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"Nani...?" Japan put his hand up towards the window of the hut's bedroom, shielding his eyes from the bright sun, and groaned as he sat up. It had all been a dream...? But such a vivid one embarrassing. He had never had a wet dream with another man before. Not even another nation, they had always involved Hatsune Miku or some other anime girl he obsessed over. He shifted as he felt the stickiness between his thighs, blushing as he realized he'd just come in his pants while in the hut's large bed.

England stirred a bit as Japan sat up, having already been very slowly waking up but now became more alert at the movement beside him. He groaned and opened his eyes, rubbing them and turning over to look at Japan. He was still half-asleep and didn't notice the other's state at first, smiling sleepily at him. "Good morning..." He mumbled, yawning and closing his eyes again as the sunlight bothered them.

Japan startled at England's voice, trying to conceal his blush as he looked toward him. The dream still vivid in his mind, it was hard not to see his boyfriend as the pirate who had moments ago taken him in his sleep. He swallowed, trying not to give away just how uncomfortable he was in his pants, and stuttered out a reply. "O-O-Ohayo...g...gozaimasu..." He put a hand to his face, embarrassed, and looked away. He couldn't face England after doing something so humiliating with him in his dream.

England noticed Japan's nervous stuttering and looked over at him, seeing a glimpse of his red face before he turned away. He propped himself up a bit on one elbow, looking concerned. "Are you alright, Kiku?" He couldn't tell if the other was upset about something, or not feeling well. He looked a bit jumpy...maybe he'd had a bad dream? "I-I can make some tea if you'd like."

"I'm fine..." He crossed his arms and stayed looking away, nodding at the tea but still not meeting England's eyes. How could he ever see the Englishman without remembering that dream and getting all flustered about it? And if England ever found would be much too shameful. He wanted to get dressed and remove the stickiness from his pants, but he simply couldn't while England remained in the room. He couldn't bear the thought of England seeing that revealing white stain in his panties, or even...he didn't think he could ever let England see him naked again.

"Alright..." England bit his lip, worried, and sat up. He got out of the bed, opening his mouth to ask if Japan was sure he was okay, but deciding against it. Perhaps he needed a moment alone. "I'll make some tea then. Perhaps you should take a bath or something, if you don't feel well." He added, sounding concerned, before going out to the kitchen to make some tea.

Japan nodded at England's suggestion, quickly jumping up and scrambling out of bed as soon as the door closed behind England. He stripped, throwing his sticky panties in the trash (he couldn't risk England seeing them when he did the laundry) and rushed into the shower, shuddering as he felt the stickiness between his thighs wash down his legs.

England listened to the pipes tapping from the shower running, imagining Japan in the steamy water as he remembered the incident in his own bathroom. He blushed at the memory, hoping this time Japan would remain unmolested. But the pirate seemed to be staying away...for now...

Japan stepped out of the showering, walking into the hut's bedroom and startling when he saw England right across from him in the room. But wait, no, that wasn't England...only a few minutes ago the other had worn his pajamas, where had he gotten such elegant clothes so soon? They looked just like...the ones from his dream. He felt his face heat up again as the pirate turned toward him, confused as to whether he had fallen asleep again or something.

A grin spread slowly over the pirate's face as he turned to face Japan, striding over to him in a casual manner. "There ye are, Kiku. I was waitin' fer ye~" He chuckled, his voice gruff as he brought up a hand to tilt Japan's chin up. He pressed a kiss to the other's lips, slipping his other hand around his waist to hold him there.

"You..." Japan gasped at the ease with which the pirate kissed him with. "You're the Asa-kun from my dream!" The England he'd known moments ago wasn't the same one before him, that much became clear to him. Or perhaps England had the same body, but a different personality? Did the Brit suffer from dissociative identity disorder? That would explain the weird happenings where he would suddenly molest Japan and then cry and beg for forgiveness the next. Why hadn't he just told him? Perhaps he was ashamed? "Ano, do you have a different name, or the same? Do you remember the past Asa-san? I know multiple personality sufferers can have memory loss..."

