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The hot afternoon sun bore down causing a wave of unforgiving heat and sweat onto the citizens of Privet Dr. Little Winging, Surrey. No resident on this street was insane enough to be outside of their cool air conditioned houses except for one lone figure, but he wasn't outside in the cooking heat entirely by choice. Not that that mattered in this neighborhood.

Laying on his back Harry Potter cracked a small smile up to the light blue sky. He'd just finished weeding the garden in front of the small white house for the fifth time this week and was taking a small break before he had to head back into the house to be locked up in his room.

A small cluster of white clouds passed by overhead, giving Harry a moment of shade before quickly passing by, letting out a puff of hot air Harry turned over on his side, pressing the side of his face into the cool grass.

It's so nice….

Sadly the tranquil feeling that had descended in the quietness of the day didn't last long.

"Boy! Get in here if you're done! You still need to make Dudley some lunch!"

The shrill voice of Petunia Dursley broke the calm silence, loud enough that Harry wouldn't be surprised if the whole damned neighborhood had heard her.

Sighing at nothing in particular Harry slowly got to his feet, taking his own time about it. Mostly to annoy his aunt who was still glaring at him out of the kitchen window.

Finally done with stretching out the kinks in his arms that he'd gotten from weeding and tending the garden he turned to walk back into the house that stood behind him.

Another day spent exactly the same as the day before, and the day before that as well, in fact this day was like every other one he'd had this summer which was to say that they all were boring and tedious.

The repetitiveness of it was killing him.

Harry once again was spending his summer back at his aunt and uncle's house, he'd finished his fifth year of Hogwarts and to say the least wasn't looking to forward to his sixth.

Last year had been a disaster, literally. With Dolores Umbridge overtaking the school and making it into every student's own personal hell and sacking Hagrid not to mention the whole Ministry of Magic incident at the end of the year.

And Sirius…Harry had almost lost him that night. When Bellatrix had stunned him and he'd fallen backwards towards the veil Harry thought his heart would have stopped as the only thing he could do was watched in horror.

But luck had been on their side for once, just before Sirius could fall back into the Veil he'd transformed into his Animagus form and because the dog was much more agile he was able to twist himself out of the way just in time. So instead of becoming lost forever Sirius had only bruised himself when he landed on his side, a few feet away from the Veil.

Harry had never prayed before but was seriously considering trying it after that. Only a deity would have that kind of luck to spare.

Harry didn't even have enough time to feel any kind of joy at Sirius's survival though because everything after that had become somewhat of a blur.

He knew that Dumbledore had finally arrived-being the late bastard that he was- and that Voldemort had also showed up but for the life of him he couldn't remember exactly what had happened after that.

He was later told by the headmaster that Voldemort had tried to possess his body but for some unexplainable reason he hadn't been able to take over his body and add to that fact that the moment he tried to invade Harry's mind the Dark Lord had gone into some kind of violent seizure. The dark wizard had fallen onto the floor unresponsive after that, sadly before Dumbledore or one of the aurors could respond one of the Death Eaters that had been milling about had jumped to his lord's side and managed to Apparate him safely away.

So neither Harry nor Dumbledore knew if Voldemort was gone for good or if he was now bidding his time to once again take his revenge. Either way they had gotten lucky that day.

But that thrice-darn prophesy, when Dumbledore had finally saw fit to tell him the truth about it Harry had gone feral, because of one foolish woman who thought herself mysterious and a prophet his life and his family's had been ruined.

Why Dumbledore believed such an idiotic cryptic message was beyond Harry. To be frank Harry thought it was all bull crap.

He still hadn't forgiven the professor either, ever since his fourth year and the Triwizard Tournament he had begun losing his faith in the old wizard. I mean really, who would let a fourteen year old fight a dragon? Only someone who was losing his mental facilities, of course that could be said for the whole of wizarding kind as well.

Barmy the whole lot of them.

Anyway Harry had been shuffled off to the Dursley's right after showing the headmaster just how much he appreciated him keeping such a big secret from him, mostly by trashing his entire office. He hadn't even had time to check up on Sirius or Ron or everyone else that had come with him to the Ministry who had been injured.

Added to the fact that Dumbledore was once again regulating his mail and you can imagine that Harry was getting a bit miffed at the meddling old man.

Walking into the kitchen area Harry ignored his sneering aunt and began to make lunch. The diet that Dudley was under was finally starting to take effect, or at least that was what it looked like to Harry. His obese cousin began to look like a normal human being abide a big one instead of some kind of human pig and while his uncle might bellow and roar about his son losing weight both Harry and Petunia were happy with the result.

For Petunia her son was finally starting to look a bit healthy and was no longer pigging himself out on junk food and getting sick after every meal, as for why Harry was now happy it was because now that Dudley was no longer so large he didn't seem to be always in a mood to want to hit Harry so often.

It was a win situation for all, well except for Vernon but no one counted him in anything.

