Part 8- Morning Worries

It was about eleven in the morning when the four arrived back at the Baker House. Sam and Dean had some explaining to do for missing their morning training schedules to the Inn manager, they somehow convinced him that their grandmother had suffered a stroke in central park and were in Mount Sinai hospital all of these hours. They conned the man well. Jade and Jasmine were beat after picking up Motley, and strolled into their rooms only to find something disturbing.

"Jade," Jasmine called from her room frantically.

Jade rushed to her best friend's room worriedly.

Jasmine was staring at her bed in horror. On top of the bed was a small napkin that read: You're next.

The Siberian husky ran into the room and started barking at the bed as if it were going to come alive and eat them all. This was not good.

"Don't touch it," Jade hissed as Jasmine went over to pick up the note.

Jasmine looked up terrified then ran into Jade's room. "I refuse to sleep in there tonight!"

Jade followed her friend.

"Let's go find the slayers or whatever they are."

"Hunters," Jasmine corrected.


In the Winchester's small bedroom Sam was doing research on his laptop about the Gould family. Jay Gould was one of America's most prominent business men, he wasn't as big as Rockefeller or Vanderbilt, but he was sure up there. His business was financing and railroads. This robber baron like most was infamous for his actions towards staying on top of the game. He was surrounded by other dirty business and political man like Boss Tweed. Jason "Jay" Gould died in December 2, 1892. Gould had six children and several grandchildren. There was no information online as to what the names of those grandchildren that are alive are.

"Dean we have no clues, were never going to get anywhere with this case."

Dean looked up from a magazine he was reading titled: Manhattan's Elite. The Carlton's and the Ritz.

He was not interested about the case at all, just finding out everything he could on Jade. Obviously, he was obsessed.

"Sure, we will. We're just going to have to stay awhile."

Sam came to a realization. Dean wanted to postpone solving this case as much as possible, so he could be around Jade.

"Dean, we have to forget them." Sam knew how hard that sounded; last night was one of the most exciting nights of his life. He didn't remember the last time he felt so good or had that much fun.

"Sure." Was all Dean managed to grumble out intensely reading his magazine.

Sam looked down at his laptop and typed up: Bergerstein.

Jasmine's dad was an extremely prominent lawyer, and she wasn't a billionaire like Jade, but she was also quite wealthy. A life with them could never work. They had to save the world, and the girls had to live their normal polished lives.

Dean put down the magazine on his night table looking sort of upset then looked up at his brother. "What have we got on the case so far?

Sam exited out of the search screen and closed his laptop.

"Elize Vanderbilson disappeared from her bedroom yesterday morning, while her husband was out. There was blood everywhere, but no trace of a body, and no prints. But, because of the amount of blood we can suspect she is dead. The door was unlocked when the husband opened it. So we can imagine Elize, had opened it to whoever it was that killed her and she knew the person. Or she left the door unlocked."

Jade and Jasmine came into the boy's room without knocking and interrupted.

"And the night before her disappearance or suspected murder Elize dined with a gentleman by the last name of Gould. Who is handsome and older looking," Jade chimed in.

"This just sounds like a Ted Bundy type deal," Dean replied.

Jasmine shook her head. "This sounds like a supernatural type deal. If all your ghost and demon stories are true. Whatever we are dealing with is not some regular psychopath."

Sam nodded. "These disappearances and bodies have been appearing since 1650, remember."

Dean shrugged nonchalantly. He didn't seem to have his mind on the case at all and kept looking over to the magazine by his night table. Jade followed his gaze and walked over to pick it up, before he could snatch it from her she opened it up.

The Carlton family is very regal and they do not just allow anyone to enter in their small circle of prestige. Mr. and Mrs. Carlton push their children to achieve the very best and want the same life they have established for themselves for them.

When Jason Steven Carlton proposed to Antoinette Vanderbilt, the family was ecstatic for the union of such great families.