The pirate chuckled and shook his head. "Ye don't get it, luv. Arthur's in the kitchen makin' ye tea~ I'm what Arthur wishes he could still be." He grinned and kissed Japan again, nipping his lip. "As he gives in, I get stronger, and now he won't keep us apart, the big wuss." He chuckled again. "Ye can just call me Captain Kirkland~"

Japan blushed and pulled away, unused to so much affection. "Asa-kun...wants to be like this? But...I like him how he is now...he is nice and...kind and...charming..." His put a hand to his cheeks as he noticed how warm they had grown. "Ahh, I sound like a love-sick schoolgirl..."

The pirate chuckled. "Ye actually like that? He acts like such a pansy..." He snorted, amused. "I know how to treat ye. He don't even know how to tell ye he likes ye. And he can't even muster up the guts to sleep with ye. I'm impatient..." His expression grew a bit darker, still grinning lecherously as he pulled Japan closer, reaching down and groping him.

Japan gasped and stumbled back, pulling out of the pirate's embrace. "I-Iie..." He shook his head insistently. "I don't want to...I-I..." His words caught themselves in his throat as he saw the pirate in full form for the first time, and remembered his dream fully, realizing how much he'd really enjoyed it... He shook his head, certain the Captain was messing with his head.

The pirate leered at Japan, simply coming closer when the other pulled away. "C'mon, pet. Ye know how good it felt~ I can give ye that any time ye want and ye know it~" He spoke in a seductive tone, taking Japan by the wrist and pulling him close again. "Don't resist me, luv~"

"I said iie!" Japan pulled away again, regaining his courage. "I am not comfortable with that just yet..." He turned away and crossed his arms again, not liking how the pirate handled him. England treated him like a doll to be treated with gentle care which, although embarrassing, he preferred to the way this "Captain" treated him as a possession to do with as he pleased.

The pirate frowned as Japan pulled away again. He was tired of the games. His tone became almost threatening as he drew closer to Japan. "Well I'm tired of waitin'. Arthur said no too, but it didn't stop me~" He chuckled darkly, no humor in the sound as he backed Japan into a corner. "If he couldn't resist me, what hope do ye have~?" He grabbed Japan, pressing himself against the smaller man and pinning him to the wall.

Japan's eyes widened at the serious, scary tone the pirate suddenly took on. "What...What do you mean he said no?" He winced as his back painfully hit the wall, struggling against the Pirate's hands and kicking at him with his feet. "Did you hurt Asa-kun?"

England paced in the kitchen, wondering what was taking so long. He wondered if Japan was still upset, if maybe the other was avoiding him. Had he done something wrong? No. Perhaps it was something else. He started getting a bad feeling, wondering if he should check on Japan. He frowned and hesitated before going toward the bedroom, pausing in the hall and speaking up timidly. "Er...Kiku? Are you alright?"

"I'm sure it hurt, but he liked it anyway~ And so will you~" The pirate grinned wickedly, pausing as he heard England's voice outside. His smile faltered momentarily, but then came back. He knew he was too strong for his older, weaker self to stop him.

Japan narrowed his eyes at the pirate, having heard enough from the other, but paused and turned towards the door as he heard his boyfriend's voice. "Asa-kun..." Had the pirate really been able to do physical damage to the present version of himself? It seemed impossible that a phantom of the past could return to torment its own future self, but the iron grip the pirate held him in certainly felt real. It even hurt a bit...

England frowned, thinking he heard Japan speak up though his voice was quiet. Was he hurt? He hesitated, unsure if he should just walk in, but worried about the other. Finally he opened the door and stepped into the room. "Kiku, are you alr-" He stopped cold when he saw the pirate, restraining Japan against the wall and looking very solid. He gaped for a moment, looking horrified. "Wh-what are you doing? L-leave him alone!" He felt a sort of panic overtake him at the sight, knowing how strong his alter ego was and afraid he wasn't a match for him.

"Just try and stop me Arthur." The pirate leered at him. "Remember what happened the last time ye raised yer voice to me~?" He chuckled as England paled slightly, before turning and kissing Japan again forcefully, groping the helpless nation.

Japan protested against the kiss, struggling more when the pirate shamelessly molested him. He couldn't unpin his arms from the wall, and the pirate had expertly positioned himself in a way that kicking his legs had no effect. "Ngh...stop! Asa-kun, don't just stand there! Do something!" He looked to the British man desperately, not fully understanding the situation between the two but fully realizing what the pirate intended to do to him despite his objections.

