E/O CHALLENGE Prompt: 'Independence'

Count: 111 because it's a holiday

A/N: Takes place before the S5 finale. Sorry for it being late-I didn't get the email of the new challenge word!

Repeating History

Sam and Dean parked the Impala on a grassy hill and sat watching the fireworks. They were magnificent. Sam liked the ones that were blue and red and Dean loved the gold ones that dropped down.

"Hey Sam?"


"I was thinking. After we defeat Lucifer we should light up some fireworks."


"To show our independence from the demons and whatever else hates us."

Sam took a long sip of his beer, "If we make it out alive."

"You mean when we make it out alive."


"Sam for once just be positive-for me."

For the rest of the night the boys sat in silence watching the display of fireworks.