Enkidu07's Drabble Challenge

Prompt word: INDEPENDENT

Word Count: 100 words on the dot.

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Disclaimer: Neither the boys nor anything related to Supernatural belongs to me. I'm just having some fun with the boys, playing around with Eric Kripke's sandbox.

Hey, Watch This!

By: Vanessa Sgroi

Dean watched, quite bemused, as his arm moved independent from the rest of his body. He knew it should hurt in an excruciating and blinding way, but it didn't. "Sammy, watch."

"Stop that! You're going to do more damage if you keep doing that."

"It doesn't hurt, you know." Dean mumbled, his face gray.

Sam looked at his big brother, a worried frown plastered on his face. "It's going to. And soon." He pulled the Impala into the motel parking lot.

Dean exited the car and stood swaying in the stiff breeze. "Just promise you won't laugh when I scream."