England snapped out of it suddenly, feeling panicked but knowing he couldn't let Japan suffer the same fate he had before. He quickly crossed the room, forcing himself between Japan and the pirate and breaking the other's contact with him. His heart pounded but he ignored it, intent on shielding Japan.

"Get outta the way, Arthur." The pirate growled, grabbing England and trying to pull him away so he could get to Japan. "Yer no match fer me." He said in a threatening voice, sinking his fingers into England's arms and jerking him roughly.

"Ah!" England cried out in slight pain at being jerked, trying to keep his feet in place and not let himself be moved. He suddenly turned and put all his weight into the pirate, shoving him to the ground and inadvertently falling on top of him. "R-run Kiku!" He yelled frantically, desperately flailing as the pirate tried to get up, trying to keep him down and buy Japan time to flee.

Japan jumped away from the wall, panicking as he looked between the two Englands. He certainly didn't want to stay here and risk getting raped but he couldn't let England suffer the fate either. He took a fighting stance, calling on years of his ninja training but stopped at the thought that perhaps hurting the pirate would damage England as well. Perhaps something to deter him, not enough to do permanent damage... He searched the room desperately, eyes widening as he noticed the bug spray on the shelf of the hut. He acted quickly, grabbing it off the wall and shaking it. "Asa-kun, move!" He pushed England off of the pirate, getting him out of his line of fire, and sprayed the poisonous gas into the pirate's face and, most importantly, eyes.

England moved aside as Japan shouted, partly because of the warning and partly to avoid the pirate's hands as they grabbed at his throat. He moved just in time, watching as Japan sprayed the offending apparition in the face. He cringed slightly as the pirate suddenly howled in pain, covering his face with his hands and writhing for a moment, before suddenly vanishing. England sat back, panting from the scuffle, finally turning to Japan. "K-Kiku, are you alright? Did he hurt you?" He stood up shakily and pulled the other into a hug.

"Wh-What was th-that?" Japan gasped out between breaths, his breathing shallow out of terror. "It looked like you but..." He shuddered, imagining the horror that would have occurred had England not intervened. He hugged back tightly, confused and terrified. "Is this a dream? A nightmare? He was in last night's dream so it must be..."

England frowned worriedly, holding Japan tightly. He shook his head and sighed. "No, it's real...He''s..." He seemed unsure how to say it even now that Japan had witnessed the pirate himself. "He's a part of me that I used to be...for a long time. I changed and I'm not like that anymore, but he still haunts me...I'm so sorry it's affected you Kiku, the last thing I want is for you to be in danger." He furrowed his brow, remembering how unmerciful the pirate had been the other night and imagining what may have happened if he hadn't stopped him this time. And if the pirate was now manifesting himself in Japan's dreams, things were getting out of hand. "Dream? He didn't hurt you in the dream, did he?" He felt worried, not wanting Japan to see him for the cruel, disgusting rapist he used to be.

Japan felt his face turn red as he looked down. "Eto, iie...he didn't...hurt me...exactly..." He shifted, ashamed, but felt he had to fess up as it wasn't fair to England to do things with him in his dream without his knowing. "We had...the sex..." He hid his face, abased by his dishonorable confession but shivered as he remembered the vivid pleasure he'd had in the dream. "I didn't...mind...not in the dream, at least...well, eto, I was tied up, so I couldn't..." He bit his lip, realizing how uncomfortable he made the situation. "I should stop talking, gomen."

England blushed as Japan explained the dream to him, becoming more and more flustered as he began to imagine it in his mind. "D-don't be sorry..." He shook his head. "It was only a dream...just...tell me from now on, if you see him anywhere. E-even in your head...he's dangerous, Kiku.." He frowned, wishing he could do more to protect the smaller nation from himself.

"But...he was not dangerous in the dream...just..." He hesitated, searching for the right word. "Forceful...he did not use violence like he did now..." He turned, trying to hide his small smile from England as he recalled how the pirate teased and tormented him, going hard but gentle at the same time, just how Japan liked it...He blushed as he thought of the intense look of possession in those emerald eyes as he took him, and shivered again as he knew he secretly enjoyed being owned for those brief minutes.