Jade looked up and saw Dean look away. She put the magazine down and looked over at Sam who was talking to Jasmine unaware of the exchange that had gone on.

Jasmine was telling him about the letter.

"It said, you're…. N-next." She stuttered out, the fear in her voice was obvious. "Sam I'm afraid. Don't let him take me." When she said those words Sam felt the same feeling he did the night before, his heart swelled. He grabbed her hands and stared straight into her eyes.

"I won't let anything happen to you," He said sincerely yet forcefully. Jasmine couldn't stand the emotion behind his message combined with the fear she felt. She let go of his hands and wrapped her arms around his waist before sobbing into his chest.

Dean and Jade looked over worried forgetting about the magazine completely.

"Yeah don't worry your pretty little heads. We'll take care of both of you." Dean assured them as he winked at Jade.

To make sure each girl was protected at all times, they decided that Dean would stay with Jade in her room and Jasmine would stay with Sam in his room. This was going to be interesting. . Jasmine and Jade went back to their rooms to prepare.

This was all too surreal and extraordinarily perfect. "Dean." Sam said as he watched Dean pack. "I need to tell you something... about the girls."

Dean stopped and looked up; he was excited to get to finally be alone with Jade. "What is it Sammy?"

"Jasmine said something to me last night before she went to find you and Jade when we ran into the werewolves…" He paused not sure if he should go on, the thoughts could have just been paranoia.

"Come on Sam spit it out!"

"She said, you are good Sam Winchester.'" Sam blurted out. Dean looked at him confused, why was that such an awful thing? God, Sammy could just be a complete bitch sometimes.

His brother rolled his eyes as if hearing his thoughts and annoyed by his oblivious matter of thinking. "Dean, we never told them our real last names." Sam explained patiently.

"So what are you trying to say, she's psychic?" Dean huffed as he threw himself on the bed imagining would Jade would look like on top of him... She was just so beautiful.

"I don't know. Maybe. Or…" Sam hesitated; he knew how Dean felt about Jade, and he could see how Jasmine affected him so easily.

"Or... What Sammy? You think they're demons, angels, ghosts?" Dean yelled outraged. His brother was just paranoid, there was nothing off about either of them except that Jasmine girl was kind of a weirdo... But Jade, she was nothing but perfection.

"Dean I don't know. All I know is two nineteen year old girls who are pretty much our perfect matches happen to be at the same hotel where we are working on a case. It's just too much of a coincidence." Or not, but we have to be sure, Sam thought. We cannot have another Ruby situation going on, and double that would be worst.

Dean put his hands on his face; he hated to admit that Sam had a point, no matter what he felt for Jade. Sometimes it felt like she was made for him, to tempt him? Son of a bitch. She is a demon. "So what are we going to do?"

Jade laid on the fancy sofa in her friend's room, "You know if it wasn't because we might be in danger, I'd be kind of happy about this situation." She smiled as if dizzy while she watched Jasmine pack her bag. Jasmine glared up at her friend.

"That's because you're not the one with the creepy note in your room and you get to spend the night with Dean." By the looks of things between them they wouldn't be able to control keeping their hands off of each other.

Jade rolled her eyes, "Maybe, but let's not forget" she said as she got up and walked over to Jasmine. "You get to spend the night with Sam." Jasmine's eyes widened.

"Shut up Jade, you know that there are two beds in that room. Nothing's going to happen!" Jas yelled as her cheeks burned red.

"Whatever you say." Jade was smirking; tonight Jas would know what love is like when you get to feel it...

Jas's heart started to beat faster and her stomach felt heavy. No I'm not ready. I mean… I'm not sure... I can't. A loud impatient knock came from the door.

"You girls ready!" Dean yelled from behind it, he seemed overly-excited or nervous.

Jasmine shook her head and breathed in deeply. Laughing at herself she zipped up her suitcase and wiped her sweaty hands on her jeans. No way… he wouldn't tempt her.

"Come on in roomie." Jade joked as she ushered Sam and Dean into Jasmine's room.

