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Mord Sith they call me.

Mord Sith.

But once- I was just Cari.

15 years ago ( in this story Cara is 25)

'Mama!' I cried as I finished the last loop on my dasiy chain. The chain was neat and pretty- it was innocent.

'That's very nice, Cari.' Mother smiled at me. She was always so proud, if only she could see me now.

'Where's Daddy?' I'd asked sweetly, my manners were impeccable and my speech flawless.

'He's gone, Cari. He's gone fishing.' Mother had answered me, she'd smothered my hair down and complimetned how it sheened like gold. How pretty her little girl was.

I remember feeling a sense of unbelievable happiness, such contentment.

'Mama, I love you.' I'd snuggled against her, feeling her warm body and inhaling her familiar smell. Lavendar.

It makes me puke now.

She held me to her and said.

'My little Cara, how young and innocent you are to this world. I love you, my little girl.'

Did she in her heart of hearts- have a mother's psychic premonition of what was to happen?

I don't know. I'll never know.

That's when they came.

'Mama! There are ladies there!' I squealed in alarm. Yet they fascinated me, in their blood-red leather and high-strung pony tails.

'Come away, Cari.' Mother had tried to steer me away but there were just too many.

They surrounded us, determined to have me. To take me as their own.

The Mord Sith.

And I was their pupil.

At least that's what they intended to happen.

But Mama stopped them.

I tried to stop her.

'Mama, let's run away!' I tried to shout, I screamed until my voice grew raw but they closed full circle on us.

'Mama!' I begged as they caught her hair.

She tried to pull away, desperately wanting to protect me. To save me.

'Mama!' I cried again.

She yelled and tried to wriggle away to no avail.

I saw it before she did. The pointy, red stick that seemed harmless enough- until it closed on my mother's throat.

She started screaming, harder and shriller than mine. A scream of real pain.

A scream, I was proud to say- I extracted from a hundred other desperate mothers.

She flopped around for a few seconds like a fish before she went silent.

Deadly silent.

'Mama!' I screamed for a final time as a thin line of blood trickled down her still warm neck.

Then the tallest woman, the leader approached me.

Snatching my arm in a death grip which made me cry out- she smiled at me.

Not a sweet smile.

A smile of pure cruelty.

And with that smile- she picked up the stick again and twisted against my stomach.

Pain unlike any I'd ever felt shot through my body and up my spine. I felt like I was on fire.

I felt like I was burning, burning slowly and agonizingly alive. I barely felt the warm flow of blood that streamed down my stomach.

I felt like I was going to die.

I grew to welcome that pain. Embrace it even. To the point where it turned to pleasure.

I gazed with tear-stained cheeks at the sadistic woman that was to become my teacher.

I was hers and she marked me.


Mord Sith.