England raised a brow slightly as Japan turned away, noticing the other's blush. He wondered what had happened in the dream, squirming slightly as the image got to him. He cleared his throat and fidgeted a bit. "I...I am sorry though. I wish...I could control it better. I would hate for me to be the reason for anything bad happening to you...I...I want to protect you." He blushed. "And seeing myself hurting you is unbearable..." He frowned remembering the way the pirate kept controlling him and using him to molest Japan.

Japan nodded, also thinking of the violent pirate and feeling the same terror he had during the situation. "I...I did not like that." He agreed. "But...he did speak some truth..." He admitted, looking down at the floor. "He knew that...I respond better when someone is more persistent...I am very reserved, so it is hard for me to admit what I like..." He turned around to face England, trying to keep his eyes on the Brit's face and not turn away again. "I really would prefer it if you would be a bit more...forward..."

England blushed at Japan's words, feeling his heart beat a bit more insistently. "Y-you would?" He fidgeted a bit nervously, a bit turned on at the idea that Japan liked being told what to do. He felt a bit guilty thinking of dominating the other, unable to see him as anything but the innocent, shy nation he'd always known. "W-well I could try..." He blushed more, it was hard for him to think about being confident or persuasive in any way with Japan. He wasn't as used to being forceful with people. He was too easily flustered.

Japan smiled shyly and took England's hand in his own. "So, shall we take that walk on the beach you wanted after we have breakfast?" He recalled seeing a menu on the table but he didn't understand why England would rather order out than just have Japan cook. Maybe it was some sort of pride thing...though why an island had a delivery service for food made no sense to him.

England smiled and nodded. "Yes, that would be lovely." He straightened up, keeping Japan's hand in his and walking out to the living area. "We can order room service. It's faster, and there might be something on the menu you'd like." He suggested, picking up the menu and handing it to Japan.

As Japan looked through it, he was surprised to see such things as rice, miso soup, and umeboshi alongside the British dishes of sausages, bacon, and scones. He smiled and blushed at the thought that England had either made sure to choose a place with a menu to cater to both their preferences or had made arrangements beforehand for a change in the traditional menu. He wrote down the item names for England, giggling slightly as he struggled to pronounce them. "It's tu-koo-un. Takuan. And it's mee-soh not mihsoo."

"Oh, mee-soh..." England nodded, blushing faintly at his blunder. He smiled and went to the phone to order breakfast, pleased when it arrived fairly quickly at their door. He placed the food on the table and sat down with Japan. "Well this is nice, we don't have to do any work." He chuckled.

"Hai." Japan nodded as he look at the spread of food on the table. He rarely ever had time for a Japanese style breakfast, usually he had to treat himself to that only on weekends or non-work days. Western style breakfasts were a lot less time-consuming, but certainly didn't taste nearly as good and always contained an abundance of sugar. "Ano, is there any green tea here?"

England smiled and got up, moving to the kitchen area. "I'm sure there is, they had a few kinds of tea in here already, before we got here..." He finally located a box of green tea and held it up with a smile before getting the tea kettle. When he finished preparing the tea he carried it out on the table on a tray with some cups and cream and sugar, placing it in front of Japan and chuckling. "I like this tea set. It matches. You know I've only got one tea set left that all matches? I locked it in a box in my attic." He shook his head, remembering how many of his tea sets had wound up separated, either cups were lost, or a clumsy young Alfred or Matthew would knock over the pot and break it. He'd gone through many tea sets over the years and was very glad he never thought to use the nicest ones and the antiques except on very special occasions, on which they still wound up damaged sometimes.

Japan chuckled with England, though he couldn't honestly relate. Growing up, his brothers and sister knew not to go anywhere near China's porcelain unless they wanted a beating, and even now, living alone, Pochi behaved himself well enough not to disturb anything. Japan happily placed his miso soup, rice, pickles, and salmon in front of him, clasping his hands together and thanking the Gods for his meal. "Itadakimasu." He said softly before picking up his chopsticks and digging in.

