AUTHORS NOTE: So I just felt like a little ramble before bed was in order and this was the result. I hope you enjoy.

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The man whistled as he sat on the top bunk, his fingers carelessly thumbing through the pages of Beecher's bible as he waited for the man to return from his psych appointment with Sister Pete. He didn't even know why Beecher bothered wasting his time with the sessions. They didn't solve anything. Instead they did nothing more than highlight what he'd lost and the fact that there was nothing you could do to change the outcome. He simply sighed knowing that even though he kept telling Beecher this the man simply wouldn't listen. "I do believe we've already had words about you a) sitting on my bed and b) going through my things." Beecher pointed out as he moved into the pod, his arms crossing over his chest as he glared at the older man.

"Welcome back darling," the man drawled and Beecher just rolled his eyes, "what did you and the good sister talk about today?"

"Do you even care, Keller?" Beecher demanded to know as he moved over to his bed and pulled himself up so that he was sat across from the man. "I mean after I tell you we can braid each other's hair and tell horror stories like a real sleepover." He mocked causing Keller to glare at him as he thumbed through the bible once more which led Beecher to sigh as he glared back at the man. "The session went fine."

"That's not what I asked, Beech." The man pointed out with a grin knowing how much Beecher hated his surname being shortened. "What. Did. You. Talk. About?" The words were said slowly but with an angry edge making Beecher very aware that Keller wanted to know what had been said that day in session. Beecher was thrown by this because normally Keller didn't ask questions. He usually respected Beecher's privacy as much as a bloke could when living in such a confined space together.

"We talked about heaven." The man silently admitted causing Keller to look at him for a moment before looking down at the bible.


"I wanted to know that the little girl had gone to heaven. She deserved it, you know." He pointed out softly knowing that opening himself up like this to Keller was quite possibly a mistake but at the same time he didn't care. "Catholics believe that if a person prays enough after the death of a loved one then their soul will be admitted into heaven." He looked down at the bible in Keller's hand and shrugged his shoulders. "I needed to know that was true and Sister Peter-Marie said that only I would ever truly know that answer. I just can't imagine that young girl's soul roaming around purgatory because I didn't..." he stopped talking with a shrug, his head bowed as he tried to control the tears that were threatening to fall.

"I believe she's in heaven, Beech." The man whispered leaning over and squeezing the man's hand. "I believe that God took her for a reason, premature as it was, and a reason that was only special to her." The man was lying. He didn't really believe in God, heaven or dying for a reason but he could see that it was something Beecher really needed to believe. The man was slowly on the road to recovery, his addictions had subsided, his desperation to be accepted and his path into lunacy had also dwindled so Keller was happy to pretend he believed in this one tiny thing. When Beecher grinned at him, he knew he'd made the right decision lying.

"You're just too full of it at times," Beecher laughed before grabbing hold of his bible and looking down at it. "Thanks though. I really needed to hear that. Sister Pete is a great friend but sometimes I wish she'd just tell me what I need to hear rather than what she thinks I should hear."

"Well if I ever get out of here and need to find an honest profession, I'll take up psychiatry and talk to other nutjobs about heaven and the sorts." He joked before looking at the man. "So what were you saying about pigtails and horror stories?"