Author's Notes: This was a really random thing for me. I have never written a "Brothers and Sisters" fic before and never really planned on it, but as I wondered why Kevin wasn't with Scotty after the crash, this literally began to write itself. I like it and I hope you all do too! I had no beta, so please excuse any and all mistakes.

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Blood, so much blood. His hand burned, it ached but if he didn't think about it he could ignore it. He gripped his hand, trying to stop the flow of blood. Scotty, where was Scotty? Scotty was his husband, his life and he wasn't at his side. How terrible of a person did that make him? The man he loved, the man he was going to have a family with, who was his family now, was sitting injured and alone.

"Scotty!" Kevin yelled as he raced back to their car, blood dripping from his hand. He thought wildly that the CSI would know what he did from the direction of the blood drops. Damn Sara for getting him addicted to that stupid show. No, Scotty. Focus on Scotty. Scotty, whose eyes weren't open when Kevin finally got to him. "Oh no. No no no no no no." Kevin couldn't see any blood, but he probably had internal injuries. "Help!" He called, seeing no one nearby. He turned back to Scotty, the love of his life who he let die because Kevin was the worst husband ever and had screwed up priorities. "Scotty?" He whispered, stroking the unconscious man's face with his uninjured hand. "Please wake up. I'm sorry, I'm sorry I walked away. Please wake up." He babbled and murmurred and just barely stopped himself from shaking Scotty's unresponsive body. He fought against the paramedics and felt tears mixing with the blood on his face. He couldn't leave Scotty, not again.

"Shh Kevin, it's okay. They'll help Scotty, come on." Saul's voice sounded so far away and there was no comforting hand to anchor it and he remembered the way Saul had flinched from him. Don't touch me, you can't. Anger flared in Kevin. How could he have lied to them? He turned, needing to expel this black tar of fear bubbling inside of him when a voice barely audible above the sirens and the distant shouts grabbed him.


Kevin was at Scotty's side in an instant. "I'm here, babe. I'm right here." He had forgotten about the wound in his hand and reached up to stroke his husband's face, to touch him, to reassure himself that Scotty was alive. But then he saw the blood running down his arm like rainwater and he pulled it back.

"Sir, we need to take a look at that," a young paramedic looking slightly green but determined tugged at Kevin's shoulders.

"I'm not leaving him," the lawyer answered, his eyes never leaving Scotty's glassy ones. The paramedic pulled at him again. "I am not. Leaving. Him." The EMTs had no choice but to treat Kevin's wound as they loaded Scotty into an ambulance. Which they did, he supposed, but the rest of it was a blur. All he could focus on was the life, as weak as it was, in Scotty's eyes.

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