England smiled softly as he watched Japan pray. How could such a simple pose be so cute? He shook his head, ignoring his distracting thoughts as he picked up a scone and bit into it. He took a look at Japan's breakfast and wondered who could eat fish and pickles in the morning. Of course, to each their own. He certainly wasn't one to judge others' tastes.

Japan on the other hand glanced at England's breakfast and wondered how one could eat sugary pastries and greasy sausage so early. All that sort of food would just give one a sugar rush and result in a crash later on. Maybe England's eating habits were the cause of all his stress. Though...that phantom...if England's words spoke true, than that certainly could make him constantly on edge. He frowned and reached across the table, placing a hand over England's and looking into his eyes with concern.

England paused, glancing up at the other and smiling. He noticed the smaller nation's expression and raised a brow slightly. "Is something the matter?" He turned his hand over slowly, so he could wrap his fingers around Japan's.

"Oh, I was just...ano..." Japan blushed and looked down, thinking of an excuse for his worried expression. Unable to come up with one, he quickly changed the subject, suddenly smiling at England. "Are you finished eating? Let's go walk on the beach." He stood up, tugging England with him out the door.

England, still confused, allowed Japan to pull him along. He stepped out into the light and blinked a bit at the way the morning sun sparkled on the water as a gentle breeze made only tiny choppy waves in the water.

Japan stopped in his tracks when he saw the sea, releasing England's hand and stepping forward to take in more of the sight. "Oh...sugoi..." His breath caught as he stared out at the sun just about finishing its peak over the horizon.

England strode up beside Japan and slipped his hand in the other's as he was distracted, smiling and giving his hand a squeeze. "I told you it was beautiful." He said quietly, looking at Japan and not the ocean, watching how the sun reflecting off the water caught his dark hair along the edges and made it seem to glow.

Japan nodded, his voice lost at the scene. Finally he found it and spoke up timidly. "It' pretty." He blushed and tore his eyes away from the scene to look at England briefly. "Not at all like a computer picture..." He noticed England staring at his lips and raised an eyebrow, confused. He licked his bottom lip but found no food particles remained, leading him to search England's eyes in more confusion.

"Yes, it is..." England replied softly. He smiled a bit at Japan, watching the other's confused expression and chuckling to himself, but as the nation continued staring he found himself suddenly drawn to him. He closed the space between them and pressed a firm but gentle kiss to Japan's lips, wrapping his arms about the other's waist and pulling him close. A gentle breeze swirled around them for one dramatic moment, almost as if on cue, cooled by the ocean water and causing him to shiver slightly.

Japan didn't even think of embarrassment, comfortable knowing that no one could possibly see them on a deserted beach in the middle of nowhere. He kissed back, wrapping his arms around England's neck and losing himself in the moment. He couldn't help but to think of how romantic this was, just like a scene out of one of his sim dates. He smiled against the blonde's lips as he was met with the taste of tea, tightening his arms and bringing England closer.

England closed his eyes as he gently deepened the kiss, his embrace almost protective around Japan. He felt their hearts beating in unison and his face heated up slightly at the thought. He felt a fluttering in his stomach just touching Japan. It had to be love, how could it be anything else?

Japan lost track of the time they just stood there and breathed each other in, kissing gently yet passionately. He finally pulled back as his legs started to shake, weak from standing in place for so long. He blushed as he realized the sun had fully risen over the ocean, a clear sign of how long they'd been in each other's arms. "Ai...Aishiteru." He mumbled softly, blushing and looking down at the sand.

England pulled away slightly as Japan moved, blushing faintly as his confidence faltered just slightly. He gave Japan a sheepish smile, which grew when the other spoke. "I love you too, Kiku..." He replied softly, taking Japan's hands in his own and trying to look into his eyes as the other cast his gaze downward. "I really do...and have for so long. You're wonderful..."

Japan flushed more, turning his face away as the sun highlighted the redness in his cheeks. "Westerners are so embarrassing..." He held tightly to England's hands, finally turning his face back to stare into the bright green eyes. He kept glancing down and back up, too embarrassed to look into his face for too long. "Did you want to walk down the beach and collect seashells or something? I saw some crabs around too, that should be...interesting to see..."

