way you polish my chest but you're such a bad mech for keeping me away from all your sensory nodes.~

Arching her back, she pressed her wet cooch against his hand insistently. ~I need to take something of yours inside me. Right now. I don't care what or where, so long as it's yours.~ With her last thought she ran the edge of her teeth against the plating just above his upper lip.

'When you dare to push Ratchet, be prepared to get knocked back'. That was just common knowledge to Cybertronians and now a base full of humans alike. And while Mikaela had never been on the receiving end of a heated lecture or carefully aimed wrench yet, she couldn't help but decide that neither held candle to what he was doing to her now.

The strength of Ratchet's own reaction startled even him. At her plea, her need to have him inside her, his marking protocols practically slammed into action, demanding that he reclaim her after his absence and further solidify the bond. His vocalizer grunted and his engine revved as he pulled her away from his mouth and lay her on the berth supported by his hand, one finger lifting her ass to position her, cables pulling her legs apart to open wide her wet fleshy valve. He knelt with a hiss of hydraulics so that his pressurized spike hovered right at her entrance, processors knowing her every dimension and sizing his spike to give her the maximum she could handle pleasurably.

Cables wrapped around her wrists, pulling them above her head pressing them to his hand, while another stroked her chest, her nipples, moving down to rest on her clit with just the slightest pressure even as he thrust into her as hard as he dared, every sensor on his spike lighting up and pouring pure pleasure into him, which he gleefully fed back to her, along with the pleasure of his spark filling with even more of her life sustaining magic. He began pumping his own sensations through the cable with the same abandon that he began to pump into her cunt, giving a tingling EM burst to her clit with each thrust.

Her mouth opened in a silent cry as he just as abruptly pulled out only to slide right back in. Again and again he pounded her and Mikaela's body shook under the impact. She gave herself completely to his intense gaze, that overbearing attitude and feeling of him fully taking her. Even after driving her body so incessantly before she could feel a warm urgent need steadily building within. She felt it in him as well. Through the bond he shared ever sensation he took from her, giving it back tenfold with his advanced sensory network. Her bound legs tensed as they were stretched further apart and the shock of small bolts of electricity spreading quickly through her from each EM burst had her straining against his hand and cables.

"Mine," he grunted, as if warning invisible others away.

At his possessive declaration Mikaela couldn't find it in her heart to denounce the claim. For once wanting someone to mean it. Wanting Ratchet to prove it. Captured so completely by his mind and body she panted, "show me."

More insistently Mikaela demanded, "make me believe you. Give me a fucking good reason to let you have everything I am and could be. Show me!"

Ratchet saw in Mikaela's emotions and in the fleeting flashes of memory how often others had acted a though they owned her. She had been a prize, a possession of jocks riding in their souped up trucks. While at times she had reclaimed herself, other times she had allowed others to determine her worth, and her worth to them was nothing more from her a good lay and a status symbol.

He knew that the first time she had ever had a sense of truly being loved was during her time with Sam, but even then Sam's attraction to her was mostly physical. Ratchet's was not. While some mechs insisted on only picking sockets who were physically attractive to the socket's own species as a matter of pride, when there was true attraction from a mech to an organic, it was always to something within. Though he treasured what he and Mikaela could do for one another physically and the gift she gave his spark each time they shared, what he loved was her soul, her passion, the strength of her emotions and convictions, her stubborn spirit, and her willingness to stretch herself to learn. He loved her curiosity, her questions, he even loved the insecurity underneath her strong exterior.

When his kind sparkmerged, their feelings, their memories, and everything they were was laid bare, leading to an emotional climax that made a physical one look pale in comparison. It was not possible to sparkmerge with an organic, but it was possible to open his memories and emotions to her far more than he had. It was truly the only way that he could 'show her' as she demanded.

As he continued to relentlessly thrust into her body, deliberately spiraling their pleasure to new heights, he spoke into her mind the words she had so much difficulty saying herself. ~I love you, Mikaela.~ He began lavishing her body with caresses from suddenly extended cables. The one still on her clit vibrated and began pushing on it in rhythm to his thrusts, while the finger pushing up on her ass extended a small, already lubricated cable into her hole to vibrate her there as well.

On top of the physical stimulation, he lowered firewalls and ushered her into his memories and emotions so that she could see herself as he saw her. He flashed one scene after another of herself filtered through his optics and emotions - his admiration for her as she bravely approached Prime for the first time in the alley - his shock and utter surprise as she heroically rescued the injured Bumblebee from the middle of battle only to join back in the battle as the scout's partner - his surprise again when she offered to assist him in repairing Bee following the battle, the true beginning of their friendship - the moments when she blatantly teased him in a way few others could get away with, the time she had managed to bring a cube of energon to him by forklift, and later blackmailed him into recharge. With each thrust of his spike, he thrust into her the strength of his love for her, his respect, his desire to have her at his side for all of her far too few days.

And to Mikaela, it seemed that no matter how much she dared to share with the ancient mech, he continued to stand by her. Despite her fuck ups of the past those feelings of adoration and respect continued to pour through. The sense of such pure and unadulterated acceptance was intoxicating. Especially when he opened himself up to her so trustingly. All that was him laid bear before her. She reveled in the feel of it all and found that she could not help but let him in deeper. The more she gave to him the more he'd pulse back, filling her mind and completing what sex alone could never begin to do for her.

When he tore away any mental barricades keeping him from her, it shattered what defense she had left to allow such a wondrous being into her deepest reaches. All but one tiny door remained closed to him. After all, she needed to have some surprises, least he become bored of her so early in their bond. Insecurities aside, at this moment she could believe she might be just as perfect as he seemed to see her through those piercing azure optics.