"Let's get a move on. We're treating you girls to some lunch," Dean said wrapping his arm around Jade's shoulders affectionately. Any other guy she would squirm away from...

After they dropped off Jasmine's suitcase at Sam's room, they all piled into Dean's impala and drove to a nearby town. They found a good looking diner and went in to get some lunch. Last they ate was those hotdogs a couple of hours before.

"You guys go ahead in; Jade and I will catch up," Dean said. Jade looked up at him curiously. He was so adorable; she couldn't imagine never seeing his wonderful face again. Wow... Was this love or what the hell? Smiling he lead her to a small lake. Jade looked over the edge at the ducks and felt like everything was magical; the day for the most part was turning out great. The problems didn't matter at this moment.

"You ever get the feeling sometimes things are too good to be true?" He asked as he stood next to her.

Jade looked over at him confused. "I guess." Dean looked down with a small frown on his face. No... What was he saying?

"Oh... Dean let's get some ice cream." Jade squealed as she noticed the ice cream parlor. She loved ice cream. They both loved food in general; she also loved that about him.

"Anything for you babe." A smile that could only be seen as sad spread across his wondrous face.

Sam stared across the table at Jasmine, he made her feel different. Then again so had, Ruby in a bad way though... He smiled to himself as Jas took a huge bite of her veggie burger. Her shyness was fading, wide eyes stared back over her burger. She blushed; embarrassed that he saw her stuffing her face. Feeling depressed Sam broodingly started to play with the salt shaker.

Dean looked over at Jade as she ate her ice cream happily her almost black hair blowing softly in the breeze. How wild and eccentric it was, like the girls in the rock videos he loved so much.

I can't believe I have to do this. The brothers thought as they looked at the wonderful creatures in front of them.

Jasmine slowly and shyly swiped a French fry across the small plate she had filled with ketchup."Sam" Her voice soft.

Sam snapped his head up from the salt shaker. "Yes," He replied a little too eagerly or nervously?

Jas blushed as usual, "I-I really like being with you." He was also going to give her a heart attack one day, these butterflies and this heart rate needed to go. Not healthy, at all.

Sam smiled cheerlessly. "I feel the same way" he whispered softly as he unscrewed the salt shaker.

Dean walked with Jade as she ate her ice cream joyfully; they finally got to a secluded park. Dean stopped short. For the third time today Jade looked up at him completely confused. What the heck is going on slayer guy?

"Dean are you okay?" She was becoming concerned.

"I will be after this." His hand palmed the flask full of holy water in his pocket.

Sam looked around the diner. It was luckily empty, except for a waitress who wasn't paying attention.

"Jasmine. I know what's going on."

Jasmine raised an eyebrow. Um... What is going on? "I don't know what you're talking about."

"Oh I think you do." Sam said as he as if in slow motion grabbed his cup of water and threw it right in the center of Jas's chest. Jasmine screamed out in pain.

"What are you talking about?" Jade said to Dean but was interrupted as something wet and cold hit her face. Fuck!

"I knew it!" Sam yelled. "You are a demon!" He then proceeded to throw the contents of the salt shaker in her face; the waitress in the diner stared at them both on awe and then began laughing hysterically.

Jade looked up at Dean her once perfectly curled hair frizzed out and wet, her mascara and eyeliner dripping down her face. Death. I am going to kill you Dean, she thought completely irritated.

Her eyes burned with pure fury and Dean felt a pang of pure fear in his heart. Oh, no she was going to hate me, he screamed in his head.

"You jerk." Jasmine said as she got up calmly out of her seat. She grabbed the ketchup bottle and squeezed it all onto Sam's head before storming out of the diner.

Dean closed his eyes as he saw Jade's hand turn into a fist and pulled it back.

Punching him straight in the eye she yelled, "Bitch!" and strutted away. They can now solve this fucking case by themselves, stupid fucknut psycho asshole that believes in ghosts and shit.

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