"I'd love to." England chuckled softly and nodded, turning slightly and holding just one of Japan's hands as he tugged him along, strolling slowly along the beach with him though he himself didn't even look for any shells. He felt so happy here, in the middle of nowhere, just holding hands with Japan. He would give up everything to just be a normal human and live here forever with the other man, no stupid nation troubles or meetings, or miles of land separating them...

"Perhaps if we are lucky, we will see a squid." Japan nodded matter-of-factly, as if England too would be overjoyed at the sight of tentacles.

England raised a brow slightly, recalling Japan's infatuation with the kraken before and blushing faintly. He followed Japan, smiling as he ran around like a kid. The oriental nation picked up various shells that interested him, handing them to England to store in his pocket which the blonde took, knowing later he'd have to wash all the sand out of his clothes. Japan jumped as he went to pick up one of the shells and it suddenly scurried away under a rock. "Th...That shell!"

England chuckled seeing Japan's surprise as he went over and lifted the rock, snapping the shell up and showing it to Japan. "It's just a hermit crab, pet. See?" He held the shell upside-down, showing that the shell appeared only a shell, but the opening was blocked. He held very still and waited, and slowly the claw blocking the opening moved, the crab inside seeming to unfold outward as it emerged, its eyes looking around cautiously. "Every time they get bigger they find a new shell and ditch this one. And they crawl inside the bigger shell. This isn't even his shell, you know, he found it like we did." He smiled and put the crab on the sand, the movement causing it to duck into the shell again for several minutes.

"Sugoi..." Japan watched as the crab scuttled off under the rock again. "I guess I should have expected such a thing..." He turned, noticing some jellyfish had washed up onto the shore, and picked one up to hold, noting its lack of stingers evident by its clear body. He pointed to another for England, watching as the blonde picked it up and was promptly stung. "Oh, gomen, I didn't know that one could still sting!" He gently placed his own back in the ocean, running over to the Brit and gently opening up his hand. "It doesn't look too bad, it's just a little red...does it hurt?"

England hissed and winced slightly, shrugging as Japan inspected it. "It's alright, I can find something to put on it at the room..." He nodded, playing it cool even though really it felt like he was holding a red hot coal in his hand that he couldn't drop. Despite that he smiled, pretending it was nothing. "Just be careful what you pick up now, some of these things are more alive than they look."

Japan gently pressed his lips to the wound, flushing when he realized England was staring. He quickly pulled back, trying to explain himself. "I thought it might help...that is what Doitsu-san always did when Italia-kun got hurt..." He blushed more, taking England's other hand and pulling him back towards the hut. "Come on, we...we can treat it right now..."

Japan led England back quickly, searching the house for some ointment and coming up with some healing cream. "This might help..." He rubbed it softly onto England's hand, staring down at his work to hide his red cheeks.

England waited until Japan had spent enough time on his hand before chuckling and reaching out to tilt his chin up, looking down into his eyes. "I think it's all better now pet..." He smiled, noticing the other's blush. "Thank're so good to me." He added, slowly taking Japan's hands and pulling him into his lap on a whim. He blushed but kept his smile, trying to be confident as he leaned in and kissed Japan.

Japan's eyes widened, blushing and timidly kissing back. He wrapped his arms around his neck, trembling with nervousness and debating internally with himself before finally opening his mouth and welcoming in England's tongue. He gasped as it rubbed against his own, gripping the back of England's shirt as the feeling sent pleasure up his spine. "N-Nnh..." England's leg sat between his groin and he squirmed, rubbing against it and moaning softly into the kiss. ""

England blushed a bit deeper as Japan moaned quietly, deepening the kiss and pulling the other flush against him. He closed his eyes and entwined the fingers of one hand in Japan's hair as he kissed him, his other hand sliding down his back and over his hips and suddenly grabbing his butt. He tried to make the move smooth and confident, showing Japan he could indeed be seductive if he really wanted to. But his face burned and his heart hammered in his chest at even the thought of being so intimate with Japan.

Japan squeaked into the kiss but allowed England's hand to remain, knowing he'd been the one to tell the other to take more initiative. He tensed up slightly, embarrassed, but willed himself to keep going. He tried to think of something for him to do to please his boyfriend, but found it hard to form ideas when all he could think of was the wonderful feelings England's tongue gave him. He found himself getting harder and ground down against England's leg again, shivering and tightening his hands again. "Mmgh...mnhh..." He pushed forward, seeking to get more of England's tongue, and ended up pushing England against back the couch and straddling him as they made out.