Flipping the lean non-fat hamburger meat Harry gazed outside the window, again memorized by the blue sky above him once more.

Ever since he could remember he'd been fascinated by the sky above him, both day and night, he could stare out into the stars for hours on end. It had always frustrated him when he'd been small and locked in the cupboard unable to feel the open air on his skin. In the summers he would purposely come home late so that he'd be locked out. Only then would he be able to sleep under the night sky.

When he'd entered the wizarding world he'd been ecstatic with all the new wondrous things around him but the feeling he'd first gotten when he rode into the air on a broomstick…nothing could compare.

It felt like he had finally gotten one step closer to home.

But since he'd had stepped into the magical world his whole life had gotten complicated. This whole Boy-Who-Lived-To-Be-Titled business really annoyed him. From time to time he wondered what could have happened if-well what his life would have been like if Neville had been the chosen one instead of him. But he never lingered on it for too long, it would create nothing but resentment for the shy Gryffindor that was his friend and roommate.

Placing the burgers onto some wheat buns he quickly whipped up a salad to go with it. Placing it onto the table he grabbed an apple for himself and walked back outside ignoring his still sneering Aunt.

Since he wouldn't be missed until dinner he decided to go to the local park, since it was so hot out there wouldn't be any kids out right now playing on the small playground, and Dudley would be staying inside the cool house so Harry didn't have to worry about running into him and his goons anytime soon.

Walking down the sidewalk Harry ignored the neighbors around him who scoffed at the sight of him and once he had walked past he could hear them start to gossip and slander him but it didn't matter, they didn't matter since he never talked to any of them. It was everyone else in his life that trashed talked about him that hurt.

Finally arriving at the park Harry quickly headed towards the small slightly damaged swing set. Lucky he'd been right, because of the heat there wasn't a single soul out, everyone seemed to want to stay in their air condition houses with their tellies and iced drinks.

Sitting on the warm seat of the swing Harry began to gently push himself back and forth, setting a gentle pace as he enjoyed the slight breeze it created on his sweaty face.

He knew that someone from the Order of the Retarded Bird-Brains was watching him but he chose to ignore this. As long as they didn't bother him he wouldn't acknowledge them spying on him and since they never made an effort to talk to him or make any sort of contact with him it was fairly easy to ignore them.

Harry thought about the last five years that he had attended Hogwarts, how that every single year since he had first walked through those huge woodened doors he'd been in danger more often than not. Most of the time that danger found him but every so often he'd go looking for some sort of excitement, it was like he couldn't help but need the sense of danger.

It was stupid and foolish but he'd been somewhat conditioned since he was eleven by Dumbledore and others, throwing himself into danger and the unknown just seemed so natural to him, the same way that breathing came to a human being.

He didn't tell anyone but he found the subjects that Hogwarts taught almost laughable easy. But he had learned at an earlier age to assimilate his surroundings first before immersing himself in the people around him.

And a good thing too, he learned that the wizarding world was outrageously prejudice. So instead of showing everyone just how easy he found spells and magic to be he hid instead.

He hid under a golden imagine of the boy-who-lived, Gryffindor golden child. It wasn't that hard to maintain either, Hermione and Ron made it somewhat bearable. While he didn't share any of his darker secrets with them they were still good company. He just had to make sure to balance between them, because while they were his friends they were such children at times. Hermione always had to be the smart one, the one with all the answers, and Ron tended to get jealous over the smallest things so Harry had to make sure to show the proper disgust over titles and money and purebloodness and all things that would make him better then Ron.

It was so laughable easy.


Pulling the small reddish brown apple from his pocket Harry began to lightly throw it in the air in front of him and catching it as it descend. It was beginning to get darker around him as the day ended and night began.

He'd been out here for a few hours, doing nothing but swing gently and think, and of course stare up at the ever changing sky.

Most people would say that the sky was one color most of the time, it was either blue or black or some kind of red shade, but that wasn't the case with Harry. For him the sky was never the same color twice, no matter what time of day or weather.

For him it was continuously changing, different no names of blue and green filtered the air around him along with different shades of purples and reds as well. All of them different colors, most of them were without names but they all had one thing in common. They all danced in the sky above the earth.

When he had been younger he had made up a game of it to pass the time when he had been locked out of the house. The rules were very simple, to create whole new names for the colors only he seemed to be able to see.

He hadn't had much time to play the game since beginning Hogwarts though.

He wondered if Dumbledore would allow Sirius to pick him up for his birthday or if he'd have to spend it at the Dursley's household instead.

Humming a tuneless song Harry stood up as the moon rose up in the sky, he had some homework to do before he could get any sleep so he'd better get back before he got locked out. He'd stay out tomorrow so that he'd be under the stars.

Walking away from the swing set Harry bite into the soft apple, wiping away the juice running down his chin as he bid farewell to the stars above him.

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