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Her Monk


It wasn't even a week after Inuyasha and Kagome finally became official mates that Sesshoumaru came to the village, a murderous gleam in his eye. From the crying Rin and the equally angry Kohaku, the inutachi easily concluded that the demon lord was not mad at them. Sango and Kagome rushed to console the distraught little girl, now in her eleventh year, ushering her away from her guardian so that the guys could talk about whatever was wrong. Kohaku followed them at a distance and the demon slayer was proud of how much her brother had matured.

"Rin, will you tell us what's wrong?"

"Lord Sesshoumaru is angry."

"Yes, dear, but that's not unusual, is it?"

"It's because Rin keeps getting kidnapped."

"That's not your fault, Rin. Nii-san knows that."

"Kohaku and Jaken are mad too."

The fifteen year old taijiya got shot dirty looks and he shrank back, afraid their combined wrath would come down on his head. "Not at you, Rin," he sighed, the litany an old one. How many times did he have to tell the girl that?

"Rin doesn't understand."

"Hush, sweetheart, Sesshoumaru will tell Inuyasha and then he'll tell us. Why don't we go have a bath in the hot springs? Kohaku, you stay and look after the girls. Kirara will go with us and Kagome has her arrows." Contrary to popular belief, the young priestess had not lost her powers.

"Ah, sure." Left with nothing to do but follow his sister's orders, the young man went in search of his nieces.

Inuyasha led his brother away from the village, not wanting anyone or anything to get destroyed if the demon lord decided he needed do tear something apart. Miroku followed, his brow furrowed in concern. "All right, spill."

"More demons are coming after Rin. She is hitting puberty early. Already she has begun to bleed. And while she is not yet fertile, it does not seem to matter to those insolent vermin. I will not have my ward in danger because of these pests."

"Do you wish for us to take care of her for the next few years?" his brother asked; gold eyes half shut in thought. "If the demons are not respecting your authority, you may have to wage a small war to demonstrate that you and your word are not to be denied. That is no place for a child."

Sesshoumaru hid his sigh of relief, thankful he didn't have to ask for his brother's help outright. "I would appreciate it, Inuyasha. She will want for nothing. I will provide everything and a small stipend for her miscellaneous needs."

"Think nothing of it," Miroku interjected.

They waited until the women returned who, having dragged the full story out of the girl, understood the situation clearly. Sango and Kagome quickly agreed to take care of Rin until Sesshoumaru returned. As a group the small pack watched the demon lord explain things to the young girl, surprised when she didn't cry.

"I would hate to be the young man who has to ask that father of the bride for his daughter's hand," the monk mused.

"Yeah, but it's going to be real fun watching the whole thing, isn't it?"