England smiled a bit into the kiss as Japan pressed closer, encouraged that he wasn't pulling away. He noticed how close they were and blushed more as his pants started to feel a bit tighter. He slowly slid his hand further down along Japan's thigh before moving it up again, this time cupping the smaller nation's member through his pants and gently squeezing him.

Japan's eyes widened as things suddenly took a much more sexual turn, but for once he didn't pull away, remembering the dream and how much he'd enjoyed the experience. He gasped and cried out softly as England squeezed him. Embarrassed by his sound, he quickly buried his head in England's neck. He blushed and timidly grinded against England's palm, flushing and moaning again. "H-Hah...hnn..." He finally looked up into England's eyes, searching them briefly before suddenly kissing him again, more passionately than before.

England felt a warmth in the pit of his stomach as Japan became a bit more vocal and slowly undid the other's pants. He reached in and took hold of his member, stroking him slowly and whispering in his ear. "I promise I'll be gentle with you love..." He blushed and nipped Japan's ear playfully, hoping it would comfort him.

"H-Hhnn...haah..." Japan shivered and gripped England's arms, trembling as the pleasure coursed through him. "Nnh..." He blushed and craned his neck to the side as England's teeth grazed his ear, shivering again in sensitivity. He barely noticed England's own blush, too concerned with how embarrassing the sounds coming out of his mouth were and how ridiculous and perverted he must look, moaning and writhing in England's arms like this. He bit his lip, trying to muffle his voice. "G-Gomen...aah...I-I can't...c-control myself..." He blushed more, ashamed.

"Neither can I..." England whispered softly, slowly pulling Japan's pants down and off. He removed his own pants nervously and then pulled him close, blushing as their members touched. He kissed him and looked into the other's soft eyes, hesitantly putting three fingers to his lips. He felt like such a pervert despite the fact that Japan didn't struggle this time.

Japan swallowed and gently took the fingers in, slowly sucking and running his tongue over the digits. He released them from his mouth, spreading his legs a bit more to allow England easier access. He stared down at England's erect member, amazed that he'd made it that way. His hand reached down, running his fingers through England's body hair and then pulling back with a blush as he realized he'd made his own erection harder, his pressing into England's insistently.

England's blush deepened as he pulled his fingers away, a thin string of saliva making the simple action all the more sexy. He hesitantly reached down and slipped a finger into Japan's entrance, surprised how tight he was. He shivered at the feeling of Japan's fingers on him and leaned closer, kissing his neck softly. He slowly added a second finger, scissoring them inside Japan carefully and watching his face. "Just tell me if it hurts or anything, love..."

"H-Hngh...nnh..." Japan moaned softly at the familiar feeling, recalling his dream in sudden vividness. It felt so much better in real life than the ghost of pleasure he'd had in his fantasy. He dug his nails into England's back, shutting his eyes and breathing him in, gasping every so often as England's fingers rubbed around inside of him. He ground his member against England, gasping louder as it sent tingles of pleasure throughout his body. "Ahn...hai...Captain-sama..." The name slipped out, Japan's mental picture of the pirate's grin and lustful stare turning him on.

England blushed, knowing that Japan was remembering the dream. He grazed his teeth over Japan's soft skin gently, adding the third finger and thrusting them steadily into Japan, searching for his prostate unsurely.

Japan writhed, feeling England's fingers just barely brushing his prostate and trying to guide his fingers toward it. He groaned in frustration, knowing England hadn't done this in awhile and would probably take forever to find his pleasure spot. An idea occurred to him that, although highly dangerous, would give him the pleasure he desperately sought. Rationality completely thrown out the door, he moaned louder and begged more of the pirate's name, hoping to call him out of hiding. "Hai, ooh, Captain-sama~ M-More, hai, oh Captain..."

England's eyes widened slightly, shivering at Japan's moans. He blushed a bit deeper as the smaller nation started begging, but suddenly panicked as he felt the pirate taking over. He looked frightened for a moment before suddenly being forced from his body, watching helplessly as the pirate took control.

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