chapter 5

''Advice from wise old pete and getting things back to normal''

As the group walked towards the basics of the snowy mounteins not too far from snowy valley, they began to ask a few questions to Crash and Eddie as the walk on.

''Why would you guys, do such a thing to poor Sid here?'' asked Elle, shaking her head at them as she rolled sid with her trunk though the snow.

''It was only a joke, Elle'' said Eddie meekly as Crash looked shameful while twidleing his fingers while facing the snow.

''We only wanted to surprize Peaches'' Crash said truthfully. ''And blowing up sid was a surprize!'' said Elle in disbilef as she shook her head as her two brothers. ''Surely you knew better then that!''

''well, I guess we didn't elle and we really sorry for what we did to poor sid.'' Eddie said to his sister.

''Yeah, we would do anything to restore his true size again'' Crash said in a small meek voice.

Elle looked at her two brothers, sure they may get into some mischief and do wrong things at times, but they never meant to do it really horrible like wise.

''Well, it's all in the past now, the only thing that matters now is to get sid back to normal size'' Elle said brighting up a bit. with a smile on her face.

as they made their way towards the mountain, they see a small dot in the distance as they walked closer, they see a wise old ox, looking out towards them, nodding his head. As they apporach him, he spoke to them. ''I know why you have come here, you have come to seek my advice to restore your friend, am I right?'' he asked them, predictably.

''Yes, we wanted to ask you if you could help us find a better way to help our friend reach his normal defleated side without hurting him.'' said Elle.

'Humm...this is a tricky sitution...but there is a must find a pre historic heoghog's spike to give him a friendly tiny prick on the stomach in order to release the air out of him without explordinh him.'' he said gently.

''well we do have a neighboring herd of heghogs in our area, prehalps we can ask them to restore sid.'' suggested Diego looking at Sid, who wiggled his tiny hands helplessy.

''then it is settled, we will ask the leader of the heoghog heard to help us help our friend'' said manny to wise old pete who nodded in responce to the mammoth.

''I give you hope in helping your friend,'' he told them, ''good luck!'' he shouted towards them.

as the herd set off to go back to snowy valley.

Sid was rolled along as elle held him with her trunk, who apprently didn't mind as he had gotten used to it by now. Manny asked Elle ''what will happen if sid doens't get back to normal?'' he asked her as she looked at him wth thouse beautiful blue crystal eyes whom fell in love at first sight.

'We'll find a way manny, I just know it!'' elle said to her dear sweet husband as both eyes fixed aupon each other as they locked trunks together in a brief yet sweet moment.

''Err...sorry to interupt the romantic moment you guys, but we near the heghog home.'' Diego said to them as the heoghog family apporch them.

''Err may we help you?'' asked the leader of the the heoghogs,

''yes, we need one of your best pines availble to deflate our friend who has gotten onto a bad way.'' said Diego to them. ''May we please borrow one of your spikes to restore him to normal?''

''oh couse, take plenty if you wish, as we can regrow them back, especaily to help your friend'' said the leader of the hegohogs kindly to the saber.

''Thank you'' Diego replyed as crash and eddie stepped forward.

''we''ll help out too, we want to make amends for what we have done to sid and we are the only ones that are capable of picking spike from a hegohog.'' they said as crash picked up a spike and walking over to sid.

'Hang on buddy, we'll going to fix all this and restore you to normal in no time.'' crash consoled sid stroking his side gently. ''but, be prepared, your going to feel a slight prick.'' he warned him as he got the pine to pop him with. ''Pop!'' a small prick sound was heard as air started to wheeze out of sid's bottom as he deflated down back to normal size.

''wha...whoa, that was quite a blast...wh..what happaned?'' asked sid, looking around feeling puzzled.

''You were trick into inflating into a balloon by crash and eddie for peaches and were rolled around for alot of the time.'' Diego explained to Sid as sid scratches his head.

''We were looking for you everywhere Sid and we were quite worried about you.''Elle added with a relived expression on her face.

''And we'll very sorry we did that to you sid, we had no right of making you into something that you don't deserve, do you forgive us?'' asked crash as he and eddie helped sid up back on the ground.

''Of couse, after all you know me, I'm too lazy to hold a grudge'' sid said with a bright smile.

He embraced Crash and eddie into a hug as the three friends forgive each other for their incident.

''Uncle Sid return to normal! Uncle sid return to normal!'' cried Peaches running towards Sid and giving him a big hug with her trunk.

''Come on guys, Peaches is due for her playtime, wanna play with her?'' manny asked as he picked up peaches with his trunk and carry her on his back.

''Play, play!'' Peaches repeated cheerfully giving a small trumpet sound.

''Okay, coming manny!'' cried crash as he, eddie and sid walked up with the group to play with peaches.

Despite all that has happaned, things turn out alright in the end, and all's well that end's well, including a ball of hot air.