A Ball of hot air to handle

Chapter one

''TheClever plan thoughted out''

''Crash and Eddie were always two for mischief, well in this perticuler morining they were feeling very mischievous indeed.

Ever since Peaches came into their herd, they have been eager to impress their adorable little niece, they always look for new ways of having fun and entertainment to keep them and Peaches amused.

One morning, they crept by the cave where peaches is asleep. Crash whispered to his sibling. ''Hey Eddie, I'll got a really neat idea of how to impress Peaches this morining!'' he said with his normal bright face towards his brother.

Eddie looked curious, ''what do you have in mind bro?'' he asked curiously. Crash smile turned into an evil grin.

''What da you say, we fill something up with hot air!'' he asked wickly, with his eyebrows bent down on his gleaming eyes and cunning smile as he rubbed his hands together.

''Come with me and I'll tell ya on the way!'' Crash shouted to his brother as he and Eddie scurried off in another direction towards the bushes. ''What is your idea Crash?'' asked Eddie to his brother.

''Sush, my idea is to inflate something incredibly, fat and rediciously funny into a balloon, a gicantic balloon that will be the highlight of all our pranks yet.'' he said with his arms stretched inticating the width of his target goal to his brother, who starred at him wide eyed.

''Who are you gonna inflate bro?'' he asked stil confused.

Crash grinning mirculiously whispered it in Eddie's ear, who then grinned evily as well.

Crash nodded as the two cunning brothers grinned rubbing their hands together in pure wickiness and clever consumption.

Their target was clear, they knew what they had to do!

find out in the next chapter of this wicked story:)