Baker House

-A Sam and Dean Winchester Story

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Co-written with Envyme13

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Part 1-History

Scene A

Jade Carlton was an exceptionally rebellious young woman. At nineteen Jade was already a college dropout and had an assault charge on her record. Her friend on the other hand was very responsible; Jasmine received a full scholarship to Columbia and was already in her second year of pre-law. They lived together in a luxurious duplex on the upper east side of Manhattan. Though seemingly normal girls with a lot of activities to do for the summer, their obsession with oddness led them into trouble. Jade always looking for anything involving violence or mystery became very interested in a case involving several missing women throughout the last few weeks. And of course she thought it would be a good idea to stay in the very same inn for the entire summer and maybe find out what was going on. Jasmine was her best friend and was not going to let Jade go anywhere, especially dangerous, alone. Besides she was the one that always had to get her out of trouble. Since they we're little, Jasmine has always gone along with Jade's ideas, no matter how crazy or ridiculous they were. This summer in east Hampton was going to be unforgettable.

"This ain't a song for the brokenhearted. No silent prayer for the faith departed, And I ain't gonna be just a face in the crowd. You're gonna hear my voice when I shout it out loud! It's my life. It's now or never I ain't gonna live forever! I just wanna live while I'm alive!" Jade sung obnoxiously wishing she was part of some music video.

"Why do you always have to sing? I actually like this song," Jasmine complained. Bon Jovi was one of the fewer artists Jade listened to that she could actually enjoy. All the other 80's rock was just so noisy. Her style was jazz, pop, and all the slow romantic music.

"Shut up let me sing my music, my car, and my rules."

"Jerk." Jasmine loved her best friend, but she knew very well she was mean and bossy most of the time.

"Bitch." And Jade believed she had the right to be mean and bossy towards Jas because she was the oldest and the one that gave them both the life they had.

Motley, the Siberian husky barked in the backseat as if he were laughing. Motley was not only their best friend but Jade's baby, she treated that dog as if it were a human, along with her car and motorcycle.

"That dog definitely understands us," Jasmine stated.

"That's because my dog's the shit and you're a superstitious weirdo. He just knows you're a bitch."

They argued and laughed the entire way with Jade's red motorcycle attached to her vintage sports car. Curiosity and nervousness was the mood along the way. If it wasn't for Jasmine's research and mentioning the strangeness to Jade she probably wouldn't have been as interested in going that way. According to her research since the construction of the Baker House in 1650, every 15 years several women have disappeared. Some have turned up dead or were never seen again.

"Aren't you scared of being one of those women that go missing Jade?" That was a stupid question, they both knew Jade wasn't frightened of anything. And it was because she was completely careless.

"Hell no. If it's some psycho killing tradition I will be kicking some ass. And I can't live not knowing what's going on."

"You know what they say curiosity killed the cat," Jasmine spoke rolling her eyes.

Scene B

Meanwhile in Mystic, Connecticut, the Winchesters had just finished killing several demons that were trying to take over the area. Then Sam stumbled upon a case on his laptop.

"Dean, there's something going on in East Hampton."

"What a pool party? Did Paris Hilton lose her bikini top?" Dean asked smiling.

"Dean this serious."

"Yeah and so is my hunger let's get something to eat."

"Alright, on our way to the Hamptons," Sam replied.

They drove the Impala towards New York rocking out to Dean's collection, while Sam tried to make a few phone calls figuring out the arrangements.

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