Title: Quiz time! another RussiAmerica oneshot.

Characters: Russia

Pairings: RussiAmerica

Warnings!: Rated M for: yaoi, implicated "activities," and fluffy fluffiness again. Bring some toothpaste. Not for the young'uns. If you don't like, don't read.

A/N: Well, this is my second ever Hetalia fanfiction! This is set as Russia taking a quiz about the two lovebirds' relationship *gets shot by Russia*. I realize that the flashbacks are terribly, horribly cliched and corny, and that the story falls rather flat. It was meant for entertainment only. People with braces should not eat this unless they take the kernels off the cob. ;D So enjoy! I don't own Hetalia, blah blah blah. On with the story!

Russia was scanning the interwebs oh so casually, when a quiz caught his eye. Relationship test. Hmm... With a devious grin he clicked on the link. Yaoi, yuri, or straight? "Yaoi, most definitely." His smirk magnified. Lover's name: "Ameri-wait, human names. Alfred. There."

Is he your closest friend? "Yes, yes, and yes."

Do you sleep together? "What a personal question...Yes?" He smirked at several good memories.

Have you ever kept a secret from them? His fingers paused over the mouse as he thought back through their relationship. "No? Does...before count?"

What is your favorite memory? A light flush came over his pale features as he thought back...

"Come on, Ivan! You're going to have so much fun at-" America stopped running as he surveyed Russia's bored expression. A smirk came over his features. "I can come up with something better to do, if you don't mind ditching England's party." He sauntered closer, pulling on Russia's scarf. A bewildered Russian let America pull him closer, and closer...

"No comment!" He feverishly clicked through to the next question.

Your favorite food to share? A devilish grin came over his face. "Honey."

America licked the spoon of honey carefully with his tongue as Russia watched with a strange expression on his face. Shuffling closer, he extended a pale tongue and licked off the honey. "The honey is very sweet. But I know something sweeter..."

Does he show a different side of himself when with you? "Yes, oh yes, oh yes."

"Why are you so serious when you are with me, America?" He furrowed his brow. "This is what I'm always like. But no one would believe me if I started being serious at a world meeting." Russia wrapped an arm around America. "That's fine with me..."

He smiled and continued on. Congradulations! You have a seriously great relationship. Take the following questions to categorize your relationship even more! Russia scrolled down a bit. Favorite pos-

He slammed the laptop shut, grateful that no one could see his furious blush. And that Belarus was on a date with Lithuania.

Meh, that was bad. But I tried! It was another one of those ideas that seem really good but turn out bad. Like a pinapple upside down cake that you gave the recipe to Iggy. (Lame analogy, I know.)