All the while, cables reached around to fondle her breasts, kneading and squeezing along the supple skin. Stiff nipples were met with a more targeted attention as sweet pinches teased and indulged. Along her neck and down her sides they continued to move, hitting hot spots she didn't even know her body had been hiding. Her mind struggled to keep up with it all, to thoroughly feel and indulge in each caress and wave that was brought on by his ministrations.

But most distracting of all was Ratchet himself. Looming above even as she was wrapped by him from below, tied to him and bound in so many ways on every level she could possibly conceive of. She couldn't move from this even if she wanted to. Ensnared thus, a warm sensation was fast building into an urgent need that he was all to skillfully fulfilling. From underneath the finger holding her up rocked her very foundation as yet another cable extended to nestle into her from behind. The invading sensation coupled with everything else he did had her gasping and moaning how very much she was captivated by him, how much he truly meant to her. And somewhere inside, behind a locked up door, the notion of love beat against her persistent stubbornness despite everything.

Sensing that the climax was near for both of them, Ratchet made a final effort and poured their combined pleasure back into her helpless, bound body as he claimed her lovely wet cunt, spiraling her toward an emotional climax as well, showing her just why it was her, and only her that he desired and wanted to once again claim for his own - because he already belonged fully to her.

Her warm, wet cooch contract around his spike, gripping it in a tight embrace with a series of successive convulsions. He continued to ride her rhythmically as though she were the vehicle in their relationship. His handling secure and confident as he pushed into her from between spread legs and sizzling socket. The intensity was overwhelming as she felt everything he did only to send back how it in turn felt for him. And then he commanded and without pause her body obeyed the deep, resonating voice.

~Come for me, my beauty.~

Mikaela herself was caught totally off-guard by the alien experiences overwhelming her unaccustomed senses. She felt lost in an endless spiral as the intense wave of intoxicating pleasure engulfed her. Rapidly it spread to encompass her entire body, she became taut in anticipation of the delicious release that would follow.

With everything moving in such blissful synchronization, the final vestige of control slipped from her and Mikaela clenched her fists in helpless exasperation as the first wave of pleasure reached a climax, arching her back again against his hand. The strong intense contractions completely took control under Ratchet's attentions. Before it even began to subside, a second even more intense wave rocked through her as she was locked the throes of the intense orgasm. A third final convulsive spasm of pleasure at the tempo of each thrust, pounding roughly and somehow gently all at once.

Ratchet's spark blazed like a star gone nova with the intensity of her climax, her exquisite pleasure healing and feeding and caring for his very source of life and sentience. Not only her pleasure, but her passionate emotions erupted into his spark, eagerly absorbed into its brightness, leading to a cascade of energy that immediately overloaded his systems. Static danced up and down his frame spilling onto her even as transfluid spilled from his spike, overflowing into her throbbing sex with each thrust. Ratchet's nanites again raced through her body, renewing his mark on her, renewing and strengthening the bond between them, giving her an energy signature any would recognize as uniquely his own.

Her mouth became dry and pouted while the bronze complexion of her face was now flushed and red from such an extended orgasm. She could still feel him embedded within her warm tight confines. She felt completely drained and yet delightfully vitalized all at once. Though the thought of moving seemed far more like a joke then a possibility. At least anytime soon.

His optics onlined, and he saw her still completely bound and attached to him in every way, not only physically but emotionally and energetically. He gently pulled his spike out from her and released her bonds, retracting his cable before gathering her languid form into his hands to hold her to his spark as he lay back on the berth.

~I lo-uh... You make me so fucking happy. just... thought I should, you know, say it.~

She didn't need to say the words. He knew. "And I love you, and plan to treasure you and indulge your every desire for the next couple of thousand years." His optics flickered in amusement "I'll even give you your own set of wrenches for whacking the slaggers with their helms in their afts who come to our medbay."

It was so hard to be aware of anything else but Ratchet. So Mikaela just stretched out her arms as far as they'd go around his broad chassis and contently sighed into the warm chartreuse metal. Even after he untangled himself from her she felt as though they were still entwined. It was a comforting sort of closeness she indulged in. Then there were those micro-critters tinkering with her on a more subatomic level...

Deciding that it was far more relaxing then unnerving she found herself absently asking, "So when do you think its gonna actually sink in that my life-span's been increased exponentially?" Her fingers began to trace along the seams in his armor as her thoughts continued to wonder while her body curled against his sturdy frame.

"Probably the first time we have a fight, which we will, and then you'll say 'my God, do I really have to spend a thousand-plus years with this slagger?' But the make-up sharing will be so amazing that you'll get over it quick enough." He put his broad hands over her body, as though shielding her from the world, stroking her head with one of his digits.

A soft giggle took over that only cut off when Mikaela kissed one of his headlight's tenderly. "I think I can look forward to living with that. So long as you don't mind being stuck with a crazy bitch who'd sooner act out then stop and think for once in her now too long life."

"Yes, but you are my crazy bitch, and I wouldn't have any other. There is a reason the others call me the Hatchet, you know. We both have iron wills and tempers that scare everyone else so much that I do believe we were meant for each other."

~Shall we sleep, my lovely one?~ gently encouraging her body to slip from blissful afterglow to the relaxation of sleep.

Silently reveling in how closely Ratchet held her she mentally replied, ~you can recharge at your own risk~ before closing her eyes.

He raised an optic ridge at her final comment, but decided to let it pass. She still had plans, and he was looking forward to experiencing the master battle tactician at work. Even staying out of the content, her mind at work would certainly make Prowl proud.

He slowly powered down, feeling her relaxed and sated above his spark that was out lazily in its casing as though to caress her.

Continues in "Before Dathana de Gray" & "Dathana de Gray"